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January 7, 2013
by Davey Wavey

Leave Straight People Alone!

Are you heterophobic?



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  1. Chipotle seems so interested in what you were saying

  2. So…as a trueBiMan which means that no, I am not just on my way to gay or rowing to hetero…I am really bisexual. I get more shit from gay guys about this than straight men. My straight friends think it is kind of cool but some gay men are really freaked out by it. So, intellectually we all know that sexuality is on a SPECTRUM and in any distribution of a population the ends (all gay or all straight) will hold a small portion of the population. MOST human males are totally into sex with anything that gives them a boner; men just have to figure out where to stick it. In one’s prime….aka….about 15 to 28 or so…arousal is barely sexual and often a result of; a change in wind direction, rubbing up against almost anything, thinking of the former and the animus in us just wants to get off. As we get older we are more into the romantic stuff, commitment, passion, integrity (have I lost you yet?)

    So….DW….another mission is to ‘Buy into the Bi’s’ and just let us wallow in our own lukewarmness, our own sensual ways…at the least, ‘like’ that we have more options!!!

    • It’s true… all sexuality is on a spectrum… yet people definitely like to label themselves straight or gay.. People yearn to feel good.. and will cross gender lines to do so…

      I used to think I was completely gay after coming out… yet I ended up dating a girl one summer… I’ve had three roommates hit on me and tell me they were bisexual.. However, I kind of think they just liked the way we were connecting (I am in an amazingly good emotional place).. I’d like to think they were mostly straight…

      Bisexuality is def. important to recognize as normal. Gays should learn to judge less ehh?

  3. Very well said! The world is full of far too much hypocrisy (as it would be for gay men to stereotype straight men). The big secret to making it all better for everyone is to simply let others be and remember to see them as people with their own struggles and challenges. And I did get the video reference…so more than zero is the number who got it! ;)

  4. While I agree with the concept of “heterophobia” I can’t say that I am afraid of becoming one. Certainly the straight guys that Davey has shared in his videos seem to be a fair cross-section of the hetero/straight population. Phillip Fusco, wow, you could see him visibly cringe at the very moment Davey planted one on his left cheek. That’s homophobia, plain and simple. On the other hand, the straight guy that tried on those briefs in yet another of Davey’s videos seemed to be having a blast just trying something new!
    I definitely appreciate that Davey is pushing the boundaries as it were in order to share these things with the gay community. Kudos!
    Peace, out. *kiss* *kiss*

  5. trueBiMan – 99% of Bis end up with men. It’s a proven fact. The ladies want the babies (eventually) and men want the cock (ladies want the cock too…once they realize glass, plastic, rubber etc. is not a suitable substitute, they’ll come back to the real thing).

    Come on…lighten up…I’m j/k!

    (not really…because it’s true)…

  6. I say, don’t leave heterosexuals alone: pursue them, flirt with them, and then fu*k them. My theory is that most heteros are socially conditioned to suppress their homoerotic impulses. I’m just saying…give the straights the space to release their inner homos. Those YouTube videos of the troops singing Call Me Maybe is an example of how it’s becoming cool to “act gay.” Secretly, they love it, and as long as it’s done for the sake of humor, it’s okay. Un Huh.

  7. There is no such thing as heterophobia – only gay Uncle Toms’ will pursue this one. It would be like saying that years ago black people were prejudiced against white people and were too hard on them. The majority is always protected by their mass of numbers. Gays are just starting to get their rights after centuries of oppression, so let’s not get ridiculous and talk about being heterophobic.

  8. @Dave From Canada,
    I don’t think your example of the master/slave relationship holds water. What the white slaveholders most feared were slave revolts, which did occur and were bloody. On most plantations in the South, the slaves were the majority, numerically speaking. I understand your feelings about the oppression of gays may be related to personal experience and I can sympatize with that. I, for one, refuse to bear the cross of past discrimination and oppression. One of the things I love about being gay is our freedom to be transgressive, not only in whom we choose to have sex with, but also in our license to say outrageous things from time to time. If there is any doubt about that, read the posts above. Davey’s heterophobia is something we can play with. I don’t think he posed it as a serious topic for discussion.

  9. I understand the reference. The video “Leave Brittney Alone” was done by Chris Crocker. Who is quite hot I may add!

  10. I think Chipolte has shown the path of wisdom I hope everyone could follow: “Who gives a f***. It’s nap time.”

  11. I jerk off to all your videos…

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