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May 30, 2008
by Davey Wavey

No one can hurt you.

No one can tear you down, unless you give them power over you to do so.

No one can hurt you*, unless you let them.

No one can deflate you, without your permission.

No one can tell your truth, without your okay.

No one can make you angry, unless you give them that ability.

No one can define you, without your authority.

And likewise, no one can inspire you, inflate you, teach you, encourage you or motivate you unless you bestow upon them that power.

Doesn’t it sting, a bit, knowing that all the pain* and all the suffering you ever caused yourself was self-inflicted? Of course, you’re causing that sting, too. Maybe you had to experience the pain and suffering to get to where you are today.

I think about the many times in my life, especially when I was a teenager, when I was angry. Angry at my family, my friends, my boyfriends… A lot of anger. A lot of blame. Today, I look back and realize that it was I who let myself become angry. If someone gives you a gift of their anger, you don’t have to accept it. They can keep it. And they will own it, not you.

You’re invincible. Unless, of course, you choose not to be. Most of us, consciously or unconsciously, make the choice to give away our personal power to people, words, situations, relationships and the like.

Here’s to making choices that invite peace and love into our lives, the lives of the people around us.

*non physically, of course

Today I am grateful for days that are longer than nights, the birds outside my window, the tired, angry lady that I see each morning on my walk and that won’t say hi back to me, penises, and frozen hot chocolate.


  1. YOU have taught me, inspired me, empowered me, and lifted me up. thank you

  2. Davey..I have found this to be very true in my life..

    In posting to your blog I have received some very harsh stings. I brought this on myself, but I am also proud that I spoke some truth.

    Others have felt other wise.

    God bless

    • “Truth” is a very subjective term. Each person has their own, and it’s usually unique. Even in organized religion like Christianity, you’ll find that each practitioner holds their own individual beliefs. We can’t help it, after all. We’re all human, and that makes us different.

      In your case, this is the truth as you know it. It’s yours, and therefore it’s a glorious and wonderful one. Just because my truth is different from yours, it doesn’t make your truth anymore or less right (even though we’ll both think the other is wrong.)

      The point to this whole thing is that there is no one truth so long as the individual’s perception is his own. 8 year-old Virginia O’Hanlon in 1897 sent a letter to a newspaper, frankly asking if there was such a thing as Santa Claus. I felt the columnist who responded to her gave the best possible answer: It didn’t matter whether there was a physical one or not, so long as she believed… Because that made him real.

      So Mike In Dallas. If you’re trying to change the truth’s of others, I can go ahead and tell you that you’re not going to find much success. Imagine someone trying to make you completely renounce your convictions and beliefs? You just wouldn’t simply change like that.

      If you’re going to have any luck with this crowd, I feel the best thing you can do is continue to post what you believe, but stop being closed off to the truth’s of others. Consider why others believe what they do… try and learn from them rather than instantly shoot them down. It’s all Give-and-take. Practice both of these (not just one!) and you’ll be met with better reception at the least.

      Finally, you should recognize that if anyone feels like being drawn to change, it will be from listening to your beliefs, considering why they might work, and deciding to give it a try. Not from undergoing a lengthly, condescending sermon.

    • I don’t have a reply to your comments, but thank you for reading all of my replies..

    • Don’t mention it. I already know all the stuff Davey talks about, so it’s not like I come here to read what he has to say ;)

    • I think I love Tom! now wasn’t that easy!

    • Dwight David…I am glad you are happy…bless your heart..


    • Tom: I’m impressed… the State department should hire you or something. If you can get MID and DD to play nice with eachother – imagine what you could do with the Sunnis and the Shia. :-D

    • I remain the opposition party in a bi-chameral government system, peace, but no peace, love, but no love, the king died in 1776 and may he remain forever dead! No king of heaven and no king of hell, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…the “American Way” thank GOD!

    • Hahaha, Thank you very much for the vote of confidence! Helping the worlds cohesion would be a dream come true… Unfortunately, I’m way too honest to be successful in politics. I’ll opt for art instead.

  3. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    No one can make you feel inferior without your permission

    E. Roosevelt

    • That’s what I looked for… I have it in french.

    • J’aime la neige, personne ne peut
      te minusculer sans l’aide de toi-meme! Je ne parle point le bon francais!

  4. Davey,

    I have known these things to be true since I started reading your blog. How did you know I needed a reminder today?

    Enjoy this beautiful day!

  5. I love that you mention the lady who never says hi. There is a guy who works at the Starbucks here and everyday he seems in a bad mood. I was take the time to call him by name and good morning, or hi or anything to try to get him to respond or at least smile.

    A few days ago, I walked in and wasn’t paying attention. I ordered my drink, picked it up and started to head out when a voice said, “What? Can’t say good morning today?” I turned to find my moody Starbucks boy with a smile talking to me.

    I smiled and back and said, “I knew I could break you!”

  6. btw, i am currently in Ohio right nao… i dont knoe where is rhode island btw… hehehe…

  7. What you wrote above is very true.

    But the fact that because we are human beings and with feelings, it is near impossible for us to have complete control of our emotions.

    I want to be invincible, but would I become a heartless beast if the day comes?

    • You’re setting up limits for yourself by believing it’s impossible. It’s not, you can do this. Also the fact that you don’t want to become heartless would ensure it wouldn’t happen, so long as you stuck by yourself.

