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June 23, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Talky Blog: Davey Wavey’s London Adventures!

As I’ve mentioned, I spent much of last week in London! It was an amazing trip – and I did my best to edit down all my footage into this talky blog! Check it out!


  1. Its funny, being from England I can never actually hear the British accent, where here in this video comparing it to Daveys voice you totally can!

    God I hope I sound as british as those people, its HOT!

  2. You’ve got to have lived here for a while to unravel the British accent. They, of course, make fun of my American accent. That infuriates me.

    Thanks for coming, for including my little New England welcome, and I hope you’ll come back and spend more time here. We all love you and your vlogs.

  3. Davey!! Take me to France with you!! You can just stow me in your luggage. No one will ever know. ;)

  4. Lol. I’ve said it before, Gaydar does work in Britain. You just have to have it more refined. But its not so much about stereotypes… its more of a feeling. But eyes and voice are still good pointers. I don’t think I’ve ever got it drastically wrong.

  5. when you tried the posh accent (which I totally understood) you sounded like James William Bottomtooth from Family Guy (you know…… the one with the HUUUUUUUGE lower jaw)

    Apart from that: HOW GREAT was it that so many blog buddies showed up to meet you? I myself could not be there, because of my job and the fact that I was in Holland. And I feel really bummed that I won’t be in France when you get to be there. But be aware when you get to France….. the cooking is divine and you’ll easily gain 20 pounds if you don’t watch it:)

  6. Looks like you had a really amazing time. You are so loved!!!

  7. I loved it when you said you weren’t going to cry again…I was crying when I saw how happy all the blog buddies were who came to see you. Im in Mass and want to meet you. I love your inspiration, wit and how you love those who follow you. Love ya big time! :)

  8. Coooorrrr! you look yummy in a suit ;D <3

  9. a bless, so amazing that pippa managed to be there on the day even if i couldnt, but my name is now on a blog so im sooooo happy!

  10. just remember to put emphasise on the letter-R-then youre still British-its a helpful hint from Northamerica.remember those Colonial Yanks speak that disgusting chewing gum english my German friends remind me so often.

  11. its totally cool that davey has so many great followers around the world…but its totally a million times cooler that im practically his neighbor here in Connecticut! he is my celeb crush!

  12. I try really hard to remove the idea in my head that British people think they’re superior, and I succeed a lot of the time. It’s a bad stereotype. But people like you make it so hard sometimes.

  13. I’m happy that you included so much footage of the blog buddies from the UK (and I agree with the other blog comment that it was cool when you looked like you were about to cry in your vlog, from being affected by the turnout). You and I don’t always agree but I DEFINITELY agree with your message of love; I think that you bring something positive to the world in which you live and that’s the whole point. Thanks for taking the time…


  14. Don’t know why I cry watching the video at the Kensington Palace pond… I am very proud of you and your success. And like to imagine I am going with you to Provance.

  15. Why was there no ‘meet-n-greet’ in Sydney when you were here last year? I would have definitely been there to welcome you to Sydney.
    At least some of our British buddies had the opportunity.
    Keep doing all the wonderful things you do Davey.

  16. Davey, if you think the non-functioning-gaydar thing is annoying, imagine living here…

    Though I have to say, having lived in London and in a smaller town in Essex, there is a difference between the two and the gaydar does work a bit better out here in the less cosmopolitan parts of the country.

  17. Davey! This was so amazing, seeing you meet your fans in London! Pleasepleaseplease if you ever have time, come to California! (preferably San Diego) You are such an inspiration to me and all of my friends that I’ve shared your blog with. I would be absolutely ecstatic if I could give my role model a hug <3 I love you so much!

  18. I’m glad you had a fantastic time in London. It truly is a wonderful place. I actually just got back home to St. Louis from England last night. I was up in Manchester visiting a couple of friends for the past two weeks. It was amazing. I had never been to northern England before. It was a great time… but I’m still glad to be back home, too. Have a great time in France… and safe travels to you. :)

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