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June 12, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey in London!

Just for the record, I’m going on hour 36 of little/no sleep. So please don’t hold anything in the following talky blog against me (including the part where I say British accent instead of English accent – I didn’t know the difference)! Click below to check it out via my second YouTube channel, Davey Wavey Raw:


  1. I think people in other countries not liking Americans is an indication of how effective the mass media is at showing and promoting the darker side of us Americans. Hopefully we all know not everything you see or read is true, hopefully, you can be a goodwill embassador to show that Americans aren’t all we’ve been protrayed to be.

  2. I love London. I’ve been there a couple of times. And the accent is completely sexy… hence why I keep a British boy around…LOL In fact, I’ll be heading over there next week so I can spend a couple of weeks with him. :) Enjoy your time in London… and soak it all in.

  3. LOL Glad you got to go to London! That is one place I would love to go to! Btw what size shoes do you wear? Looks like a 11? LOL Anyway, I would love to go there so I am slightly jealous!

  4. Welcome to London! Hope you have a fab time in my home town, sorry the weather so lousy this week……

    i soooooo wish i could come to kensington gardens!!!! unfortunately though, i have an exam tomorrow so i wont be able to attend :( i would so LOVEE to meet you aawwwww im soso upset!
    and also, for the record, i do NOT dislike americans….i actually have a secret thing for them ;) and im English lol idc dude americans are such jokers haha

  6. Better get used to British weather, Davey…

  7. i undrestand why others dont like us.
    and i love british accents too.

  8. Lol, comment about British people not liking Americans made me laugh. As far as Im aware we have no beef with Americans, infact, we portray them as being very very polite! Myself, I always think of Americans as the land of the hot guys!!! lol!

  9. Same…Exam tomorrow! SUCKS!!! and yeah we’re having the best weather…FOR DUCKS!

  10. Who doesn’t like Davey? I am from Denmark, and enjoy every word he says – and the sexy looks of course. Welcome to Europe Mr Wavey

  11. Hi Davey,
    I first got introduced to the Trevor Project because of your youtube video. It was so helpful to me when I came out a little over a month ago. Today I was thinking of you when I saw the Trevor Project tabling at the DC Pride Festival. So I went over and told the guy who was tabling that “I just wanted to thank you for what you do” and he melted!! He got so happy and it makes me happy to see other people happy so today I am in such a good mood and it’s because your youtube video introduced me to the Trevor Project!!
    - M

  12. Grinder =gay GPS a bit scary Noon on Monday shhh work but if in central London and want a tour of the liberal club. ( great history google it ) give me a buzz or grind me ;-)

  13. P.S. will you be doing blog tv this week from london?
    - M

  14. I’ll try to be there. On picking up accents, I’ve been here for 17 years (originally from Mass.) and I can’t even say “to-mah-toe” without inwardly cringing. I hope you have a great time here, and I hope to meet you. Cheers!

  15. Oh no I really wanted to come! It’s like a 2 hour train journey from my town and I’m not at scool but I’ve got no money :( I really wanted to meet you haha. Oh wel have fun in London dispite the crappy weather and don’t try too hard to pick up the accent. You don’t want to pick up on the chavy London slang aswell!

  16. Welcome to London and apologies for the dreadful weather at the moment. I discovered your videos on You Tube this afternoon and they brightened this miserablecday like you don’t know how. You are truly inspirational with your messages of hope for those struggling to be what they should be.

    So, enjoy London in spite of the rain. I wish I had the courage to come and join you. It was one of my favourite childhood places as was the Peter Pan statue near by. I guess like him, I have never grown up!

    By the way, we don’t dislike Americans at all. I was quite emotional during Obama’s State Visit here the other week, in a way I would never be for the Heads of State from other places. The relationship between our two countries is indeed special.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being you and unafraid to be so.

  17. I will be 4.5 miles away, but chained to my desk (figuratively) so it might as well be 1000 *sigh*. Hope you have great time and it stops raining, at least for a little while.

