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December 31, 2009
by Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey’s 10 nest posts of 2009.

Since it’s New Year’s Eve here in Rhode Island, I thought it would be fun to recap the year with my 15 favorite posts. Yes, I re-read the 400+ entries of 2009 to select my favorite 15.


  1. Davey Wavey’s beauty secret.
  2. I don’t have a life.
  3. The most important question ever.
  4. Equations.
  5. Us Vs. Them.
  6. We’re terrorists.
  7. Davey Wavey is dead.
  8. Dear angry person.
  9. Flowers from the universe.
  10. Health care hooplah: Bitch-slapped by Jesus.
  11. When you’ve done it all.
  12. It was nice waking up next to you this morning.
  13. My friend Peter.
  14. Change is another word for loss.
  15. A tale of 2 foreskins.

Blog buddies, thank you for sharing your 2009 with me. I send my warmest wishes for an incredible, adventurous and fulfilling new year.


  1. I love #8. It really speaks to me! You seriously have changed my thinking Davey Wavey. :D
    I love your advice and how you shine light on things that no one would have ever told me if I didn’t find it for myself. So thank you, and I love what you’re doing on here. :D

    P.S. Do you have an Tattoos? Why or why not?

  2. Can i just say Davey that i actually love you! you have really changed my life for the better! seriously.
    Stefan x

  3. Hey, Davey, the pleasure is all ours (I speak for all your blog buddies collectively) or the pleasure is all mine (if I realize that I hold all things in myself!) Anyway, it’s been a swell ride and I’m looking forward to following you all over the world. love, peace, harmony, Don

  4. nothing real dies. if you can lose then it was an illusion to begin with

    quotes like these make me so warm and happy inside. and i keep going back for more.

    thanks for sharing your 15 favorite posts. i love your blog. keep on writing and we will keep on reading. we need your love everyday.

    happy nye davey!

  5. Thanks for everything. You put a smile on our faces. Happy New Year :)

    Regards from Cairo, Egypt!

    Peace & Love,

  6. Davey, you have become my blog buddy. You have seriously made 2009 a much more enjoyable year. Thank you for being a positive source. Thank you for showing love, and thank you for living the blog life.

    Happy New Year. May it be filled with peace and love.

  7. No Davey, thank YOU.

  8. Happy new year 2010!

    to you David and to all the blog buddies!

    Hope you won’t catch a cold in Australia! (lol)


  9. nr.15-yes that obsession w/foreskin.actually you had another blog entry about that as well.thanks for all you do-DW.

    • I replied on #15 that as a new year’s resolution he should respectfully decline the urge to post about his fantasy of foreskin rejuvenation, and that he chose this as being one of his top blogs of the year is a travesty.

  10. Number 12 is definitely my favorite :) Happy new year! And uh…my sister tells me that the flies in Australia are the size of bowling balls, and they have visible life bars :(

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