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February 5, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Getting Naked in Palm Springs.

I always have a burning desire to do things that make me uncomfortable. The discomfort, in my humble opinion, is often a symptom of growth and evolution – it happens when we step outside our bubble.

Today, I’m heading to the California resort town of Palm Springs. I’m excited for two reasons. First, I’m thrilled to wear shorts and flip-flops. While the Rhode Island winter is beautiful (I keep telling myself that), I’m going to enjoy the break from crotch-deep snow. Second, I’m tickled pink because the resort that I’m staying at (called Innduldge) is, as the website claims, “forever clothing optional.”

A clothing optional gay resort? Visions of naked breakfast buffet lines immediately come to mind, but I’m not really sure what to expect. I found Inndulge through an advertisement on my blog, and my curiosity was piqued. They were kind enough to invite me for a visit – so that I could see for myself.

Perhaps surprisingly, I really don’t have much experience with public nudity. I love being in a state of undress in my home, but I’ve never really shared that love with the masses. Quite frankly, it makes me a little uncomfortable – which, of course, is a good thing.

I’m also suspicious of the nakedness because the Palm Springs resort is gay. Nudity is one thing, but gay men have a way of making it intensely sexual. Years ago, I went to a gay nude beach in Toronto and it was essentially an outdoors bathhouse. It seems contrary to what the nudism movement is all about – that the naked body is beautiful, natural and so much more than a sexual object. But I’m prepared to be schooled.

However the next few days turn out, it’s going to be an adventure.

But alas, I have a plane to catch. Next stop: Washington, DC. Then Denver. Then Palm Springs in time for dinner.


  1. If you feel you need to experience this then good for you. I know you will be careful and not stupid. But hey, a free trip!

  2. Davey—there are art galleries in PS too. I urge you to take at least a few of these in too!

  3. ok-D.C.Denver and then Palm Springs-hope you get there alright.travel these days is difficult.still digging out in Midwest-try Hunters Nightclub in Palm Springs they have a Guesthouse in Florida and Danceclub in Illinois as well.When you do get naked-they might see you from that Palm Springs Aerial Tramway-a cable car from Mount San Jacinto-Idlewild Forest.plus Superbowl Fans in Pittsburgh and Green Bay might get naked as well.Rockin Americas Dairyland-Lets Polka-Go Pack Go.Sorry-its hard to be humble when your team is in the Superbowl.

  4. We have already seen you naked anyway. but some new pictures would be nice!

  5. Have fun Davey! I’ve been to Palm Springs and stayed at a different clothing optional resort and had a good time. The city is very laid back and fairly gay. I suggest you enjoy some good california cuisine and amazing Mexican food. If you can, head to Palm Desert, their is a great zoo/oasis there.

  6. I’ve heard INNDulge is a bit more sexually active than others. I’ve stayed at two other clothing optional resorts in PS. Both tended to draw a bit of an older, quieter crowd, some of whom (but not all) stayed clothed, and the nudity was more nudist than sexual.

    I stayed clothed. I’m really shy about my body. Don’t even take off my shirt at the beach. But someday I want to push my limits and walk around a beach or resort without a stitch, or even a towel.

  7. Hey Davey,

    You’re right about nudism, it is all about being free of clothes and not about sex. I’ve been a legit nudist resort in CT and had tons of fun, so I hope this one isn’t too cruisy or “bathhouse” like. But, if it is, don’t judge all of nudism like that.

    Also, what one commementor said is true, always have a towel with you, it’s nudist etiquette.

  8. My partner were there to celebrate his 40th and our 7yr anniversary. Go check out La Dolce Vita. Its awesome. We had the vacation of our life – GREAT!

  9. It would be nice if we see you last night or this morning in swimming trunks Dave . But unfortunately we saw you in your work out outfit . Thanks Dave for being nice and warm , my friend Joey and I was so glad that we met you in person in Palm Spring last night and we didn’t expected to see you in the gym this morning and I feel like I want to stay more for another night so we could see you again in the resort’s bar but I really need to go back here in Bay Area today.By the way Joey wants you to know that He was impressed with you because you offered a chair this morning despite you are busy doing your work out.He become an instant fan of yours.Enjoy your stay in the resort and give my regards to the owners. They are so nice and really accomodating .We really enjoyed our stay though its only for a night.We will definitely come back , our room is so clean and we got a good rate for a suite room.

