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April 16, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Straight Guys Need Butt Lovin’, Too.

When I think about the innumerable straight men out there that will never know the pleasures of putting something up their bum, it makes me want to cry. They’re missing out on one of the most amazing and intense experiences that a guy can have.

And indeed, I can’t help but wonder how many fewer wars, conflicts and atrocities we’d have if more straight guys embraced the pleasures of the prostate – instead of worrying that it makes them “too gay.”

Obviously, a talky blog is in order. Via my second YouTube channel, check out today’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek video.


  1. You’ve got a great point, honestly.

    Also, loving the Ellen underwear! :D

  2. I liked the points you made in the video. However, I think your video would be much more convincing if you had demonstrated proper techniques!

  3. Davey, I’m willing to give it a try but only if you’ll show me personally!

  4. “The World would be a better place if straight guys shoved stuff up their ass” I loved that and it made me smile.

  5. Davey, I guess you’d call me one of your straight and but still pro gay viewers. You bring up some interesting points, but all I keep circling back to is – I have no idea how to do that? And how do I ask my girlfriend to go in there?

    • You start with your own finger, lubed with your own spit all by yourself alone. That way you won’t have to combine the reactions of another person with your own sensations. Just explore the feelings. Discover what it feels like. You already know the feelings of something passing out through that space. The feeling of the same space being used for the reverse movement is one of potentially great pleasure, but go slowly, use lots of lube and don’t use soap, might sting or irritate. You can wash abundantly later, when you’re done playing. It is play. You can combine exploring this with masturbation. Enjoy.

    • Greg answered your first question. And to the second one: I can’t advise you how to ask your girlfriend, but you would be surprised how many girls would be willing to explore that with their boyfriends and are just afraid that it would seem “too gay” for them. I hope you find the right way to ask your girlfriend and have a great experience.

  6. Davey: Your video was very witty, thought-provoking and funny, as usual. Just recently, I had a physical check-up from my doctor and when he put his finger up my bum to check out my prostate gland, it felt GOOD – all tingles and nice. I’m older then you and I can assure you that many straight men ARE very curious about anal intercourse – they want someone to play with their bum. I have had so many come-ons(no pun intended) from straight men that I have lost count. What you just said outwardly, they are thinking inwardly. Men are very sexual creatures and they like to experiment – and they do. After posting this video, if you have straight men banging your door down(again, no pun intended) don’t be surprised.

  7. Let’s face it ( and I am going get SO much flack for this.) God wrote the human owner’s manual. What if he intended men to get pleasure, ah, up there. Who are we to say?
    I find it a double standard that with women more things are possible with sex and men go “Not there!”
    Forget about that’s its too gay and just go for the pleasure. Like I should talk. 54 years old and still well I hate the “V” word. Just once! Let me feel it just once. Okay, maybe a few more times to get used to it. Well, I did experiment with ah, replicas but I’ll leave it at that. Too much work by yourself.
    I think about these “straight” actors doing adult gay films. They talk about their girlfriends and then end up well, all cocked up. Just say you enjoy it and leave it at that. In my mind sex is about mutual pleasure and has nothing to do with doing things that are “too gay”. Just enjoy yourself. (I am going off for a little cry now.)

  8. “how many fewer wars, conflicts and atrocities we’d have”
    A little bit too big hyperbole, don’t you think?

    Essentially I agree wit you.

  9. Davey, I’ve heard of guys who can cum simply by having their prostate touched (either by a finger or by a cock, dildo, etc.), but when I’ve used my finger to massage mine, I don’t feel anything. Even when a dick has touched it, I don’t feel any stimulation. So while I know it’s necessary to function sexually, I am sad to say I have never gotten the extra pleasure from mine that I was expecting. Do you think it’s the same thing as how stimulating some body parts totally turns-on some guys, but leaves others just sitting there? This one has always puzzled me….

  10. Were you on the ellen show and i missed it? how’d you get those ellen trunks?

  11. Hahaha “it’s not gay if your girlfriend sticks her fingers up your ass. It’s gay if I stick my fingers up your ass.”

    That was hilarious. Also I don’t quite understand how there will be less robberies… Ur so funny.

  12. Yes, I agree with Eric and the above, please give us a demonstration & take off the Ellen underwear.

  13. sounds like you have your head up your ass on this one……

  14. Same thing could be said of using alcohol and/or recreational drugs in moderation. To each his or her own.

  15. I have a girl friend of mine who told us about how she had stuck a tied up sock on a knot up her boyfriend’s bum one night during sex and she pulled it out just as he was about to cum. now he is one of the straightest homophobic guys i know…

  16. Faggot!!!!!!!!!

    • @Ihatepenis
      By all means tell us what you don’t hate. Rest assured, we are dying to know.

  17. Wow Mister “Ihatepenis”. Very mature of you to waste your own time to go out of the way and insult something that could potentially be very pleasurable. I hope that you someday learn that it’s okay to hate the gay community but to waste your time on a gay blog and call someone as great and smart as Davey Wavey a “Faggot!!!!!!!!” is just wrong and stupid. Now to be rude I hope someone slips you a roofie and you get AIDs! Have a good evening, bitch!

    • Not worth responding to it. People do that type of thing to provoke a response. The best one is to let his ignorance stand on its own,

  18. Someone left the screen door open. There’s an annoying fly in here. Well, it will go away. Some people is always throwing stones at the hornets nest and laughing as the result. I agree ignore them (which, d*mn it I am not doing. Rats!)

    Butt (sorry) Davey “Tongue in Cheek video?” Was that on purpose? And think of it, if this pleasure was more widely known “Go “F” yourself” might result in the answer “What a good idea!”

  19. One of the best videos ever, love it.

  20. LMAO! O’h I don’t know what to even say about this except I love how your mind works…LMAO
    O’h man did I need that after today!

    I am a top and have yet to experience that. I’ll have to try that when I have some done time :)

  21. Feels great, but I always feel bad about wasting carrots like that

  22. Never mind them, let’s have it all to ourselves. Yey! XD

  23. Sorry davey tried it once from my bf , and it was terrible … he was very gentle and easy going in but it was HORRIBLE

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