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June 26, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Talky Blog from Provence, France!

Just after I arrived to Provence, I recorded this quick talky blog on my second YouTube channel to say hello. Little did I realize that it would take some 400 minutes to upload… Haha. Enjoy the video!


  1. hahahahah I know the true problem that a bad internet can do with someone’s life lol. Passed over 2 years using a realy low conection and yeah, it sucks.

    Have a nice stand there in France, hope to know that amazing country soon.

    hugs from Brazil ;)

  2. Thanks for posting!
    Over 6.5 hours to upload? WOW! If it is an option, upload them while you are sleeping?

  3. French:Amusez-vous en france
    Spanish:divertirse en Francia
    Germsn: viel Spaß in Frankreich
    Portugese:Divirta-se em França
    Hebrew:ליהנות בצרפת
    The only language I know:have fun in france
    Thanks to bing translator!

  4. but are you gonna eat your way through the FRENCH MEN ? LMAO

  5. That was awesome! That’s gonna be so fun! And did you hear the news?! They legalized gay marriage in new York!!!!!!!!! Yay! :) )

  6. not « beguette » , should be prononced
    « BAAAAAAAAAguette » do not say bRRRaguette which means croch

  7. I would if I could! ;) ROFL

  8. Thanks for letting us know you arrived safely! Enjoy your time there. and the french men…..ohhhh la la enjoy them too! You still sound a little hoarse. Get some rest too. Take take of you :) love you!

  9. Davey you are a new discovery for me here in Dallas TX and brings a smile to my face! Am now disabled due to a fall and spenc most of my day lying flat until more repairs to my back. I have enjoyed your smile with love! Enjoy your time in Provence I was ar one time a flight attendant and miss the travel YOU r loved – Bob

  10. haha you’re so funny davey!
    The way you’re telling that story about the kissing couple is so cute.
    But you’re right no one care here when couples are kissing (well at least for straight couples, it’s another story for gay couples)
    And mercier is right baguette should be pronounced more like in bad or bag.
    Have fun and enjoy the food :p

  11. Hugs to you Bob.

  12. Thanks Davey… for your introduction to Provence. Meanwhile, back in Toronto, one of your favourite cities, and home of your boyfriend.

    Toronto City Hall raises the rainbow flag signifying the start of Pride Week.


  13. Bravo for Toronto. Well we ARE the kinder gentler nation, after all.

    Happy Pride everyone. A special muaah! to our New York neighbors who have finally joined the 21st century with marriage equality! Next?

    Be well,

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