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February 28, 2010
by Davey Wavey

Lady Gaga’s penis.

In the debate about what Lady Gaga may or may not have dangling between her legs, let me add my uninvited opinion into this overcrowded discussion: Who gives a flying fuck?

Lady Gaga’s penis doesn’t pay my bills. And it certainly doesn’t keep me up at night.

But perhaps the sliver lining in this he/she discussion is a larger conversation about gender, expectations and intersexism.

The Intersex Society of North America estimates that one in every 2,000 children born has genitals that do not fit the typical definition of male or female. While non-typical genitals have been traditionally met with parental shame, confusion and subsequent surgery on the child, perhaps we’re on the cusp of ushering in a new era of intersex acceptance and understanding. And maybe all this Lady Gaga speculation will serve to pave the way in some small but important capacity.

At the very least, through various Google searches and articles fueled by the Lady Gaga rumors, a whole new generation of people are discovering that the world of gender, like so many things, isn’t black and white.

Moreover, maybe we’ll all learn a thing or two about gender expectations and the ridiculousness of double-standards like male “studs” and female “sluts.” What’s so bad about women possessing characteristics that are typically male, anyway? And does being assertive, sexually voracious or handsome require or necessitate the presence of a penis?

For someone that enjoys “pushing the boundaries” and advancing equality, I can’t help but think that all of this penis speculation brings a slight and knowing smile to Lady Gaga’s over-powdered face.


  1. she is definitely a woman…there were pictures of here at a concert where her thong shifted and she squated and her vag was hanging out….gnarly

  2. A famous person is talkin about having both genitals?? That is so open-mind ! And i agree with that !! And agree with you :)

  3. I agree completely. I’m tired of people speculating when it’s simply none of their business.
    I read once that some scientists think that there are actually 5 genders, which explains why it’s normal that we have transgenders and hermaphrodites, but we just try to fit everyone into one of two categories because male and female are the most common and people don’t realize that it’s normal for a person to be of another gender.

    • if its none of our business and we don’t have a right to talk
      about it then shut the fuck up defending this hermafradite

  4. I think the bigger picture here is that people have a hard time with a powerful talented successful woman and are trying to masculineize her to make them feel better that a woman can kick a mans ass.

  5. I think the bigger picture here is that people have a hard time with a powerful talented successful woman and are trying to masculineize her to make them feel better that a woman can kick a mans ass. :)

  6. I approve. IT’s been confirmed that she is a woman, but I understand. XD

  7. I think its pretty clear in this picture that she is not half man. http://pinoygossipboy.ph/wp-content/uploads/Lady-Gaga-Vagina.jpg

  8. I know she’s a woman, these rumours are ridiculous, but I completely agree with your post. She’s a famous singer, we’re supposed to entertained by her work, her personal life [I understand there will always be a part of stars' personal life in Hollywood] down to the genitalia… That’s pretty twisted.

    Rah, rah, ah-ah-ah! Roma, Roma-ma! GaGa, Ooh-La-La! Want your bad romance.

  9. She’s an amazing person and a hell of a talent, if she had a cock or a cunt, it shouldn’t matter, hell, i wouldn’t even care, it’s LAdy GaGa, she enjoys the shock value, and i for one enjoy it as well.

  10. It’s funny that you mention the evolving education with the younger generations. It’s very true. Hate is not being tolerated and instead acceptance is being brought to the forefront of what we need to really follow.
    And to Shane, you make an excellent point.

  11. i think, this speculation was a part of her job. she showed that she is beyond people’s normal aspects and she is a freak bitch.now, we are sure that she is a pop icon. people inspire her shows, her fashion and her music. who cares much about her penis, or vag?

  12. This is the first I’ve heard of such speculation. And regardless of the actual answer, I want her to wear the penis pants. Look them up.

