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May 23, 2010
by Davey Wavey

talky blog: Answers to your questions with WILL!

A few days, I asked you to submit your questions. Today, I answered a few with a special guest – Will! Remember him? Die-hard blog buddies will remember my videos with Will from 2007 and 2008. Two years later, Will still looks 13. Enjoy!


  1. Coolt ;)

  2. go for it

  3. Pissed Off
    At the bottom of each of Davey’s blogs, there is a thumbs up, LIKE button. I pressed this the other day, and then noticed much later that on my Facebook page, wall and profile, that there was a message for all my followers to see, that I liked the ‘name of the blog’ from Davey Wavey and it had a double link to his page and to the blog. This was most disconcerting, that there is a unknown link from this website to my Facebook. Another scary thing is, that I use an alias here, but it found its way to my Facebook account that does not use the same name!! Anyone who clicked on the link on my wall would see that I was following a ‘gay website’; there are some people I do not want to know about this.

    This is a very scary thing, and I don’t know how to correct it, except that I will never press the LIKE button again, anywhere. Davey Wavey is automatically linked to Facebook through the LIKE button! Be aware.

    Anyway, great talky blog with Will, but I won’t press the LIKE button.

  4. Go to privacy settings on FB and click on Bio and then Custom Edit and choose Only Me…..that should do it. This happened to me too.

  5. omggggg itss will im a huugeeeeeeee fan omg this has totally made my day~~~~~ will i love u x 10000000000

  6. you can change this in your Facebook privacy settings

  7. I love Will! So funny. was kind of dissapointed about the amount of questions answered. Next time you should leave out the nonsence talking.

    other than that, I love it. I always do.

    Much love.

  8. Its WILL!!!

  9. so thaaaaaats why you named her Chipotle… koolness :P oh, and I kept my shirt off all day yesterday, coz i wanted to see how it felt =D it feels very “free”. im proud of myself lol.

  10. I would be much more interested in seeing Will take his shirt off!

  11. I don’t think you need your naked torso or sex to sell, Davey. Your appeal lies in your open, friendly face, your total candor, good humor and your kindness and optimistic out look – at least those are the qualities that appeal to me and why I read your blog daily.

  12. He still looks good but fact of life Davey, sorry but you are getting older. Will you still be makki when the wrinkles start?
    Grey hair might suit you though.

  13. will is sooo good looking omg i wonder if i will ever meet him i will just DIE. DIE DIE DIE!!!!

  14. …if you could only bottle and sell “the essence” of Will… **sigh** ….

  15. Awww… we missed you Will. Wish you’d do some more reg blogs with Davey. Last time you were just getting into your stride in them when you disappeared from BTI blogs. Come back soon matey – we love you :-)


  16. Noooo!!! This can’t be the last talky blog with Will. You two look so cute together!

  17. Six pack?
    Why have a six pack when you can have the whole keg?

  18. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    If he decided to start wearing shirts or became the 80 year old man that goes to bed at half 10 like he said before, I would still religiously read every post made.

    And are you sure Will didn’t just step in a time machine immediatly after his last appearance. My mum would like his anti-aging cream. zP

  19. Loved the talky blog with Will! And yes, he does look as young as ever which isn’t a bad thing at all. Thank your good genes for that, Will!!! Thanks for the pleasure of seeing both of you together on screen.

  20. haha great blog guys. Will looks bored tho :/

  21. You should bring Mel back too!

  22. Will seem unimpressed in this talky blog with Davey’s musings about life. I guess that’s what makes a good friend, he’s your friend even when he thinks you [occasionally] spout BS. Ask him back, Davey, he’s a good yang to your ying. He’s hot too.

  23. Aw! Come on! We want to see Will again on a talky blog with you He is so cute and love those eye brows! He also looks sort of shy and I love that!

  24. Will is a keeper just because he didnt seem to agree with all DW said is no reason to think he’s wrong. I would rather have one friend who told me I was wrong than a million yes men. Yes he very cute too Bring back Will and Betty White.

  25. Good line, I can use that!

  26. I LOVE U WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. i love will moreeeeeeeeee. will needs his own spin off show!

  28. More Will…less swill :-)

  29. Great to see Will back. We missed you Will. Please come again.

  30. Bitch please! LOL

  31. omg this samual guy is such a stalker… why is it that he goes through everything i write and adds his unnecessary comments. im trying to spread some love here and all he is doing is pouring cold water all over it.. so un deepak chopra

  32. WILLLLLLLLL!!!!! =D please don’t let it be the last one…he’s got such a innocent cute face X3 did you get together just to make this blog?? you guys aren’t far away!

  33. MORE WILL!!!!!!:-)

  34. What is the URL for Will’s blog?

  35. WoW1 How great to see Will. He gets better with age, like great wine. He is definitely one of your best blog buddies to share talky blogs with. He seems so down to earth and sincere. We should see more of him even tho’ you said this was his last ever! Now how dull is that!

    Be well,

  36. ok I think Will is very cool but if he isnt taking his clothes off forget it, give me my daily Davey!! Still have the love for you boy!

  37. Sorry PLEASE HELP – I am horrified that this might happen but cannot find the Custom Edit thing. Can someone please give more details? I can see my Privacy Settings page but no Bio or Custom Edit button. Thanks

    Love the Blog, and your insights into everyday circumstances :)

  38. mmmmmm Will Seems agitated…. LOL did you guys argue? lol? ….. or something?…. kekekeke

  39. Yay! I missed Will.He was always my favorite!

  40. Have Will on more often!

  41. i NEED another WILL fix. so so cute.

  42. Like the idea of the Will and Davey blog, you are both easy on the eyes, the banter once it started was enjoyable and I find myself wondering what was going on for Will as he seemed uncomfortable.

  43. i love will. ive been waiting for this forever. will come back but do something about ur new business like look. ur so hot will.

  44. HAHAHA, I love it. At 6:20 when davey looks away from Will he totally checks him out! Favorite part of the whole vid. Made me laugh out loud.

  45. Did no one else notice Will’s gasp at around 4:20? And then Davey went “oh, so you just…umm…” and quickly closed whatever Will saw. I honestly watch that moment over and over, it cracks me up every time.

  46. I live in Cali and everybody here loves the restaurant Chipotle

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