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January 24, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Feel ♥: Break the Illusion.

The other day, I was re-reading Deepak Chopra’s The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire – one of my favorite books by my favorite author. In it, Chopra examines the scientific rationale supporting a concept that gurus have espoused for ages: Separation is an illusion. Using evidence from quantum physics, the deep connection we all share isn’t just rooted in ancient beliefs – but in science, too.

When I first started this blog many years ago, I was shopping around for a good website URL. All the obvious ones were already taken. And then, out of the blue, it finally hit me. I purchased breaktheillusion.com and the rest is history.

People often ask, “What illusion are you trying to break?” As I’ve said before, the illusion is different for all of us. But for me, it’s the illusion that we are all separate. With our hands, we can feel a barrier between ourselves and others. With our eyes, we can see it. But it’s a trick of the senses that much of our world has come to believe.

In Chopra’s book, there is a beautiful line that I want to paraphrase for you. In talking about the illusion of separation, the author brings up the topic of love. Love, in any form, is breaking through the illusion of “you” and “me” and seeing the oneness and connection between us. When we feel love, we break the illusion.


  1. I <3 that picture. It's amazing. And I completely agree Music and Love are the universal languages of the world. They can pierce through any barriers and inspire us to overcome any obstacles in our lives.

  2. Been viewing your videos for a while and have to say I thoroughly support everything you do for the gay community and the continued proliferation of love. However, I’m immensely disappointed in your confusion of pseudo-scientific solipsism with actual science; wish-thinking with reality. Deepak is not a physicist nor even a fan of western science and medicine, and in fact set up his own ‘alternative medicine’ much like the huckster-ish homeopathic practicioners to get rich from exploiting the placebo effect. Want philosophy? Read Bertrand Russell. Want science? Read Carl Sagan. But if you want ‘eastern solution’ tribal spiritualism dusted with false claims of the two formers, then by all means, read Deepak.

    • Bertrand Russell? Yuk. As for the western profit-driven medical industry, they would rather work to suppress scientifically tested and proven alternative approaches than learn to incorporate them into less expensive, less intrusive and less side-effect-laden approaches to cost-effective healthcare.

  3. Davey, your page is wonderful. Also, this Jon character needs to get updated on some science. There is a lot of good, sound scientific reading supporting these notions available now. I recommend Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment or The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.
    Jon, homeopathy is not an exploitation of placebo affect. It is as scientific as what is touted as Western “medicine” wherein physicians make loads of money by getting people chemically addicted or dependent for issues which can be treated more safely, naturally, and with less side-effects through the naturopathic medicines. The FDA is not an authority on medicine; they just claim to be for this country because some people like being told what’s good for them instead of doing the research themselves.

    • Amen, Cory. The FDA is responsible for more deaths than any serial killer in history.

    • The FDA has been co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry. As evidence, I cite the number of FDA-approved drugs that have been withdrawn from the market after they resulted in the death and disability of thousands. Each year, in the U.S., about 100,000 people die from the adverse effect of drugs they are given. Medical science is well aware of the power of the placebo effect. Physicians who use the placebo effect as one part of their treatment are doing their patients a favor if it gets good results. All drugs have side effects.

    • Oh does he? If you have a valid argument to make and points to support it, I suggest you make them, instead of merely dismissing points. I’m positive most, if not all, leading scientists across all fields would agree with my position of ‘alternative medicines’ riding on the placebo effect and the deluded notion that because something is ‘natural’ it is automatically superior and safer.
      Also, as the very paradigms of science demand all evidence be treated fairly; link me you ‘evidence’ for ‘this notion’ (which I can only assume to be that quantum theory translates to a theory of consciousness?)

      Peace, x.

  4. Eastern thought and spiritual leanings have emphasized the existence of chi (spiritual energy) for eons. Even Stephen Hawkin says “everything is ultimately energy, for we’re all made of atoms”. We know through scientific study that we each have our own personal energy field, and when we’re in close proximity to one another, we exchange energy. The application of quantum theory to the concept of chi is nothing new, and even Hawkin acknowledges the link.

    Ultimately, we are one: one race (humanity), one experience (Joseph Campbell, “The Power of Myth”), and capable of one love (prophets throughout history). We humans are on the brink of realizing these basic truths on a universal level. Love one another and connect!

  5. The fact that you like Deepak Chopra explains a lot. I would watch Julia Sweeney’s one-woman monologue Letting Go of God, in it she offers her opinions on Chopra. His science is depressingly elementary. I would recommend you question his motives as well as his theories. Evidence from quantum physics! Haha. Oh God! HIs concept of love is immature in nature.

    • @Franco:
      Franco,I don’t know enough about Chopra to express an opinion of his teachings,but must admit I tend to be skeptical [suspicious?] of gurus generally,whether of the secular,or religious variety.I like Harry Shearer’s lampoon on Deepak’s name:Deep pocket Shopper.

    • I support this notion.

  6. For many years, it has been my policy to never debate two subjects ~ religion and politics. It seems now I need to add a third.

    Such discussions can only end in one of three ways ~
    1. You prove how uninformed you are about the subject.
    2. You alienate a friend.
    3. At best, you agree to disagree.

