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January 3, 2013
by Davey Wavey

Pole Dancing: Davey Wavey Vs. Haley Star!

Who worked the pole better: Davey Wavey or Haley Star? Let us know in the comments below! Check out Haley’s behind the scenes video: http://youtu.be/KXxKPE3E3G4

Special thanks to JM Kennedy Pole Dancing and Fitness for letting us use their studio! http://www.jmkennedyentertainment.com
Check Out Today’s Video!


  1. This is soo cool, but i’d have to give the odds to davey – Hayley looked like she was struggling little at times :)

  2. As you say, you two are both Winners! Davey were good to be Davey, Haley was good to be Haley:)! (Davey did win in beiing sexy!) Haha

  3. Haley Star was more sexy, but I have to give it to Davey because his ass crack was out there for all to see in that last swing around the pole.

  4. Because of his strength, I would have to give this one to Davey. I should also mention that a lot more of the video time was of Davey on the pole, so perhaps that weights things towards you more, Davey, and gives you an unfair advantage in the voting process!

    Otherwise, a fun and great video. Thanks!

  5. Wow Davey, sure looks like you were kicking butt with the pole dancing. Really cool.

  6. I am afraid that I am prejudiced. Before I started watching, I felt sure that Davey would win and I was right!

  7. Swinging Richard’s in North Miami Beach would probably hire Davey, but they dance naked.
    Haley, well there are other venues I guess.

  8. I have to say that Davey wins. How could I not with his own pole in those tight golden shorts mashed up against that long , hard, dance pole.

  9. Haley was subtle and subsequently had more of a sexual overtone…she won.

  10. Your both winners! Davey was just better. Lols :D

  11. You’re both good but Davey’s butt cleavage pushed him to the top, by just a little.

  12. I am giving my vote to Davey … He really worked that pole , but I think he’s had more practice with poles than Haley ! :-) I have a pole he would love to work , I’d post a pix, but it’s X rated LOL

  13. Davey, hands down.

  14. God – I love you two! We’re all winners! xoxo

  15. Davey was way better than hayley star

  16. I think I vote Haley, because the most of the time we coukd the sexy davy but we coudn’t see haley a lot so I vore Haley

  17. I got such a hard on when Davy slid down that pole!

  18. Shit dude! Thats not the first time for u! Wow. U r good mr. Wavey

  19. @jose: DaveyWavey has also “worked” for Treasure Island Media. Take a look at him topping (the cross tattoo is fake): http://barebackbastards.com/media/18192/The_bottom_begs_for_more_cum/)

  20. All of you are wrong. When Davey Wavey and Haley Star have a pole dancing competition, the audience wins!

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