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September 9, 2010
by Davey Wavey

Sniffing Taylor Lautner’s Balls. [Video]

If space is an illusion, then the conclusion is inescapable – watch the video below to find out:

Everything is one; so let’s replace our us Vs. them mentality with a little more love.


  1. So…give love a try. I will when ill find it.
    love you too Davey!

  2. This was both awesome and funny!

  3. Yeah. WE ARE ALL ONE!! Give love and you will find LOVE!

  4. I love that you keep coming back to the idea of 1ness. I feel this way too but my friends and family don’t. Glad to see i’m definately right and not alone.
    Here’s a thought for you, (sorry if i’ve said this one before on another blog) Every seven years all the carbon atoms in your body are replaced through natural processes like breathing and eating. So some of the carbon i your body was once in someone elses. Taken to the same conclusion you’ve gone to, in seven years time your nose could contain the same atoms that were once in Taylor Lautners private area and visa versa.

  5. Love you Davey, but please don’t put an apostrophe after the heart. The plural of heart is hearts, not heart’s. Jxxx

  6. love you and your blog videos and hope you have more contests soon.

  7. …everybody’s an english instructor! (Jxxx) :)

    “Whether ‘Tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    And by Opposing them…
    End Them.” ~ Billy Bad Ass Shakespeare

  8. This reminded me of all those people who say “There is no I in we.” I always beg to differ. We are all I’s in we. If we were not whole separate entities then our sum would be less than one.

    If we do not realize ourselves and bow to the demands of others we are not a whole and certainly can not add our potential to a greater whole.

    We are all in this together. Our existence is a unity of magnificent separate worlds combined by a common thread. A tapestry if you will.

    Live your life, be who you can be, and realize all actions resonate through the thread. Good and bad, can enslave or free us.

    So be! If you are whole then we are whole.

    Peace to you all,


  9. Well if that’s the case, I wish Taylor would quit shaving his balls, I want to grow a beard for the winter.

  10. augh! Now that you said that, My OCD-ness wishes it to be correct!

    Sad thing is, I probably would have done that too!

  11. when you know theres a mistake, it literally hurts not to try and fix it! (its not intended to be snarky, just logically correct)!

  12. there’s….not theres…. :) …. just saying.

  13. For some reason the chorus to “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical came to my mind. But anyway…I totally agree with you Davey and I actually wrote a poem about it titled “We are One” which says basically the same thing. It was actually inspired by the movie “Avatar”…btw I <3 Taylor Lautner

  14. You’re drawing. Haven’t seen you do that in awhile. You still drawing & painting at all?

  15. The concept that “we are all one” is very heart warming but, for me, it falls into the same category as, “God loves us just the way we are”. Another heart warming concept but delusional unless tangible proven.

    Davey Wavey holds us together as one on this blog much like a spiritual elder holds his congregaton together. But, as soon as one moves and leaves the fold chances are they are history to most.

    Where is the tangible oneness here other than sexual orientation and the sharing of good points of view?

  16. Dave,

    I’m here, I’m listening. What do you need?

    I believe in what I post here and try to back my words up in life. Maybe we in the GLBT community don’t use the term much anymore but we are all “family”.

    Your fellow blog buddy,


  17. it’s, not its. Ditto.

  18. Thanks T,

    I’m a little busy right now. I’m a beekeeper and need to get into the hives today.

    Let me ponder what I need; what a great question. Need vs. want….

    When you think of it our needs are minimal; food, shelter and stuff. Our needs get confused with wants which fuels our economy, gets some of us in trouble with credit cards and finds us in th position of smelling someone’s balls.

    Is smelling someone’s balls a need or a want? Now that’s an interesting question.

    I’ll get back to you….



  19. By jove, I think he’s got it figured out. lol

    This is how I handle road rage, believe it or now. I used to get VERY frustrated with those on the roads here in Dallas; some are on your butt, trying to push you out of the way while others are barely moving along in front of you. It “can” be quite frustrating; especially, the time when this guy pulls out in front of me on the feeder road to I-75, diagonally, and just STOPS(!!)

    I can choose to be affected by it and get mad, or simply dismiss them as other versions of myself. If I do the latter, I’m more inclined to recognize that they’re probably having “bad days” or are dealing with situations that may “seemingly” be beyond their control, so they are only doing the best that they can. (In the case of the guy who stopped in the middle of the feeder road, I told my passenger, “That must be the version of me that had been raised from the ‘short bus’” and we both just had a chuckle and went around ‘silly me.’

