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July 28, 2008
by Davey Wavey

Life without alcohol.

When I was 16, my grandfather pulled me aside at a family gathering in Rhode Island.

My grandfather, then in his late-70s, explained to me that when he was growing up, his father was an alcoholic. Over the course of his childhood, my grandfather witnessed the whole gamut of domestic abuse and violence that can result from the abuse of alcohol. Thus, at a very young age, my grandfather made the decision never to drink.

My grandfather’s life wasn’t easy. He worked 10-hour shifts in mills as a very young child, working the massive looms in dreary, noisy conditions. As a young man, he entered the Air Force, beating the odds in the skies over Europe in World War II. As an adult, he married my grandmother and raised a large family while working long hours to create his American dream.

Through it all, he didn’t drink a drop of alcohol.

And on that summer day when I was 16, my grandfather asked me to do the same. It seemed like an easy decision to make, and it’s been one of the best choices I ever made.

I don’t know if alcoholism is in my genes, but I do know that abstaining from alcohol has it’s benefits: my wallet is fuller, my liver is cleaner, my belly is slimmer and my mind is clearer. It has also helped me forge a different path – a path that I love and enjoy. While many of my friends were partying in college, I was doing yoga, reading, meditating and exercising.

Of course, that’s not to say that everyone who drinks is abusive, unhealthy or overweight; certainly, a drink or two every now and then can be a good thing for many people. It’s just not my path.

It’s also interesting to watch how people react when I tell them I don’t drink alcohol. Often times, people take my choice not to drink very personally – as though it’s a moral judgment about their lifestyle. It’s not. It’s a choice I made about my life, not theirs.

In a gay culture that is often centered around alcohol and partying, in this instance, I prefer to take the scenic route rather than the highway.


  1. Knowing you as you I do, I know you’d never lie to your kids. So tell your kids and it’s a done deal. It may even remove the temptation bit because you’d never be tempted to let your kids down.

  2. Alcholism is a terrible disease. In American many young adults “binge drink”. In my home country of Italy- there is no drinking age. In my family we were permitted is we so chose to drink wine at the age of twelve. To this day I drink one to two glasses of wine everyday. Usually at dinner or in the evenings ony balcony. There are health benefits to drinking
    wine. It’s called the “French Paradox”. Drinking one glass of wine a day for women no more than two for men a day is healthy. Ofcourse any more than this the health benefits come into question. Wine is cancer fighter, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, Slows the progression of Parkinsons and Alhzeimers. Obesity is not from the wine or booze people consume it’s from the food they overeat. Go to France or Italy see for yourselves obesity almost does not exsist. I am not advocatiing anyone to drink. All personal decisions. As I am typing this I count 26 bottles of wine in my apartment, stolen from parents. My parents have a wine vault- not cellar but a vault- it’s is massive around 1500 square feet hundreds of bottles of wine. Not all theirs. The neihbors also store their bottles of wine at parents. I say drink up your brain, heart and body will thank you-but personal choices

  3. Hi
    I am a regular drinker of quater every day that is 160 ml every day and I am very happy no dipression and crap at all . I drink more on weekends may be 720 ml . But i am the most energetic person working in my office no issue


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  5. Hello buddy, can i post articles to your website ? Let me know if you are interested

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  7. this is WACK

  8. Very Good Article. God help us in staying away from this filthy and most dangerous Drug.

    I just want to laugh at the people that think Alcohol in any amounts has Positive effects. I personally like to think Moderate drinkers as Addicts too.. I am a Professional Boxer and follow a very clean life style. The energy and strength I posses Feels way better than when i was a Moderate drinker( which was 2-4 beers every weekend). Alcohol does nothing for the Body … ASK people like “Bernard The Executioner Hopkins” and “Evander Holyfield” Champions at 50 and still going strong. Its because they never touched Alcohol.
    The people who think that alcohol in moderate amounts is good really have never pushed/Tested their bodies to the extent where they can see the difference between “Moderate Drinking” VS “Not drinking at all”.

    Thanks Heaps.

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