  13. Davey Wavey: I think you’ve finally jumped the shark with this post.

  14. OK so i was just surfing you-tube when i came across one of your videos, and i wanted to say hilo, but your probably oober busy and occupied with everyone else, but i decided to make an account anyways and send you a message, if u wanna see me just ask i have a cam lol, hope to hear a response … always, AJay

  15. Can we aim at higher spots? Like talent performance and music? Media need some basic education in decency and higher standards.

  16. What exactly is a flying fuck?

    An d shouldn’t we really be seeing momre of Davey in his underwear?

    • A flying fuck? No idea, but I guess something involving a plane or parachute or anything that floats or flies.

      Yes we need more of Davey haha!

      People somehow need something to talk about, and seeing that most of them probably don’t have interesting lives, they just bash those of people that everyone knows and that actually have interesting lives. It never ceases to amaze me how people can get wrapped up in other peoples affairs, while clearly knowing it is none of their business. I totally agree with you all! She makes great music and does great performances, and even if the speculation was true it wouldn’t change her or her wonderful work.
      We all just love Lady GaGa!

      Greetz from The Netherlands. (I heard she was coming over here)

    • When I was a kid, we often said “Take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut” It was a put-down to get rid of a guy you weren’t interested in or otherwise wanted to get rid of. The idea was that doing the action was impossible and the wouldn’t get satisfied.

    • Flying “F” I actually started this thing at work where we stand on one leg flap our arms in the air and do the pelvic thrust. That’s what we call a Flying “F”.

  17. On topic: It’s usually difficult to decipher pop icons’ “reality” under all the “face” they show to get attention and fans.

    I like some of Lady Ga Ga’s music. I don’t give a damn what her crotch is like.

    However, I heard her do and interview on the morning show of a major network. I was very impressed by how articulate she was. She’s smarter than many give her credit for and has a more complex life than what we see in her performances.

  18. LADY GAGA DOES NOT HAVE A FUCKING DICK. If she(yes, she) did, don’t you think it would have either been seen indefinitely trough her clouths or have flopped out fron her danceing? C’mon people.

    Now, back on topic, I agree Davey. A person is bigger than what genitals he/she possess. She is a person and should be treated as such, just as you want to be.

  19. The fact that people have nothing better to do than ponder the genitalia of a person, whom I think, is a very engaging and imaginative entertainer, says a huge amount about the boredom of society. It had never occurred to me to think one way or another.

    My kid is trans…..I shan’t say from what to what but really, Davey you make a very good point. I shake my head at the utter idiocy of it all. I concur with an above writer. “Who gives a fuck?!! I’m sorry, but the fact that this subject even exists, is cause for a sigh of hopelessness. Let this world begin to open its mind, please.

  20. I’m looking forward to seeing her performance later this month in Australia.

    Its now become a gender debate which is absolute bull_hit. People don’t actually go to her concerts in the hope that something might pop out. I know I’m going to her show for her amazing talent as a performer. Couldn’t give a shit what is between her legs. She is a very talented and gifted performer.

  21. I think I just vomited in my mouth

  22. Sweet Davey,

    This is one of your best posts. From the catchty title straight (??) out of your imagination to your awareness-giving insight into sexuality from someone who enjoys “pushing the boundaries” on equality and many other issues and who is in a loving relationship strong enough to bring you back to Toronto from Sydney, I not only LOVE it, I support you totally! I have sometimes wondered what a 70-year old gay Tantric Elder is doing following your blog… and then you post something like this!

    I am so delighted that Youth is NOT being wasted on the young in your case – and I know that you ARE making a difference …

    Love conquers all – and I LOVE you!!!



  23. i honestly couldnt care if she was a man or a woman, she is clearly a woman in my point of view though, Think about this one, if she DID used to be a man and she had a sex change, her voice would not sound like Lady Gaga’s and sound amazing and talented, it would sound fucked up and still partly GRUFF! Have a look at one of her concert video’s she is always wearing clothes that go up her crotch, is there a lump, or a bump, no, theres nothing there, alright there might be a little tiny bump but isnt that normal for a woman to have the camel toe? but like i said above, i dont care either way, she is a very talented Lady, and i was ‘Born this way’ to like her <3

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