  10. I have friends that go to Inndulge three times a year and love it, especially Halloween. Sure you’ll have a great time.

  11. Okay, I finally remembered what the gay resort was named that I went to in the late eighties, early nineties. It was called the “Atrium Mirage Vista Grand” (and actually consisted of two separate structures on either side of a common street). Most of the reviews I have read about the Mirage, which have been posted more recently, do not speak highly of the place. As with so many places of this nature, it was great “back in the day” but its days are now [seemingly] spent. Seems the place has declined much over the years since one of the owners passed away; it’s now said to be unkempt and in much need of a facelift. Like all of us older gay men, it was once physically appealing (back in the eighties); today, perhaps not so much. ROFL!!

    Now, about gay resorts and bathhouses… EVERY person I have ever talked to who’s gone to a “clothing optional gay resort” has always said the same thing. “Expect a bathhouse experience that is focused primarily on having sex!” Expecting anything different than this belies an attitude of naiveté (or perhaps you’re just trying to persuade yourself that you’re not the slut that the rest of us might see you as, if you were seen to be cavorting naked in the pools and giving/getting BJ’s from the other guests – or more).

    I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade here but Jesus Christ, let’s be frikken honest with ourselves and with others who are reading. “Clothing optional” and “gay resort” DOES NOT equate to an experience in the Hyatt Hilton. If you want to be seen as a gentleman with good manners and the demeanor of one who isn’t having sex in the bushes, don’t advertise that you’re headed off to a resort where gay men are known/expected to be cavorting naked in, by and around the pool, etc. For that matter, I wouldn’t suggest trying to describe the place as “anything but” a gay hotel bathhouse either if you want to be taken seriously. Hell, the Mirage had a set of “stocks” (you know, where your hands and head are locked securely within a wooden structure!) beside one of the buildings – and plenty of areas above the waterfall that were partially hidden by brush/overgrowth.

    It was a place to have sex, pure and simply put – as I’m quite certain the Inndulge is, as well. My guess is that condoms are placed on the pillows in place of the chocolates you might find at some of your more “stand up” (pardon pun) luxury hotels.

  12. Michael you are so funny!!!! Hyatt Hilton!!! Classic..

  13. Davey wavey,
    I just wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration to me! I just turned 15 a couple weeks ago and decided that it was time to stop living a lie and let the world know who I really am. I had been out to my best friend for a while (thanks to your words of encouragement on your talky blogs) and she convinced me to come out of the closet to another good girl friend of mine. I am 100% convinced that I would not have had the courage to come out to my two close friends if you didn’t do what you do. You are changing so many lives, just like you did with mine today! Thank you, and with much love, your faithful blog buddy!

  14. Hey Davey, I’m sure you’re having a blast! I was just out visiting a couple of friends who live there. I stayed at a resort there, clothing optional of course! There areas of these resorts, as I found it, that are “designed” for sex?!?! I had a similar thought as you and didn’t really know what to expect. I suffice to say that it was a great time, naked men, and porn 24-7 in the room.

    Be careful and have fun fellow northern east coaster!

  15. Hahaha Michael M. You are definitely correct! I wasn’t shocked when I was just out there in palm springs. Every room had 10 channels of free porn, outdoor areas galore with structures to fuck on if you so desired. When I was there it was off season, a whopping five people were there- nome of which were attractive. Thankfully I have a couple friends who live there next to the original batman, so I was in luxury comfort of a hyatt hilton and not minding the desolate nature of palm springs.

    I read another one of your posts about HIV and you are correct. I was in a similar situation for nearly 7 years and never knew my partner had it. (he has had it for 17 years) Thankfully we always did it protected so I am clean! We are no longer together, I wished him well but it hurt too much of seven years of lying about something as important as HIV. I hold nothing against anyone with it but I have known people who have passed from it…

  16. LOL.. thanks (and btw, I never did use those stocks at the Mirage!) Friends tried to get me to agree to being locked up in ‘em but I said, “Not on your life! I KNOW what you guys have in mind if I’m unable to fend ya off!” (Of course, these days I’d probably fight for the “opportunity” for such an attack. hahahahaha)

    Naaaa, just kidding with some self-deprecating humor.

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