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March 4, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Michael’s Story: Coming Out to Mom and Dad.

Check out Michael’s dramatic coming out story – and, after you do, submit your own via your computer’s webcam. Each week, I pick one story to share on the OutStories YouTube channel.

And easy boys, he’s only 17.

(Don’t act like you weren’t thinking it.)


  1. Ok he is cute, but good to know he’s 17. Though it depends how naughty you were thinking Davey lol.

  2. Simply adorable! I admire you for coming out to your parents at such a young age! I need to but I am so not ready… :(

    • Take your time, Steven. There’s no hurry and you don’t need to take that step until “YOU” are ready, regardless of what others may say or how their own coming out stories may have gone. Hugs and best of luck..

  3. There seem to be some times when making things sexual is not appropriate, when making things sexual detracts from the message. Framing an OutStories video is one of those times.

    And no, this is not one of those times when you get to say “haterz gon’ hate” or one of those times when you get to “be the bigger person” and ignore it.


  4. Muhahaha That amazing moment when you can ignore Davey’s comment about leaving the 17 yr old alone b/c you’re a minor! ***DREAMY!***

  5. im 16 (british) and even i want a slice of that cake :)

  6. Score! I’m 13, step aside gentlemen. He’s mine!

  7. SAME SITUATION except I haven’t actually told them yet. I get that same impulse to tell them and i also think to myself: “this is the night, I’m ready”……I’m 19 so there is still time and they luckily did not see the hickey I had

  8. What a excellent way to end my day by listening to that. It’s good to see such supportive parents.

  9. OMG he is so cute!!

    //a lil about me
    I have always been a really really closed person, but last week i came out to my best friend, and he is so much o.k. with it.. i am happy that i told him..
    i am still not ready to come out to my parents.. but i am so much relieved that at least someone knows about it.. :)

    • Diddo! Your story is exactly mine. I am closed too, but I finally came out to my friend too. Best feeling and moment in my life, ever.

      Lot’s of Love,

  10. i feel so happy for you because you have parents who are cool

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  13. I think its great I know this is a little old now. I’m 22. My mom just text me one day and was like I know your secret, I still love you. Good for you. I think its a good idea to come out to some friends first gives you perspective and readied you for your parents.

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