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December 27, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey’s English Makeover!

Davey Wavey like you’ve never seen him before… in clothes! When in London, Shirley B. Eniang gave me a proper English makeover. Check out Shirley’s channel for more beauty and fashion advice: http://www.youtube.com/shirleybeniang

Thanks to Visit Britain for helping to organize the trip:


Check Out Today’s Video!


  1. O’h Davey you are such a handsome man..love it!

  2. OMG you are so handsome in clothes or not! Just plain gorgeous :)

  3. Davey, you really should do some modelling; your face and body are perfect for doing so. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing you shirtless most of the time, but I just hate seeing a perfect model not doing it.

  4. Shirley’s beautiful. Loved the first 2 outfits on you not the third one so much but you did lood good in all of them. Looking great. I like you dressed up sometimes. Makes me think maybe I should get a white shirt and wear something besides Levis. Just got me some brown shoes a few days ago like the 1st pair you had on.

  5. Hot tip: when modeling pants, SHOW SOME ASS! Just sayin’.

  6. You rock the English style!
    But I’d love to see davey in a kimono, anybody with me?

  7. I did not like them at all – Uk style are not for you (or anyone else) – try out some of the other european styles… until then, keep your clothes of ;-)

    • The stovepipe pants and undersize jacket remind me too much of Pee Wee Herman. If that’s your look, well okay.

  8. Look number two was… interesting to look at…

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