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April 1, 2013
by Davey Wavey

I Don’t Want to Marry a Horse!

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With all the coverage of the Supreme Court and DOMA/Proposition 8, I can’t believe how many people have compared gay marriage to marrying barnyard animals. I don’t want to marry a horse.



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  1. Hi davey you awesome and I agree with u

  2. Hi davey you awesome and I agree with u and that your so hott please follow me on ig please @connorclement please davey please please please

  3. My husband Wilbur and I strongly protest your unfeeling comments regarding horse/human relationships, Davey Wavey.
    Love between a mare or a gelding and a man can be a beautiful thing.
    I’ll admit love between a stallion and a man can be iffy, but if that floats your boat you should give it a try!

  4. Have you ever loved a horse, Davey? Before you declare to the world that you “don’t want to marry a horse” you need to try some man-on-horse affection. One man’s bestiality is just another man’s devotion.
    NOTE: Sugar cubes laced with rohypnol are helpful.

  5. You must not be aware of a vibrant, active “man-animal” community in Germany. I’m for real. Just because YOU can’t conceive of wanting to marry an animal, there are actually people out there who can and DO conceive of that. And would love society to formally recognize their relationship. I wish I could say this is satire, but it’s actually not.

    Really, what this video demonstrates is what happens when we take a “live and let live” approach to all matters of relationships and sex. Eventually there are enough folks who want to push the boundaries even more. So what is unthinkable and crazy-talk to someone like you is common sense to someone else.

    How do it feel to actually prove the point of the conservatives right, Davey? Maybe they aren’t all as crazy and stupid and bigoted as many in our community make them out to be. Some are, for sure, but many of them actually have a legitimate concern. Let’s not dismiss them too quickly, please.

  6. This David Wavey person has a good point, not wishing to marry a horse. He is in need of some therapy, however, to stop being “gay.”
    It is an established fact that homosexuality inevitably leads to polygamy, bestiality and child molestation. If Mr. Wavey would just attend the right sort of church on a regular basis, this would become apparent to him.
    In certain areas of the American South, the unfortunate circumstance of brothers marrying sisters is commonplace. Do we want brothers marrying brothers? I think not!

  7. So, I was looking at your tumblr and it says you’re in Hollywood. Welcome back Mr. Davey. Hope you enjoy your visit ; )

  8. I’d like to marry a dude who’s hung like a horse. Does that count?

  9. Every argument against same-sex marriage is a wrong one, but this is so wrong to compare same-sex marriage with marrying a horse :( .
    In my country marriage has been open for all (human ;p) couples since april 2001 (The Netherlands) so maybe those who are against it should come and visit. In this way they can see that nothing goes wrong, that it’s not weird or whatever when two men of women marry.

  10. Horse, NO! Pussy, YES!

    • Horses, dogs, goats and turtles are pretty weird…
      But pussy? Now that’s REALLY disgusting!

  11. Davey Wavey

    Yes marriage is for the churches and not sure why homosexual want this. Yes I would like all to see same sex couples have the same rights as there straight counterparts

    It’s not that I’m against gay marriage for those whom want it. Tho for me marriage means something I can’t imagine doing with another human being. I just want to know that I find somebody or if they find me and we want to share a section/what is left of our lives together and if something happen to them that I can be there for them or they can be there for me.

    I think the people who are saying this are religious and don’t want to set outside there bubble and acknowledge evolution and it goes beyond the birds and the bees and can’t imagine how to people of the same sex could just love each other. Or maybe they are jealous because all we have is each other and can’t create another life to love us or that it harder for us.

    I would like to have somebody to love and that loves me, the rest is just icing on the cake =D


    I can’t imagine sharing my life with somebody on that intimate level but that doesn’t not stop me from dreaming or imaging them or who they are.

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