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December 3, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Meet Davey Wavey in Person!

For Sam’s doc, post a video response to this video and let him know how my videos have impacted your life. To preview Sam’s documentary, go to http://www.vimeo.com/43922880 and use password “shirtless”.

Huge thanks to Arielle! Watch our video together: http://youtu.be/827wZ82W_EI

London blog buddy meet-up: Piccadilly Circus / Statue of Eros – Wednesday, December 5 at 18:00
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  1. Mother please I just have to see his self just one more year or so! I don’t know how I ended up watching you on YouTube because I never go to YouTube for any reason but I was watching African tribal weirdo sexual funk! I guess that’s what I’d call it! Then your video came in line I clicked and the rest may be history.

    You are so smart and talented! A doll without a shirt! Lots ahead for you not that I’m psychic or anything but you feel a void for gay culture and I’m proud of you!

    I read your blog interview! Scott seemed to not get serious when it comes to relationships! Usually those poor guys need to come out to their family and magically relationships become achievable. Got to love yourself before others can love you.

    I enjoyed meeting your videos and will keep in touch.

    Thank you for being you,

    Claudy the artist

  2. DW-Back to his creative self-and wearing a flannel shirt to boot.gr8 vid-nice marker ink-you make a gr8 pair-that you do.virgins?no.

  3. Davey, you should gauge the interest of other blog buddies about a RV trip accross the country. Think of it, a trip to meet those in Ohio, IL, MO, Nebraska and many other states. You can work from the RV, bring Chipotle along, and create some great memories for yourself, and others.

  4. Oummm… U videos help me by exping my self for how I am and its ok for me to bs Bi and your videos help be com out to som of my flame numbers. U halo me to talk to gays and not to be an frad as will because of u I am know talking ta a 54 year man how loves in NY, like u sad we shod all date an oulder jenraching so I am and it’s working out good if it’s wasn’t fir u I would kills my self be cous I am bi/gay and more I which your videos they help me and my brouth as will he an traine/gay. So thank you Davey Wavey for all u have down for me I am true bles to have this. I love you and all your work keep helping people like me or warso then me thank u and god bles u and all of your loves ones and frands too. Thank u

  5. You are amaising, I would never have the balls to do that.Every day i log onto “Davey Wavey”I know I will hear or see something special.Thanks Davey!

  6. U need to com to MI Davey in D.B.H and see all of us ;-)

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