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November 19, 2012
by Davey Wavey

How To Tell If Your Man Is Gay.

If you want to know if your man is gay, this video should help. P.S. My tank top is available in the Davey Wavey Apparel store: http://daveywavey.acmeprints.com/
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  1. Watch his eyes… who he watches is the best test.

  2. If his colors match, he’s probably gay.

  3. @Railton Hudson:
    And may I ask, Railton Hudson,WHAT do you have against dog’s bollocks?
    Not your face,I hope!

  4. One of the best ways to tell if your man is gay is if you have a penis. If you have a penis, he’s gay.

    The other question that begs to be asked is if you could imagine yourself in a responsible and openly open relationship with your partner if you do suspect your mate for going elsewhere for the delights of the opposite sex?

    There really is no competition between the sexes when it comes to gay or heterosexual desires. One of the defining aspects of this century’s lack of sensitivity is flagrantly ignoring the obvious; the desire for the gender of choice involves being aroused, and there’s no choice about the choice, it is about being aroused.

    No amount of perfume / cologne, cosmetics / facial cleansers, fitness training, clothing, grooming or sensitivity classes will change that. If you’re in a perspective that if you’ve got boobs, and a gay man is competition, you’re wrong. A man doesn’t have boobs.

    There is no doubt that there are guys who like both men and women sexually, and they’re bisexual. If your man is gay, and you’re a woman, you need to find yourself a bisexual man that is interested enough in you to keep you happy while you keep him happy and you both play safe and responsibly.


  5. @Railton Hudson:
    Please get my tag correct,Mr.Hudson! Railton Hudson is ridiculous enough.

    • @G3
      No need to get personal, kind sir. Whilst the Guillermos were mucking about in South America, the Hudsons were gloriously establishing a worldwide empire, upon which the sun never set.

  6. @Railton Hudson:
    Apparently the sun set on your brain’s empire long ago ( perhaps that of your family’s as well,but about that I neither know nor care).
    Without dwelling on the pros and cons of the British Empire[mostly cons,I fear]of which my family was a very minor part as well: Guillermo is both a joke and Spanish for my given name.As the saying is:To make an Englishman happy when he is old,tell him jokes when he is young.

    • @Make-Believe Spaniard
      Sir, you are both ill-humoured and pretentious. I suspect your Black and Tan ancestors emigrated to the New World during the Potato Famine, and originated in the Emerald Isle — not England.

  7. Just when I’m trying to think of some humorous, stereotypical gay attributes, the latest issue of The New Yorker arrives with a long article by (gay) critic-at-large Alex Ross on the gay community’s political progress — and its future. In reflecting upon the growing acceptance by straights of gay culture, Alex makes two statements that are relevant to Davey’s question:
    “In the straight world, meanwhile, the mortal fear of being mistaken for gay is weakening” and “At certain moments, straight people can seem gayer than gays.” He cites those YouTube videos of the hit pop ditty “Call me Maybe”as an example.

    It just seems to me that straights imitating gays makes Davey’s question “Is my boyfriend gay?” much more complex than one might think. Is gay culture wasted on gay people as some critics maintain?

    • @Joel J
      Alex Ross’ treatise sounds like a rehash of Todd Haynes’ 1998 film “Velvet Goldmine”, about the 1970′s “Glam Rock” period in England when supposedly straight boys acted gay because it was cool.
      Should the Ross trend continue for another generation or two, however, we will have to start thinking about artificial insemination or perhaps even cloning if the species is to continue.

    • Alex Ross’ article is an academic examination. There is nothing academic about Velvet Goldmine. Ross discusses the New Gay Normalcy, the antithesis of Glam Rock.

    • Who needs academic when you have Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor? There’s even a few seconds of full-frontal McGregor in his prime. Isn’t this what the gay life is all about, after all? Drooling over the beautiful people…

  8. @Railton Hudson:
    Ill-humored, Mr.[?] Hudson? Yes!_Condescending twits like yourself tend to bring out my bad humor.If,in fact,you really are British,you’ve certainly validated the cliche’s about British snobbery,and I’ll add:slow wits.[Actually,I suspect you are from Hoboken,New Jersey,but no matter.]
    Pretentious? Isn’t that the pot….?
    Amusingly incorrect? }Absolutely! With the exception of a Swedish late-comer[late 1870s],my forebears,mostly English,with a few Scots-Irish and Irish arrived here[in the Southern and Mid-Atlantic colonies 300-400 years ago,with the exception of the Cherokees who arrived c.1000 years before.

