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September 7, 2008
by Davey Wavey

Happy Birthday Scotty Dynamo!

Join me in wishing Scotty Dynamo a happy 19th birthday!

I’m picking him up from rowing practice in a few minutes, so I decided to surprise him with a homemade birthday cake. Okay, so maybe it’s not the best looking cake in the world. But, it’s made with love.

Happy Birthday Scotty!


PS Stay tuned for tonight’s talky blog!


  1. i hope you let us see his special birthday present


  2. happy birthday to scotty!

  3. Well Happy B-day Scotty with enough fairy dust for one special wish. Besides that Davey robbing the craddle with a teenager? Trying to rekindle youth lost. Just kidding but don’t let that fountain of youth decide the rest of your life. Hope you decide with what feels right and not let others decide for you. TTFN Milo.

  4. That is so adorable! I’m sure he will have a very happy birthday

  5. Stop flexing, you!

    By the way, when you make a cake, you slit the rise so that the second layer sits flat on top of the other. It’s for aesthetics, but I’m sure Scotty won’t mind. It was better than my birthday cake for the past two years combined.

    gummi bears. Damn, that’s one chewy cake

  6. Happy Birthday Scotty Dynamo!!!

    YAY!, I finally did it! I added a comment :D
    I’ve been an unofficial blog-buddy since the beginning of August, and hopefully this solidifies it.
    I started small but it’s a start none the less.

    Not to have my celebration overshadow the more important one at hand, back to the dude now on his last teenage year. Many many more to ya ;)

    Once again; HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTTY!!!

  7. AWWWWWWWWW, that is such a nice thing your doing for Nick, YES you doing another talkyblog maybe with Nick, of course with Nick haha. Wonder what its going to be about? Well have a nice day with Nick.

  8. Happy Birthday Scotty!

    Gotta love rowing for it’s phrases:

    Rowing – It’s Oar-gasmic
    Crab Free
    Rowing gets me wet
    Never question the cox
    I cox
    Rowers have longer strokes
    Just crew it
    Rowing: The happy hour of life

  9. Hi Dave,

    You’re picking Scotty up?


    Happy Birthday Mr. Dynamo


  10. I wish I had u baking in my kitchen for my birthday, only maybe with out the kitchen or the baking, lol.

    happy birthday Scotty – clearly, you’re gonna have a great day.

    I have a sudden craving for a gummy worm. :)

  11. Happy Birthday Nick! I can honestly say that some of my fave things happened when I was 19. You’re gonna have an amazing year. Have a fun day! xxx

  12. Happy Birthday Scotty! Have fun.

    Rick in NYC

  13. funny how a cake for him translates to shots of YOU in your UNDIES yet again.

  14. Mon cher Scotty,
    C’est à ton tour
    De te laisser parler d’amour. (bis)

    That’s how we sing it in Québec, en français.
    Translation: “My dear Scotty, it’s your turn to be told words of love.” So much more romantic in French. Happy 19th Scott. (Davey, you cradle robber, you!)

    Be well,

  15. o/` Happy Birthday Scotty o/`

    Make it Right and Work it!

  16. Happy Birthday, Scotty!!! :D

  17. Cake, what cake? (Sorry, I know that was lame, but I couldn’t resist!)

    A very, very happy birthday to you Scotty! You’ve already received the best present—a beautiful man (inside and outside), who loves you.

  18. Feliz cumpleanos Scotty!

  19. Happy 19th Birthday Scotty! You are a really great artist! I just downloaded your music, and I must say I am extremely impressed! And to Davey, I hope that Scotty enjoys that cake, I know you put all your heart into it. Have a great day! Best Wishes on Your Birthday Scotty, TTYL. Scotty from DE

  20. That’s supa cool that your bakin a cake!! =P Happy Birthday Scotty Dynamo!!!

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. What is he having from you as a present? Surely you are going to give him more than a cake?

    Talking of Cake – It is my birthday in a couple of weeks, if you start now it could be here in time for mine!

    Have a lovely day (life) Scotty – Many Happy Returns x

  23. Yo Scotty, have a great birthday! A celebration of breathing, smelling, tasting, touching, seeing, hearing, LIVING! :)

  24. Aww, Happy Birthday Scotty :P

    Hope you have a great dayy.


  25. I love your blog. it’s so sexy and positive! and i love pierogis, too!:)

  26. happy birthday Scotty and have a great one

  27. Happy Birthday Scotty! Have sexy one!

  28. Have a wonder-filled Tantric Birthday Scotty!

  29. Happy b-day Scotty

  30. What? No big banana surprise this time? I thought that was your favourite dessert.

    I think you could have done better with something other than store bought icing, but nonetheless I think Scotty will have a much more fulfilling 19th birthday than I did!

    So what is your big surprise, are you staying in Toronto and moving in with Scotty Dynamo?

  31. What a nice surprise! And I’m sure it “tastes” amazing…sorry, couldn’t resist!

    Much love and happiest of wishes on your special day ScottyDynamo!

    Wish we could all have a…piece…yah, you know where I going with that one…

    Ciao – J

  32. Happy birthday, dear Scotty !

    If David made a birthday cake for you it means problably something.

    (Be indulgent,I’m sure it’s the first David ever made !).

  33. Happy bitrthday Scotty! May all your dream COME true. Hehe.

  34. my birthday is in may I will have met you by then

  35. Happy Birthday, Scotty. I hope you boys celebrate all night long!

  36. I’m pretty sure he’s going to like the main course enough he won’t care what the cake looks like :)

  37. Happy birthday Scotty! I hope we see you for many years.

  38. Penblwydd Hapus Scotty Dynamo (AKA Nick)

    [And Davey...seriously...your ass...is like...*THAT HIGH*. ]


  39. hola eres hermoso.no se si me entiendas lo que escribo.muy linda tus fotos eres un adonis.a feliz cumpleaño chau.desde chile -america del sur

  40. I wish a boy would cook for me in his undies. Hot! Actually. I’d settle for a boy cooking for me in clothes even :)
    Happy Birthday Scotty.
    And that cake is totally cute. Love the decoration.

  41. In belgium we say ” gelukkige verjaardag”
    In Romania (one of my husbands is romanian)
    “La multi ani”
    But now I wil say ………
    “Happy birthdaaaaaayyyyyy!”
    May you have many birthdays with Davey at your side !!!

  42. You guys are all much too horny. Happy B-Day Nick.

  43. Happy birthday Scotty!!!!!!

    lymzzy from China

  44. Happy Birthday Scotty !! =)

    Love from five gay men. ; )

  45. How nice of you to make a birthday cake. And it looks good too.

    By the way, you, cooking in the kitchen with only your underwear on, is hot.


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  47. Davey – you used BOUGHT icing for the cake. How could you, and not made your own? That’s cheating.

  48. Happy Belated Birthday Scotty Dynamo!

  49. i cant even make cerial without burning it (literaly, when i was a kid i left my cerial on a hot burner)so thats awsome that you can make a cake

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