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April 12, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey Gets His French On! [Video]

It’s official, I’ll be kicking off my summer adventures with a week-long pilates adventure in the south of France. Oo-la-la! To share the exciting news with the blog buddies on YouTube, I recorded this video on my second YouTube channel, Davey Wavey Raw.

Also, in case you missed yesterday’s BlogTV show and a cameo from my friend Tim, I posted the recording on my BlogTV channel. Check it out!


  1. Wow! Two exciting things: Pilates in France, and my best chance ever at being the first to post a comment to your blog. I’d love to be a stowaway on your trip.

  2. So excited for you and glad you are going to blog about it. Since I just opened a new business and need to stay home to mind the store, I can visit France vicariously through you. Thank you. Peace. Love.

  3. Happy for you Davey, was just reminded of a little ditty, you’ll have to fill in the gaps…

    Oh they don’t wear pants,
    in the southern part of France.

    They just wear socks,
    to cover up their —–!

    Happy Trails

  4. Happy for you Davey, was just reminded of a little ditty, you’ll have to fill in the gaps…

    Oh they don’t wear pants,
    in the southern part of France.

    They just wear socks,
    to cover up their —–!

    Happy Trails

  5. 1 Week! From America! It’s a long way to come and a short time to overcome jet lag but Bon Voyage! :)

  6. I live in France !
    In Bordeaux !

    If you want some french lessons, contact me ! :)

  7. And So This Is How We Become French: We Dine, We Promenade, We Sleep. Then We Rinse and repeat for a decade or so and Voila! We Are French. Simple, No? Rich

  8. Will you still be doing blogTV during that week? Find a new twink of the week in France :D

  9. Amazing that you get to accomplish the one things at the tip top of your list. Happy travels pedo monk ;) .

  10. It looks beautiful Davey. Have fun.

  11. Oh wow you will love france are you going to Paris you need to go I whent and it was really good pluss they all speek English in Paris

  12. Bonjour-Como taille vous?Tres Bien.Bon Voyage-DW.

  13. Félicitations. I wish that I could go with you – but you must go to Paris. Southern France has much beauty but you would really love Paris.

  14. Happy trails! Enjoy the journey and the adventure. It was 1972 when I was in the south of France the last time. It was a great adventure for an 18 year old going on 19 to experience..dare I say life changing? That trip included Paris and Strasbourg as well, two other excellent locations for great adventures. I plan to blog some of the photos from that trip as soon as I’ve scanned them (now that I have a photo scanner). Enjoy your journey!!!

  15. P.S. – My focus in the south (actually southwest) was Carcassonne where I saw the castle inside and out, walked the outside of the ramparts, and went on a walk in the countyside with the narrow country roads and the vineyards! Enjoy!

  16. Awesome! Europe can be exciting and alot of fun. Looking forward to hearing of your experience and all the details. I spent a year in Sweden, travelled the rest of Scandinavia and as far south as Germany. Bon Voyage Davey & Bon Chance!

  17. Your pedophile remark in reference to monks was totally offensive. For someone who works to put an end to hated in the gay community, why do you feel you can perpetuate stereotypes such as this. You would never have made that remark in reference to coaches, teachers, police officers or husbands. Yet all of these categories statistically offend more than members of the clergy.

  18. I did not find your comment offensive. It made me smile as it showed how self aware you are – both in this life and in perhaps a previous life.
    That is why we love you.

  19. Fair enough. Everyone will receive comments differently, as we all are entitled to.
    Just stop and think about the outlandish negative stereotypes that hear ignorant people in our society perpetuate:

    All gay people have AIDS

    All black people steal

    All Native Americans are lazy

    All Asians have small penises

    You see how crazy those statements are? If someone said that in your presence would you call them out on it?

  20. You need to cut sugar completely from your diet. Don’t add sugar to anything. Don’t eat anything that is naturally high in sugar like fruit and fruit juice, corn etc. Drink only bottled water. Eat very low or no-fat food. Don’t eat late at night.

  21. hey davey

    How is your French actually?
    Your canadian boyfriend may be able to help you if needed.


  22. I certainly would call them out on any of these comments. Unfortunately, we do generalize and do make very hurtful comments in all human relationships. Davey is so aware of who he is that if he is reincarnated in his present life he knows that he would have been a homosexual in any previous lives. That is why I admire him.

  23. OMG… it’s so American the way you say château, but also kinda sweet…

  24. Hi Davey! Be prepared for some lovely hot weather and some stocky dark haired and handsome men! Not quite sure where your visiting but if you get the chance, Albi is beautiful…. Have a fantastic trip! ( oh and be prepared you may encounter some very blunt responses in France, they’re very ‘no bullshit’ sometimes) xxxx

  25. Hello Davey, I live in Nîmes . It would be great to talk to you when you will visit the south of France. South of France is the most beautiful area in france, you need to see Nîmes, Aix en Provence, Nice, Monaco, Menton.

  26. Great video you got right here. Amazing!

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