    This kind of thinking does introduce some rather scary things, as well, because you have to acknowledge that just as you are [hopefully] this ‘nice guy’ — all those in the world who represent everything you hold in disdain; the terrorists, rapists, murderers, etc. are “other versions” of yourself — and that may be difficult to stomach. (And I’m CERTAINLY NOT saying we should laugh at or dismiss such people.)

    Just giving you a different way of looking out at the world. We are all unique but at the same time we are, each one of us, facets of the same single manifestation of life.


  20. @ jim : OMG! Do I sense a fellow retired English teacher? I usually see folks correcting blog entries for spelling and syntax as somewhat frustrated to the point of just having to get back into the role of the teacher. That being said I might just add my 2 cents worth. The English language is the entire property of those who use it. No “Académie de la langue anglaise, s’il vous plaît”. Usage is what makes it right and so vibrant. Not dictionaries. Not teachers. And, as with all things, it changes! So I Davey wants to use an apostrophe to indicate plural, and we all understand what he meant, that is perfectly fine and dandy with this old pedant.
    “Language is that thing that lives on the tips of the tongues of those who speak it.” I would add, “on the tips of the fingers”, as well. Ain’t it sick?

    Keep smiling, dude, and don’t forget, we’re all ONE!

    Be well,

  21. Dave,

    I’ll check back. :)

    Now about the question. It’s most definitely a want. There is no biological need so it would be a want. LOL


  22. Wow. What an amazing feeling of family this posting has engendered.

    @Dave the beekeeper : Hey, man, I used to do that, too. Mind expanding to watch a hive do its wonder. Hugs and honey sweet kisses.

    @ T : I love good listeners, and good watchers. You are a super buddy.

    @ MichaelM : By Jove? How ’bout by Shiva? Just wanted to share with you my father’s first car lesson. As I was about to turn the key for the first time, he said, “Just remember one thing: the idea is to get where you want to go without hitting any one or any thing, or getting hit yourself by some one else. The next thing is that everyone out there on the road is a raving maniac and you are the worst one because now you know this and you’re still out there with them.” Great to know we’re all raving maniacs out there. One great big family!

    @Davey Wavey : You are getting better with age. Can’t wait til you get some gray hair… on your balls. Love you, bunches.

    Be well,

  23. Michael,

    I think my post further up covers that. It all resonates through the thread. We can choose to send good things or be consumed with things and send bad.

    Since most of humanity is not a complete person our sum comes out to be less than one. We are a work in progress. :)


  24. Zut, flut and caca buddha! After politically correct we now need to be grammatically correct. Youse guys, lighten up on the key stroke slip-ups.
    After all as Professor Higgins said, “The French don’t really care what you have to say, as long as you pronounce it correctly.” Tcheeesh! Que viva, los pedantos!

    Too nice a day…I’m going out out play.

    Be well,

  25. I try but I am human and have my days. But thank you. :)

  26. The name of this blog is, “Break the Illusion”, yet, it seems like there is much discussion about perpetuating the illusion.

    I’ve done a lot to perpetuate the illusion but not finding it very sustaining.

    The stories of my life (sexual abuse as a kid, the issues of being gay, friends and partner dying of AIDS)have helped me go beyond the mainstream box whether it’s gay or just being human.

    I’ve owned cool stuff; houses, vacation house on the ocean, plane, camper, etc. and sold most when I realized it wasn’t sustaining. The things were just something egoic to show everyone in my life how successful I was.

    I suppose a nice big pulsating cock up the ass might be nice (if you are a bottom) but doesn’t it get old after awhile.

    I think the want in my life is seeking something sustaining and not seeking the eternal buzz. Are we all just the gay equivent of “more, better, different?”. Is that the illusion? When are we going to talk about breaking it and not perpetuating it?

  27. Dave,

    I think life is best when it’s at it’s simplest. Spending time with friends and family, having a picnic with your love, or even just relaxing watching the wonder of life unfold around you.

    I do believe the illusion is our belief we need anything more than the basics. That’s when the want comes in.

    Love, love of friends, love of family, love of that special someone, even love of life. That is our most essential need.

    The more conditions we put upon it usually leads to more discontent. It’s a hard lesson to learn and it’s ok to fumble. It’s just getting back up and continuing to try that’s important.

    You and I are not so different in life story. I do understand pain and the rough journey of discovery it brings. I’ve known desire for bigger things to find they are not so satisfying as I thought.

    Live, love, forgive. Now and then throw caution to the wind and enjoy fun. :)


  28. T,

    Thank you for your support. So, what is your story? What experience have you come from that has propelled you into so much wisdom and awareness? How have your survived?

    You can directly reach me at minivandriver@charter.net if you want to communicate away from this blog.

    Otherwise, I await your response,


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