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March 18, 2013
by Davey Wavey

Message for Straight Guys: No Rights, No P*ssy!

The shortest distance between point A and almost any woman’s vagina are the gay guys that she’s friends with…




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  1. what? seriously? you imagine yourself to decide about any women_’s vaginas? we’ll davey, than you’re just like any other patriarchal man_ on the world. in which century are you gonna get the fact that every women_ alone decides who is getting close to her vagina?
    not to mention your pars pro toto – naming women_ simply “pussys”. disappointing, that you obviously assume yourself to be an nice guy_. you’re NOT, as long as you don’t agree to the radical notion that women_ are PEOPLE. not holes. not subjected. able to judge by ourselves.

  2. And to bring the discussion in the direction of women having some agency *ahem*…

    There’s a long history of women withholding sex as a way of gaining political power. There’s of course Lysistrata – but that’s a fictional account. However many real groups have taken her example and successfully put the idea into action. In 2003 the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace used a sex strike as part of their strategy to end the Liberian Civil war. In the 1970s, the women of the Young Lords Part used it to remove the block against women in leadership positions. In 2006, women in Pereira Columbia engaged in “the strike of crossed legs” to end gang violence in their community. And more recently in the Philippines, a sex strike helped end fighting between two villages and reopen roads and trading routes. Eldridge Cleaver of the Black Panther party commented that the women of his party changed their status in the 70s through “pussy power”.

    Here endeth the history lesson. Also, Davy, weren’t you the one who didn’t want to be thought of as “the gay friend”?

    • According to one historian, the ancient Greeks made no distinction as to homosexual/ heterosexual. To them, the relevant distinction was top/bottom. So much for Lysistrata and her power of witholding.

    • Or, as the late, great Lenny Bruce said (I paraphrase here), “When men are deprived of female sexual partners, such as in a prison setting, they will schtup anything — mud!”

  3. str8 shouldve known that gay guys-at least some get between themselves and women.it happens from time to time.

  4. Well, Davey, who holds the key to your pussy?

  5. Really? A turnstile?

    Wow…. I hope you felt satisfied after posting such a hateful comment.

    While I agree Davey’s choice of words was poor, it IS how some guys view a woman. As nothing more than a place to dump their spunk. SO! Do I agree with his choice of words? No! I do however agree gay people across the globe should have the same rights as straight people.

    And really…. suggesting Davey’s sexual morale is loose, is just idiotic. People like sex. I think you yourself like sex as well, so your words can also apply to yourself.

    Tell me….. why did you initially visit this site? Not because of the messages, I guess… which leaves the view of Davey’s body…. so in fact we might conclude you’re a voyeur.

    And now…. while Davey’s messages appear to lose substance, you’re still visiting…. tell me why?

    So…. can you think of someone who’ll fill the large shoes Davey is currently wearing advocating our rights? Think you’re up for the job? Go into your community and use your anger for a good cause instead of bitching about a choice of words!

    • It sounds to me as if you’re the one with all the anger here.

    • @Nold
      I don’t think Joel J is a voyeur, but I sure as hell am. Also a foot fetishist! What size are those large shoes you refer to? Davey has big feet? Pant, pant, pant.

  6. Hello Davey

    Are you for real in this video ? I have five sister and many friends whom are female and I haven’t got any say in whom they choose to have sex with and they have got any say in whom I have sex with. They either like the person I’m with or they don’t and same goes for them.

    I will tell them, I think the guy they are dating hooking up with is great or a total dic. At the end of the day it’s there life and it’s my life not there’s. Tho I will know they are a true friend if they stick by me, if the shit hit the fan and they help me pick up the pieces as I will do for them. Or if I wish to spend the rest of my life with this person. I will respect them if they don’t like the person whom I’ve chossen to have my life with and I would hope that they could do the same.

    I’m not sure what you are basing this ability to cock block a guy whom is interested in your female friend because at the end of the day if she is interested in them. Then what you have told or suggested about this guy makes you seem some what jealous of what they might have or what they could have.

    Maybe you could do this way. I call shot gun on any guy straight or gay and it means my friends male or female can’t have them because I saw them first, because this is the only some what fun but no for real thing you would have power over.

    I find you curious and would really like to know or explore how you come up with these ideas.

    You are interesting to me.


  7. Have you heard of the the song “same love” it’s by macklemore it’s preety good and it’s about equality hope you like if you haven’t heard yet

  8. Lets all play fair…. Were all equal if you want to be treated the same then let’s start treating everyone equal… That means no “manipulation”.

  9. Let’s set the record straight: it was Davey who introduced the terms “pussy,” “man pussy” and “man.gina” to this blog.

  10. The readiness with which some people jump at the opportunity of taking offence at humour is sometimes overwhelming. Identity for some seems to be defined vis a vis the the statements they choose to be offended by… some of the readers of this blog should masturbate more often.

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