  9. @Horch Cabriolet:
    No,Horch Cabriolet[legs?]
    It means I wasn’t addressing you! But I do wonder about someone calling her/himself Horch Cabriolet asserting that anyone else is a mongeral.

  10. @Horch Cabriolet:
    I understand,Horch:no bitch would admit to birthing a cabriolet-legged pup.
    I also am August.Don’t remember my birth,but I’m sure it was hot.
    Sorry for my “mongeral”,mongrel_that was spell-check’s misdirection.b goulash
    What is Horch,anyway? Sounds like some badly seasoned goulash.

    • Bill,
      I would have thought that you’d have this worked out by now. The good lord gave you fingers. Google “Horch Cabriolet” or “August Horch”, please. While you’re at it, you might want to Google “Railton Hudson” or “Hudson Railton.”

  11. @Horch Cabriolet:
    Thanks goulash_I mean Horch(spell-check doesn’t like it either }probably needs more garlic)_I’ll look up those strange terms after Thanksgiving.For now ,I can only guess:Hudson Railton[probably Rail town,misspelled] sounds like a Thornton Wilder piece that flopped in Buffalo,while August Horch Cabriolet must be either a summer heat rash or a bad wine with pretensions.May have to resort to paper to solve this one.
    I’ll get back to you.

    • Mr. Bill,
      Why wait until Friday? It should only take a minute or two of keyboard work to resolve this dilemma.

  12. @Iso Rivolta:
    Thanks for your advice and concern .Please don’t take this personally,but with the nunmber of strange names that have been popping up here(Sum Dum Kunt and Brigitta Da Riva-quai were the worst,I think) it’s tempting to do a take off on yours.
    Anyway,too busy getting ready to go away for Thanksgiving to research tf Goulash and Hudson for a few days.s ohe origin

    • @”Iso Rivolta:
      Sorry you’re so revolting,Iso! But at least you admit it,even though your spelling does needs work.Let’s see you work a bit on your self-esteem! Surely there must be someone,somewhere who doesn’t find you revolting.

  13. @3rd Bill From The Sun
    Just how long does it take you to pack a suitcase, anyway?

    • @”Isotta Fraschini”:
      Sorry to hear you’re at sot,but a bad carafe of Fraschini can probably do that,Isolde Fragmenti.
      Actually,not that long,I-soldout, but interruptions by “people” with absurd names do distract me:You, Karch-Goulash Cabriolet,and that combative Asian poetess Sum Dum Kunt don’t help__Not to mention Ophelia Dick’s attentions!

  14. Slacker than a turtle neck from a thrift store, love it.

  15. Omg Davey you are in a roll wow u go boy lol ok I have a Q. fro u my flame thank I am not gay but my fackbook screams GAY!!!! what do I do¿?¿¿

  16. True story though, but my girl cousin told me over thanksgiving that her “hookup buddy” asked her to have sex with him if she wore a strap-on, and she looked me straight in the eyes with a serious face and asked me if that made him gay. Thought that I’d share and ask your advice on that one, although the answer might be pretty obvious

    • @Adam:
      Strange story,but not so unusual,and the answer as to whether “hook-up buddy” is gay may not be completely obvious. It seems that having and indulging kinks is both fashionable and encouraged in some quarters right now [Dan Savage of “Savage Love”,for example,has recently been a cheer leader for discovering and exploring one’s kinks and for finding mutually satisfying ways for both/all of the participants to enjoy them.Leaving aside the complicated realities that many people,especially men go through periods of being sexually variable (polymorphous-perverse is the scientific appellation,I believe):many “straight”men enjoy being pegged for either the physical stimulation & pleasure,or for the enjoyment of making role reversal fantasies a reality__or,of course for both.
      Being gay myself,and a bottom,mostly, I can’t speak about what some straight guys enjoy from experience,but that is what I hear:A LOT. Seems to me that if sexual activities aren’t physically,or emotionally harmful,or exploitative that pleasure is pleasure/that too much psychological speculation about why is a waste of time.

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