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November 29, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Creative Sex Positions!

I’m tired of the same old. It’s time to switch things up!

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  1. I usually see demos like that done with dolls. I like your version better :) As for the porn industry, they’re doing what makes them the most money. Their greatest constituency comprises men looking to rub one out, so they give people the visual stimulation needed to assist. No objections here. But, there may be room for movies like you suggest along side the good ol’ pump-and-dump pornos we’re all too familiar with. Seems like an untested market, to me.

  2. On a ladder while washing windows.
    While you put in a new faucet.
    Free falling from space.
    On top of a plane while flying. It’s a new way to join the “mile high” club.
    In a pickup while it’s moving.
    On a swing. Then after when you fall off it.

  3. Those boys are smokin’ hot. (Davey’s not too bad either.)

  4. What I find to be TOtally lacking are accurate illustrations of gay sex, ESpecially what happens with anal sex as in where does the penis go. Would like to see a realistic drawing of the cock entering the anus and how the sphincters work and how far up the dick actually goes…I know the dick and have seen side views of the anus but really need to know more about the act…why? I am anal curious but am also a visual learner and think a lot of us would learn more about our bodies…just saying…

  5. This was one of your best lately. Funny also. I also love those cute RI twinks. I so miss living in Providence.

  6. Daveyyy!! There is a petition going on right now to ban circumcision…if you could please make a video or blog post to get the word out there, we already have over 2,000 signatures, we just need 25,000 total. Please spread the word, it would help so much. Thanks Davey!


  7. It’s been so damn long that I can’t remember what I used to like best. But I think it was whatever he favoured the most, & he could be one kinky SOB! :D

  8. Hello Davey,

    I don’t know what porn you are watching, but they sound very vanilla. There is porn out there that is very interesting, eye opening.

    Also there’s a movie I think you should watch if you haven’t already, it’s by John Waters and it is called “A Dirty Shame” I think you will enjoy this or find it very informative.

    I enjoy porn because it is very educational and brings me pleasure. I also enjoy it because I like to see the chemistry between the porn actor. I also follow them on twitter (which I see you do to).

    I think you would enjoy “the edge” series by Chaosmen if you have not discovered this yet. I also find works of Joe Gage interesting in the chemistry that he create on his sets with his actor. I also enjoy the fantasy that ChiChiLaRue creates. Another one whom you should check out if one hasn’t already is Mike Hancock.

    I’m also interested porn actor whom don’t kiss or do certain other acts on set. The one whom sparks my interest and enjoy watching is Cody Cummings of (Next Door Studios) I also enjoy this company because they show you behind the sense & other stuff about the porn actor.

    I find myself looking more for the chemistry in the acts of pleasuring each other/others. I enjoy Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero chemistry because they are a couple whom are monogamous (in there outside life, sometimes inviting a third but also/always together) whom make porn. I find this interesting & beautiful. Also Anthony Remero is an artist whom creates interesting pieces. Which I find interesting as I to am an artist.

    I enjoy the chemistry between those whom are friends or at least appear that way. I find it interesting to watch these acts and wonder why they are not lovers or in a relationship. Johnny Torque & Marcus Mojo are friends whom have girlfriends tho I wonder if they would be happier with each other.

    My body love porn and the mind requies the connection the chemistry.

    I think this vlog could have gone alot better. Such as porn is the internet & the creator of the internet. If the internet was a body then porn would be it’s blood and heart (yes you may quote me) Or have you heard that twitter is the new porn. Well at least for sexting.

    Maybe another vlog could be a world without porn would look like ? Or does porn destroy relationship or make them better. Is porn healthy ? Does it give a romantic view of sex ? without all the mess/embrassing ? sounds that come with it. Because life like sex can be messy but it’s how we deal with it that make us who we are.

    Or why amongst adults why do we not feel uncomfortable in the right enviroment talking about sex or communicating this with those whom we are relationship or sharing these acts with.

    I find your vlogs informative, but somewhat sheltered or that you don’t step outside your bubble. I know you do, it seem this way. I enjoy your world of what I’ve seen & looking forward to seeing more & being invited to see your world.


  9. My favorite is the sandwich and I’m the filling. Can you top that, guys?

    • Being the filling in a sandwich is great, on in and one up but try this with you being the other way round, toe head toe, and hey, throw in some toys, a dildo for the top guy and a shag bucket for the bottom guys to leave his load in

    • Where are you and I’ll give you an extra filling, plenty of mayo and cum juice

  10. I seriously HAVE to try some of those, love the bananna split. I like sex in the kitchen, lounge, bed, shower……well, any room really.

  11. lol Davey that was hot I enjoy it and I thank did to as will lol; ok Davey Idk ware u go to see your gay pron butch go to 2 pals my rarer ones is BOYFRANDTV.com it hot u can tip in what u want to see and the Luther ine is Kinke.com OMG is heaven i swar it good and u pay them u will be in it u tell them what u want do and that will do it but be calfel what u choose theo ok will. There is one in CA and in IN and in Ny as will. Love u Dave.

  12. Oral threesomes, cock sucking and ass licking and nipple chewing. But getting three i a bed not always possible so me and my buddy suck cock, 69 naturally, and ass fuck each other with dildos till we cum, swallow and droop before starting again with some serious cock penetration.
    He’s older than me coming up to a quarter century so more experienced.
    Like it when he tosses off over my hard cock then tosses me off so I shoot in his sperm.
    He has this older guy he goes to see, I wasn’t very keen at first cos he is very old, 3 times older than us! But does this guy like sex, and likes it tow at a time, so takes both out cox in his mouth and sucks us off and once we both fucked his arse together – good thing we have fairly long cox – and that was awesome even if you had to be a contortionist!
    Have to admit I always enjoy threesomes with this guy and always cum plenty and get plenty of cum.

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