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March 25, 2013
by Davey Wavey

Guessing Hot Guys’ Underwear!

Just a light, silly and fun video for a change! Thank to Haley: http://www.youtube.com/HaleyStarShow




Check Out Today’s Video!


  1. You have a great future in market research.

  2. I’m wearing some cotton bikini briefs, bought 30 years ago at Costco. The damn things won’t wear out and I am one cheap MF.

    • Yeah, but don’t your balls hang out?

    • Well yes, now and again. But when I prance down the main drag in my Costco briefs during our annual gay parade I make sure everything is taped-up.
      Duct tape is a bitch to remove from unshaven balls, however, and I gave up shaving those babies years ago.

  3. The guy at 1:02 is my favorite. He’s hot, and wears no underwear. ;-)

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