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October 13, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Talky Blog: Chalking for National Coming Out Day!

As I mentioned, I celebrated National Coming Out Day by writing pro-gay quotes on the sidewalk of a local university. A bunch of blog buddies, students and a very special Ms. Haley Star showed up to help out. Thank you to all of them!

And, unlike the experience that I had at my university, this school was considerate enough to wait until October 12 (the day after National Coming Out Day) to power-wash the sidewalks.

Check out the video – and don’t miss the bloopers at the end!


  1. We are a gaming community, with a very open mind. For National Coming out Day I turned all the Users purple in support.

    So if you are a Xbox Gamer, feel free to visit and join up for some games, some fun and some new friends.

    PS. Say Fuzzy sent you…

  2. What I notice about this chalking party is how well it represents the current gay scene. We have one sensitive, young gay guy, several hunks, one metrosexual, one guy who looks as if he stepped out of the world of R.J. Tolkien,one sweet drag queen, several mature, young female supporters, and of course, Davey, himself, the body builder. Great! Let no one stereotype these folks.

    • I love the way you described the people at the chalking!

      I’m proud to have been one of those mature, young (I’m 14) female supporters. Like I said in the video, I think everybody is equal and deserves to be treated as such.

  3. Brother Davey Wavey,

    I would first like to tell you that you have been a amazing inspiration to me. Your success, trust in yourself, and courage are like that akin to a great lion. From one lion to another, your honesty is one of the reasons why today, October 13, I came out to my mom as bisexual. It has been a long time coming, from having my first sexual experience with my best friend at 7 years old that included nude bed post dancing and 69′s, to steamy steam room rendovous’s, to this moment when I realized that to not tell anyone who I am is to deny them a part of myself that must be shared. I am a little scared of what might happen next. The thought of sharing my heart with someone after so long reminds me how much work I still have to do on myself before I am ready for such commitment. Thank you Davey. God Bless you Brother.

    Sincerely, Ryan

  4. Davey I <3 you :)

  5. Y not go and help a middle or high school with their chalking?! I will not give up! I want a post!

  6. What an awesome thing to do, so simple but so effective in it’s message! I know during my college days if I had seen this going on I would have jumped in immediately to support this. It can be rough, and that feeling of love and acknowledgement goes a long way, thanks Davey and gang!

  7. im stoked by this video-i wore my Legalize Gay t-shirt.then again i wear it every few days.no big deal where i live.

  8. If you pause the video just right you can see up Haley Star’s dress. Lol

  9. If only I didn’t live in New Zealand I would have celebrated this.

  10. Just submitted my video! Can’t wait to see all the great coming out stories. :D

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