  18. Im so glad that you got here safely: sorry about the weather today, it’s a bit crappy but hopefully it will brighten up over the next couple of days. In truth, not all Europeans hate Americans (just a few who only see the typical stereotypes); I for one love Americans, almost 100% of my celebrity crushes are American and the accent just turns me on. Unfortunately I can’t make it to the meet & greet because I have to revise (study)for my exam on Tuesday.Anyway, I hope you have a brilliant time here in London.

  19. Davey, I’m glad to hear you are having a good trip. Why don’t you simply stay in Europe between your engagements? Split your time between London (or another English city) and Paris or another choice destination in that part of the world. You have already proven you can do your blog from there. Stay and learn more about Europe and make more friends.
    Whatever you do though, I hope you RELAX and ENJOY IT!!!

  20. For the past year plus I have been working in Capetown and Paris and the general feeling toward Americans is more justified than not. The shoes are not what I would wear as I must dress more prodessional.
    The British would never call you DAVEY….so you will now be re-named as Sir David!
    Enjoy and come over to Paris where it is more fun…

  21. Hay ummm I need sOme advice from you and I see all your videos and I subscribed it would be real cool if you could text me or somthing I don’t really have any other gay people who live near me because I live in a little town and I kinda look to you as a role model it would be great to
    hear from you text me 4792958319 and also llove all peace out !(;

  22. I will be very surprised if you don’t pick up an accent. I tell you have a bit of a New England accent (not as pronounced as your mother’s) especially when you say things with A-R in them like “marriage”. LOL. I”m sure other people have noticed too. Can’t wait to hear how your English accent turns out though.

  23. Hey Davey, do you reckon you will still be there at about half one? If so I’m going to try and pop down during lunch. Hopefully see you there :) xx

  24. I’ve decided to take a long lunch ;) Hope the sun is shining by the time I get there!!!

  25. I just saw you in Portcullis House! Welcome to the Palace of Westminster … Gracing my workplace :D

  26. Just got back! Davey is just as lovely in the flesh (pardon the expression!) I’m wearing THE gayest shirt in the video!

    Now I need to calm down!

  27. I have the same anxiety about Europeans hating Americans. I think it’s no different than going into a party thinking everyone hates you – there’s no way to tell, and you might be being insecure. You, like me, might just be responding to your own personal criticisms of America and assuming other people have the same. And even if they do, it doesn’t mean they hate you personally!

    And to think that all Europeans hate Americans is a bit of a stereotype. Maybe an “illusion?” And we should break those, yeah? =)

    I think the majority of the people in the world are fairly understanding (isn’t that a stereotype, too?!?). Maybe. I’ve only been in 1 state my whole life so far so that could be total bull. xD

    Have a good time in London. Looking forward to your videos from there!

  28. Davey your so hot ! Do you have any skin secrets or do you just have the best looking genes!?

  29. the one big reason many dont like Americans and there are actually many many reasons-is primarily that according to Americans the World consists of-New York to California-Washington State to Florida-plus Alaska and Hawaii.And that the rest of the World doesnt count.And that the World needs to bow down to the U.S.A.Thankfully the World has caught on to this-especially since the Cold War has ended.America is broke and only China can save the World.But have a good time in London Town.

  30. Ok i know this don’t have anything to do with the video but i mean idk what i am. I just wish there was a way that i could talk to u and find out what i am i mean i love girls but i think i like guys. Anyways British accents are hard to not fall in love with.

  31. Yea same for me idk what i am though. I wish i was in kensington gardens but im all the way in america lol. I wish u would be here sometime.

  32. Davey you should come visit arkansa it’s the natural state very pretty!!

  33. I was in London for four months beginning in January, and I absolutely loved it! It’s a shame I wasn’t there for the meetup. London is such a culturally vibrant and diverse city, and like you mentioned in a later post, it’s very hard to spot out the gay people. LOL. I came across some people that loved American accents, and Americans, but like them, I eventually couldn’t stand American tourists even in my short time there. Hope you have a safe trip home!

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