  8. Nice…thanks!

  9. So very true, in every word, we have the ultimate power to create and to destroy, most importantly ourselves. Be it through giving someone power over us, or allowing someone to tear us down, it is our choice to stand up and be proud of who we are, who we want to become, and now, more than every, we should realize that it is those people in our lives who love us most that matter most.

    Davey Wavey, can I borrow that big sexy brain of yours someday to educate some of my students about life. You are wonderful and I lift you up and celebrate your life and how it touches everyone who “allows” you to.

    Have a beautiful Friday!

    Ciao – J

  10. You know Davey, that is so true. I read it twice and I can picture you each morning saying hi to that lady and I bet, one day she will say hi back!

  11. Dear Davey–This post speaks to one of my daily struggles—to understand and accept my own power and responsibility concerning how I react to what other people say and do, and to other daily life events.

    You have expressed it beautifully (no shock there!). I’m so glad you gave me this reminder, because I am having an especially crappy and stressful day concerning something very important in my life!


  12. That is so true. i thought of that myself recently.
    p.s. im grateful for penises too

  13. Sorry, but this is my first can of worms and the new option is certainly that. I am getting everything in my charity cup, including wooden nickles and I don’t take them. I may be agora-phobic, fear of the open market place challenged by new and old ideas all around me and immediate responses. Thank you GOD the Greeks have a word for everything! I love Greeks! agape tous allous!

    • Dwight David…may I please ask the meaning of “agape tous allous”…agape is love, but please explain tous allous?

    • agape = love [GOD's love for his children]
      tous = to the
      allous = others or love to us, all o’[f] us!

    • thank you Dwight David

  14. I love this entry. It’s contagious!

  15. I agree. I had a really stressful day in work yesterday…and it was all my fault. I dont feel guilty though, it’s how I made it and that’s that!


  16. This was VERY timely. It was read right at the perfect time…I almost gave someone power over me…but thanks to you, I’m simply not going to accept that “gift”. THANKS DAVEY WAVEY!

  17. Hello,

    It’s a good philosophy that i can not so easily practice, you surely know why but i promise you, i’ll try and do my best. I read your post of June, 4th 2007, seen under this angle, nothing can affect me, it’s true but Buddha and I are two differents species. In fact, when i’m angry against someone, my appearance is always calm particularly when i react but the inside is really boiling….

    Ps : i know you will be interested, when i can’t watch a reportage on tv, i can watch on internet, it’s Arte and you have 2 language options : german or french.



  18. Today, I am also thankful for penises. Who am I kidding? I’m thankful for penises every day.

    • I too am thankful for the penis, especially mine ^_^

    • penis gratitude is common among penis possessors especially a nice long uncut penis like yours and mine [is 6.5 inches with impressive girth and stamina [staying power, 3hrs and 57minutes one time, then I masterbated, no 4 hrs max. and medical emergency care for me] I love to have fun with you and it!

  19. You are very wise…….

  20. Hi all,

    The old lady who doesn’t say Hi, reminded me of a short tale as well.

    When I started work at a local bakery while in College, I was introduced to the rest of the staff. One girl however didn’t say Hello back. She was mentally and socially challenged, but that didn’t stop her from making the most delicious cookies on the planet.

    However, no one could really get her to smile or laugh. Nothing makes a shift go as fast as a little laugh, so I took it upon myself, as my mission to make her smile.

    After several failed attempts at open communication I knew I had to try a different approach.

    While eating an apple one day, during break, I noticed she always made her cookies the exact same way. Always in even numbers, 12, 24, 48, etc.

    So, I had an idea. I slowly walked over to her, looked at the lovely cookies she had just baked and took one, took a little nibble from it and placed it back.

    She looked up at me with wide eyes and a funny smile that said “ooooh, you’re not supposed to do that.” Then I broke the cookie in half, took the part I nibbled on and gave her the other half. She looked around, over her shoulders and ate the cookie with a smile that made me giggle and then she started to giggle.

    I gave her a wink and walked away.

    The next day, while on my break, I noticed the 13 fresh cookies she had taken from the oven. One of them, laid to the side, waiting to be nibbled on, broken in half and shared.

    She never did speak, but we certainly had a giggle each day while enjoying that delicious extra cookie.


  21. There are reasons people feel anger and pain. In part it’s because we accept it, but I don’t think that’s the most important reason. We feel pain and anger because we want things to be some way or another, and if we don’t fully feel those things, how can we discover what’s important to us? Pain shows us what we want to avoid, to not to do. Anger blossoms from our desires, our will.

    You might think the world would be better if people never felt these things. I think you’d be wrong.

  22. Evang! So it is!

    I too am thankful for my penis, especially the foreskin. Gerth and length can be fun but there’s always more to it with foreskin.

    Big hugs to Mike in Dallas, and all y’alls.

    Be well,

    • confirming your foreskin pride, pity the penis without it and the damage to body, mind, and soul! atrocious child abuse!

  23. thank you! thank you! thank you!

    every word you say, or in this case type, is inspiring and uplifting! you truly help others to see the beauty and joy in life!

    peace and love, darling!

  24. Then why do you come here?

  25. Beautiful!! Just what I needed!

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