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August 3, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Better than Grindr: My New Favorite App!

I’m going to channel my inner Oprah and share one of my new faaaavorite things: The Insight Timer smartphone app (I use the free “lite” version). It’s even better than Grindr – and will certainly do more to enhance the quality of your life. Just saying.

At face value, it’s essentially just a timer for your meditation sessions. But through the “Insight Connect” feature, you can take your meditation experience to a whole new level. It enables you to see the first names and locations of those people currently meditating – all around the world. You can even thank them for meditating with you.

In addition, the app helps boost your meditation motivation. We all know that meditation has a number of great benefits like reducing stress, anxiety and depression and increasing feelings of peace and happiness – but sometimes we need a little kick in the butt. By using the app to time meditation sessions, you can track your progress. For instance, it keeps track of the time spent meditating during the current month – and then compares it to previous months through various charts and graphs. You also get badges for reaching various time-related thresholds.

And a special thank you to the blog buddy that emailed me about this app. If you know of any other cool apps, let me know in the comments below!

Insight Timer is available for Android-powered smartphones and the iPhone and iPod Touch.


  1. That’s wicked. Downloading! Haven knows I need a good kick in the rear in order to meditate regularly…

  2. I love this. I wish they had it for Palm Pre :(

  3. I love you davey wavey! I have a great app for the my iPod touch it is called “cool guy” if you are in to fashion?! You can shop clothes ” be aware that the clothes are very expensive for instance brands ” gucci, Ralph Lauren etc bags range from $50- $32,000 but it is a great app you can save the items and buy them you can dress Manicins up is it so fabulous! I l love tour videos by the way watch them all the time I am 13 years old and you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  4. This is much to much like a Deepak Chopra moment and it is creepy…

  5. This is great!!! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  6. Yes I need something like this downloading it right now

  7. Well, you can have your picture made with Paris
    Hilton with the Paris Hilton app. It’s HOT!
    Check it out. Sorry it’s not Zac Efron. LOL

  8. i could use some stress relief not containable in a bottle of Chardonnay-bring it on-where is it?especially since stock market dropped over 500 points.tell me a very good story-one that erases what happened on Wall Street today.Luv makes the world go round-apparently-thats all we have.looking for a job?forget about it.for now.

  9. Anyone know of something similar for the Blackberry?

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