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August 6, 2010
by Davey Wavey

Does Zac Efron Make You Feel Inadequate?

A blog buddy named Jonas (no relation to the brothers, I presume) sent me a link to a post on his blog, The Journey. The post was – in part – about Zac Efron’s new movie, Charlie St. Cloud, and feelings of inadequacy. A certain paragraph about the dreamy and delicious Efron caught my eye:

I mean not only does he look flawless and everything look phenomenal about him, but the guy has a insanely good physique, he is physical perfection. Not only did the lens of the camera’s recording him make him look awesome, but they made me feel inadequate next to him… I mean, why is it that a person like him can make any guy feel less than stellar.

Yes, the lens of the camera did showcase Efron’s insanely chiseled physique. But it wasn’t the lens that made Jonas feel inadequate. In a painful but true moment, one needs to realize that those feelings of inadequacy come from within. Jonas, you made yourself feel less than steller – not the lens, not the movie and not Efron.

I don’t point this out to add salt to the wounds – don’t beat yourself up even further, Jonas. I point this out because it illuminates an incredibly powerful truth: If feelings of inadequacy come from you, you also hold the key to their release. If the feelings came from anyone outside of yourself, certainly they would be beyond your control. But feelings come from within – and it’s up to you, me and everyone else to hold perspectives that bring fulfillment into our lives.

How we measure our lives is up to each of us. If the yardstick of body image is not bringing the happiness that you deserve, I’d recommend a new approach.


  1. Rock bottom-Sei uno porco schifoso. Vai e fottiti!!

  2. I wonder if there may be an element of ENVY in this guy’s attitude. Envy (or jealousy) is not an emotion or feeling that one should let fester in his soul!

    Besides, there are so many ways that a man can look good (“hot”, “handsome”, “gorgeous”, even, in a male way, “pretty”). Efron surely “has it all sewn up” being beautiful in his particular way, maximally that of his physical type.

    But there are other ways to look good, too. If I had to choose between Davey’s friend Matt Maggiacomo’s brooding, “darkling”, sensuous beauty and Zac Efron’s serene splendour, I would be hard-pressed to choose.

    Dude, just enjoy the beauty and loveliness of other men. You can be in awe of them or just busting with lust, whatever, but there is no reason, really, to feel “diminished” when confronted with such beauties as Zac Efron.

    Pax, Jerry Parker

  3. Zac Efron is absolutely gorgeous. But your so right Davey, we should all be confident in who we are and what we have to offer the world. It wouldnt hurt to be a sexy beast like Efron tho..
    Love to you Davey and all my fellow blog buddies

  4. I need to agree that he’s flawless but in no way I’ll feel inadequate next to him. I’m not physically perfect as him but personality counts a lot. And we, brazilians, are awesome in personality equations! =)

  5. Dear davey wavey im not the best known blog buddie but please look up Hutch Dano you may not like him but he is so cute and he plays hockey so that means hockey butt so please check him out

  6. lol @ Zac… (thats all)

  7. Hey Y’all,

    The most comprehensive universal truth… everything in life is psychosymatic!

    Kenneth R. Livingston

  8. Hey Davey,

    Good job… we need more people taking that perspective in life. I think human beings should in actuality rule our world through marketing a portraying healthy genetics so that our global population on a grand scale can be know throughout all existance as the healthyist of all species!

    Thanks Davey!

    Kenneth R. Livingston

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