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April 4, 2013
by Davey Wavey

Guess The Gay: Reveal!

Was your guess correct?! Make sure you subscribe to my second channel for more great videos: http://youtube.com/subscription_cente…




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  1. I knew Shane was I said on the question video it’s was Shane and I did watch the 1st one first

  2. Does Shane have a Youtube, IG, Twitter? Does Blake? Great message btw!

  3. Well said Davey…there are lots of stereotypes out there and its not right.
    I would have to say I break most of them. I work construction, race ATV’s, snowmobiles and drive a big 4×4 to name a few. I am surrounded in a field by macho guys who casually stereotype the gay culture.
    I have seen lots of changes over the years and for the better but must admit I still get a bit timid when surrounded by my straight, too much testosterone counterparts when I am at these race events and on large construction jobs.
    I may fit in but on the inside I am insecure around them at times.
    I am married to my partner, am out to family, friends and most co-workers.
    One thing I have tried to change is to have Gay friends in my life but am unable to do so. Why is it so hard to find gay friends??

  4. Oh my. Shane’s eyes are intense and he has a beautiful smile !
    He is a fine looking man..glad he is on our team ! HAHA

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