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January 10, 2013
by Davey Wavey

Is Justin Bieber Gay? Google Search Fails!

To enlighten my young and impressionable audience, I answered some popular Google auto-complete search fails… like is Justin Bieber gay? Or are gay people real?




Check Out Today’s Video!


  1. That was funny. I’d like to see more video like this.

  2. I liked this a lot too (despite a few icky references…). The Google Maps thing was really funny. But do you really think Justin Bieber is gay?

  3. What a cute little fella there with you. You do attract and/or like the youngun’s

  4. Hello Davey,

    I enjoy watching your vlogs tho I feel that they could contain more substance/detail.

    Yes your vlogs do a great thing catering to your audience. I wonder whether this is the audience you want or want to attracted. To leave the message/mark you want to leave upon this world.

    You never did say what this “illusion” that you want to break. Is it like “Lady Gaga” life is an illusion because you can remember it the way that you want to ?

    I wonder how you come up with the ideas for vlogs. I heard you say that you write them down, but how does one go about this. I imagine you start with an intention/idea, expand on this idea, maybe a point to get across. Then a conclusion of how you imagine it will turn out, with goals. That it may educate, inform or entertain. That you will get two thousand likes (in an certain time frame) or attracked more subscribers. Also maybe a follow up vlog on the subject. A follow through/ follow up.

    I would like to see a follow up on the “Fear” vlog. How was ? What the fear that surprised you. What did you learnt from this experiences ?

    I just feel that your vlogs could be so much more & would like to see reach your full potential.

    I wonder what your goals are for your vlogs ?


    P.S I’m not sure why I like you, but you make me happy & I want you to be happy with what you do.

  5. Justin Bieber. Here in the province of Ontario, I live only 250 miles away from where The Biebs was born and raised, and currently I’m reading his mother’s new book, “Nowhere But Up”(nice, well-meaning lady, quite religious). I don’t honestly know what his sexual orientation is – maybe he doesn’t yet, either(by the way, the young guy in the video has the old Justin Bieber hairstyle).
    Cute video, quite entertaining. And may Davey and The Biebs – and all of us – prosper!

  6. Hay i am a straight male, and i love the video, i am new to the Website thoe but still loved the hell out of it. U look like a nice gay guy though

  7. Hay i am a straight male, and i love the video, i am new to the Website thoe but still loved the hell out of it. U look like a nice gay guy though

  8. Get a life man. dont you have other things to discuss than Justin Bieber

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