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December 6, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Naked in New York: Human Graffiti

Davey Wavey asks New Yorkers, “What do you fear?” Please share this on Facebook and Twitter! A special thank you to everyone who was a part of this project!

Also, make sure you answer Sam’s question by Dec. 10 if you want to be in his Davey Wavey documentary: http://youtu.be/aHoZ9V8pJiM?t=2m13s

Thank you to Sam for filming this: http://vimeo.com/samekren

Check Out Today’s Video!


  1. What do you fear? Interesting question and video. The shower at the end of the clip reminded me of the famous shower scene from “Psycho”. Uh-oh. You know what happened there. In fact, I just saw the scene again the other day(to promote the new movie about Alfred Hitchcock). Don’t worry Davey, unless you’ve got Norman Bates living with you, I think you’ll be quite safe, so shower away!
    I’d rather not tell you what I fear. I just enjoyed the video. And now I’m going downtown to hang out with some friends.

  2. Great Video Davey

  3. Amazing and inspirational. I loved the symbolism.

  4. Thank you Davey =)

  5. Very inspirational. What do you fear?

  6. Such a great thing you did Davey!
    Can you write us some of the fears that were written?

  7. Crazy, Davey…and clever. I liked it. (and nice choice with the Aussiebums, too!)

  8. To top this one Davey will have to streak Times Square. Leave your vote below.

  9. Such a powerful, yet silent statement!!! And I cried…you have such courage & conviction, Davey!!! Thank you for doing of what most people dream!!

  10. Favorite part was you washing everybody’s fear down the drain.

  11. Dude, you are really out there. could not believe you did that, you could see everything that you are.

    Well more power too you eh?, maximo

  12. Awesome video! This is the Davey Wavey I subscribed to, with inspirational messages and daring projects.

  13. In line with what Matt said. Some people have criticized you for some of your more recent “fluff” pieces, but this certainly brings it back to the messages that have made you so inspirational for people. Facing a fear, to solicit others’ fears, then carrying those home to wash them away. Powerful. Well done.

  14. Thank you…
    Finally some old skool Davey!
    Davey with substance

  15. Davey!!! It must be so cold there! OMG.

  16. Awesome art. And you are really getting jacked; those pectorals of yours are hot. I like the way your legs are so fit. Using your body as a public canvas and then going around like that was awesome, brave and crazy.

  17. Congratulation Davey Wavey on thus vlog.

    Finding the balances between making something meaningful & mixing it with sex appeal. So that all may find enjoyment.

    It was beautiful that you didn’t use words, but it was made up of words. I thought you might have shared ways to over come one’s fear or address them. As it’s only being words that we place upon ourselves. After all fear is not having knowledge, not understand why we feel like we can’t do it or it stop us. It is an excuse that we give ourselves not to explore it or understand.

    I also thought you might have said or had written words, as you washed the words upon your body down the drain. Fear are easily washed away, because it is “we” whom give the power to the fear. Something of that nature maybe.

    Fear is darkness of not understanding, to over come this. Is to understand to educating ourselves why we fear what we do.

    I fear nothing, because what I don’t understand. I find out why. I am hesitant (instead of fearful) until I feel comfortable with the situation/person or activity.

    I’m not sure that we can live without faer, because it give us reason to over come them. They holds us back until we find away or help to deal with them. “There is no light without darkness”.

    I would like to see another vlog about some fears that were put to your flesh & why people wrote them (if you know). Also it would be nice to share these fears of other, so people could know they are not alone within there fear. Also to gage what basics these stem from.


    P.S I enjoy the way you think. I think I would enjoy sharing/exploring ideas with you.

  18. Davey! Please let us NYC boys know next time you’re visiting! :)

  19. I went to this and wrote that that my fear is what happens after you die, but another fear I had that night was building up the courage to write it on Davey. I kinda of circled around him with the crowd waiting and wondering if I should write. About twenty or so minutes later I made eye contact with Davey and it was obvious that I was avoiding writing on him. I want to thank you, Davey, for calling me out and handing me the marker. I was able to write and it made me feel really good. I am really inspired by you for doing this project!

  20. This has to be your best video. Thank you!
    BTW you have a great body. Are the pecs real?

  21. Because davey bathed for our fears we love him :)

  22. Davy,
    I love your blog but am getting tired of accessing it each day to find nothing new listed. Today is December 12 and your last blog was December 6.

  23. The best video ever!
    Fiquei sem palavras. Você é uma inspiração para mim!

  24. I think what u did was awesome. we all havr fears and ur gesture was reallu human and beautiful. Lol u made me cry.

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