    And Davey, continue to be the loving, giving, caring individual you have proven to be.

  7. People do feel a ‘one-ness’ when in love and have commented on it in literature, plays and movies because of the bond it creates in bridging the gap we created for ourselves at the teachings of parents and teachers about separateness, yours and mine, and when people claim ownership of parts of the world.

    Random acts of kindness are acts of showing each other love in a general and non-sexual way. Give delayed gratification a try. (It’s a lot more immediate when you try it, because you feel better for it.)


  8. You are correct. Too many people have erected barriers to meeting or accepting others. This does not just include race and gender, but also age, looks, likes and dislikes, hobbies and skills. I try to keep an open mind on meeting people but there is so many that will not or cannot. It can be very daunting. I find that most people have something to contribute if one can spell out the problem clearly.

  9. If you want scientific evidence for the oneness of all things, I might suggest looking to ecology rather than quantum physics – really, all science is just applied math on different scales, but ecology tends to be easier to grasp than quantum physics. It is a simple fact that all life on this planet is interconnected, and that what we do has far-reaching consequences. It’s not a far leap from there to the conclusion that it’s a whole lot better to act with loving kindness than with malice, fear, or hatred. Humans evolved to be social and cooperate – that’s our strategy, and it has allowed us to accomplish so much. We are dependent on one another and the world around us for our very survival, so keep the positivity flowing outward and it can only make things better.

  10. Davey, this is what originally ‘turned me on’ about you! I like how and what you think about.

  11. That’s really beautiful, Davey. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. That’s amazing! Deepak Chopra is a great author. If u don’t believe Davey on this one just research quantom entagalment! Baisicly we are all connected and its consciousness, not matter that is the substance of the universe. Also a good book; the feild by Lynne mctaggart.

  13. I loved this post!!! These kinds of posts are what initially brought me to your blog. I think it’s time to write more of them, just a word of advice that’s all :)

  14. I wish I could get into Davey’s groove on this subject. In this political season, when the dialogue all tends to divide one group from another, it is difficult.

  15. Wow , what a response. Thats why ilove your blog. Generates great interlectual feedback.

  16. Thank you, Davey. I am deeply sorry that my English is too poor to express what I would like to say, but actually I think that I would not be able to do it even in my family languages; Spanish and Basque.

    You are a poet, no doubt about it. I didn´t know Chopra, but from the wikipedia information I guess there is some kind of poetry in his books and plays. Notwithstanding, poetry and philosphy are important for our lives, and I will not say the contrary. I am not a philosopher; anyway, I´d say that this kind of philosophy is more beautiful than deep.

    There is a general impression that most come here to see you and your videos (the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak), but apart from that we will have to admit that this is not the most important or the main characteristic you have. I´d love to read a book written by you, even considering that Chopra´s stuff (I should read it) is more beautiful than deep. But beauty is fine, too.

    Lo repito: me encantaría, a pesar de tener mis particulares cuitas con el idioma de la Pérfida Albión, que escribieras algo que pudiéramos comprar, para leer tus pensamientos y opiniones, ciertamente interesantes para mí. Y esto lo digo considerando que la carne es débil, pero el espíritu fuerte.

  17. ah-so thats how breaktheillusion came about.takes a little thinking-something we do on this blog-contrary to the outside world around us-which thinks less-then wonders-what happened.

  18. I love this blog for posts like this

  19. Today, I came across an article in a weekly periodical that lends support to Deepak’s theory of oneness of the universe. The article is subtitled “An astronaut’s life-changing lesson from a moment in orbit. ” Quoting from the article, “The astronaut was a hard-nosed scientist who had been trained as an aeronautical engineer and a test pilot. His experience on the way home to Earth, however, was a game changer. It inspired him to set up in 1973 the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit charged with investigating a whole range of psychic and spirtitual phenomena, and the nature of human consciousness.”

    Here is what the astronaut said of his experience on returning to Earth:
    “It was overwhelmingly magnificent…I realized that the molecules of my body and the molecules of the spacecraft had been manufactured in an ancient generation of stars. It wasn’t just intellectual knowledge–it was a subjective visceral experience accompanied by ecstasy–a transformational experience……he (subsequently) stumbled upon a description of it in an ancient Sanskrit text, which spoke of savikalpa samadhi, an experience in which objects lose their separateness and are perceived ecstatically as being elements in a vast and borderless oneness.”

    The article appeared in the January 23 issue of The Christian Science Monitor weekly edition.

  20. Christ. As someone who:

    (a) currently does physics research for a living, and

    (b) whose mother is Hindu

    I HATE Deepak Chopra.

    Quantum physics has NOTHING to do with “the unhealthiness of separation” or whatever he’s talking about in his books. Quantum physics does not have any direct bearing on human emotions or spirituality, not anymore so than does gravity, thermal expansion, etc.

    His books are the spiritual equivalent of pre-processed cheese-like food: consumable by the masses but with no real content.

  21. Carlos Castenada brushes “the illusion” in Teachings of Don Juan, perception and interpretation also a common theme in Buddhism and Taoism. And as we all live on the same planet an connection does exist.

  22. hey davey where are you , whats happened, you’ve not been on several weeks now,?

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