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October 19, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Spirit Day on Thursday: 7 Ways to Participate!

The rainbow flag is a defining symbol for LGBT people, but it’s the purple stripe that we’ll celebrate in a special way tomorrow. Purple is said to be symbolic of spirit – and so, in support of the LGBT bullying victims and to raise awareness, a very purple Spirit Day was born.

Thursday, October 20, 2011 will mark the second Spirit Day observance. Despite only being two years old, Spirit Day has garnered a great deal of attention thanks to GLADD, some high profile celebrities and the hundreds of thousands of participants like YOU!

Want to be a part of Spirit Day? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Join countless celebrities and people all across this country by wearing purple.
  2. Shade your Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ picture purple.
  3. Tweet with the hashtag #SpiritDay.
  4. Ask your company or school to turn their website purple for the day.
  5. Talk about Spirit Day on your Tumblr or blog.
  6. Upload a YouTube video about bullying.
  7. Change your desktop background to purple – and explain to your coworkers and friends why.

Spirit Day is all about showing support and increasing awareness. As we reach a critical mass of attention, it becomes easier to push the legislation that we so urgently need (i.e., 32 states don’t have laws protecting kids from bullying).

Let me know how you’ll be participating in Spirit Day through the comments below!


  1. Nice banner for Spirit Day!

    • Thanks! For visitors that come to Break the Illusion more frequently, they may need to refresh the page or empty their cache a few times to see it. Glad you like it!

  2. Here in the UK I am all for not just raising awareness about bullying for LGBT people but also the straight community. Bullying is harder to spot now adays with the wonderful invention of the internet and the woeful manipulation of it. So I plan to be looking up a few statistics tonight (after work) and putting them into a video tomorow. Then I will add another little video with just some random people from my essex town :) just to see how much is known about suiside in young teens and how it can be prevented. Should be interesting if the camera batteries charge in time.

  3. I’ll be turning my Facebook Cover and Desktop Purple for spirit day tomorrow!! RIP to all of the teenagers who can’t be with us today!!

  4. This time last year I was preparing for an important day, the first Spirit Day, here in the UK. At that time I was an openly gay student at my high school and lots of friends (and even teachers) joined in in wearing purple last year when I told them about the meaning behind Spirit Day.
    I was deeply saddened by the incidents which brought around Spirit Day and I decided rather than just blogging or wearing purple I would also be pro-active in combating homophobia in my High School.
    So although Spirit Day signifies remembrance of those who tragically have lost their lives, to me, it also signifies the first day of my year-long school-based campaign against homophobia. I tackled staff meetings and teacher training days with presentations and statistics, all of which i did on my own.
    And now a year on Teacher’s openly and more confidently tackle homophobia in the classrooms, supportive pro-gay posters are up around the school and sexual orientation finally has the protected status it should have in the schools Anti-Bullying Policy, which i reviewed and amended under supervision.
    I believe that Spirit Day is not just for remembrance, but also to inspire us. To inspire us to stop this from happening to anyone else and to help the situations of so many students not just here in the UK, or in the USA but in the entire world.

  5. Okay, so tomorrow Im gonna shade my Twitter and Facebook profile picture, I’ve already set my purple desktop. And Im certain that Im gonna wear Purple and that Im gonna mention the Spirit Day in my blog and in my Twitter. That’ all I can do.

  6. I’ll be wearing purple, Making my profile photo purple, Tweeting #SpiritDay & Mentioning Spirit day on my Vlog and my Tumblr….

    Rest In Peace to all the beautiful teenagers that can’t be with us ♥

  7. I had an associate who became depressed and felt suicidal (I have no friends) so he telephoned the suicide hot line.

    The answering service for the hot line was in Pakistan.

    In the conversation regarding his depression, he said, “I also feel like killing myself.”

    They responded, “Can you drive a truck?”

  8. I’ve dyed my dog purple for spirit day and will be walking around spreading the word :D

  9. I am going to wear purple tomorrow I’m going to tell all my friends to wear purple and I will shade my facebook purple.

  10. My entire GSA, as well as many of my friends, are wearing purple tomorrow! I told my parents as well and they both agreed to wear purple to work. I’ve tweeted, facebooked and tumbled the link to get people involved. I’m totally thrilled, seeing as purple is my favorite color :)

  11. Wearing my purple shirt and tie tomorrow! The LGBT kids need support….. no matter what position one holds. They are precious in Gods sight. Being a closeted guy in his 50s I support the these precious ones.

  12. I don’t own any purple clothing because I am a totally dull person in my color likes, so I have made a sort of “fascinator” head thingie out of purple ribbon. I teach college, so this might get interesting.

    My daughter is going to be wearing purple at her high school. She’s amazingly lucky–her school has very few bullying issues. It is a diverse and supportive community and the “out” students, many of whom are her friends, are the “go to” people for fashion and party-planning advice. (a little tongue in cheek there) But the attitude overall is of “yay, more diversity!”

    I have spoken to the principal and many students trying to identify what it is that makes this regular public school different but we don’t have any answers yet–wish we did.

    My heart breaks that it is too late to save some of these kids.

  13. Nice picture of Wavey Davey,

  14. I belong to gay lunch club, and we do have many gay places in Palm Springs, but tomorrow just happens to be at a gay friendly straight restaurant, and i have sent emails to all members to wear something purple. I do have three purple shirts, so will wear one and bring the other two, if some one shows in pink :-) . Thanks for all you do Davey, hug and kiss. Jerry

  15. im wearing purple thurs-and im not even a Minnesota Vikings Football Fan.

  16. You can also show support everyday of the year by wearing a rainbow wristband from The Rainbow Delegation! Check them out on the web http://www.rainbowdelegation.org. They give out free wristbands around the world to be a visual support system to the LGBT community.

    Davey, I would love to see you wear one! Please email me and I will personally send you one! It is a great cause with over 80,000 wristbands sent worldwide and stories are pouring in from youth and adults around the world who have living a happier life because of the simplicity of a wristband.

    - Justin

  17. I went to lunch at Bread Co. (Panera Bread for those outside of STL) and was having lunch in my purple shirt and purple tie to show it gets better. While having lunch two ladies walk in and I over hear one say to the other “He is probably gay, they all wore purple today at the office.” so without saying a word to them, I stood up and waited in line behind them, after the ordered I stepped up to the cashier and paid for their lunch and as they stood in shock, I said “God loves you the same way he loves me and I love that I was able to do something good for someone who cannot see the good in others.” when the manager heard this he walked over to me and asked me why would I offer to pay for their lunch. I explained the whole campaign and the non-profit that I have recently started called The Forever Foundation, and he was blown away. He then told me that for every person who is wearing purple he would buy their lunch today until 2:00pm. Amazing how the two ladies made waives with their comment, but I mad a hurricane with my actions. We are proof that it does get better, and it gets better one person at a time, sometimes over lunch. Wear your purple proud and it will get better! Thank you Davey Wavey for being a great supporter of so many amazing things!

  18. I wish we didn’t have to have a day to combat hatred. Perhaps if we showed more compassion daily, things would indeed get better. I urge people to combat prejucice, even the actions they exhibit towards others, more openly — always.

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