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May 20, 2009
by Davey Wavey

talky blog: My neighbor caught me naked!

I don’t know what it is about me and my neighbors:


  1. hahaha. Yes be nice and let the old man see you. If he was a young man, you would not be
    covering up your windows. Have a wonderful day.
    Peace out.

  2. Ha!
    Your neighbour is probably a fan and saw your post…blog that is..not wood.

    To be honest, if I saw you through a window shirtless I’d get the binoculars out too.

  3. Lol! At least you don’t have binoculars yet…I’d say that makes you, the kettle, a dark grey, and still within full right of calling the pot black! :p

    • I wish I would have had binoculars. I like to watch or be watched by men or women , young or old. It turns me on and I can sit around mfor a very long time with a hardon and play with it for my pleasure as well as there’s; I hope!

  4. Your bad wavey davey, what three days in ,and your standing in front of window’s with boner’s, wish I was that guy looking at you,lol

  5. David,

    Sounds like you are over your issues with the conditions ofsummer rental and have gone back to your roots…looking out your window at hot guys…(and one kinda scarcy one).


    Rick In NC

  6. Really? I have never been in that situation and I think that’s embarrasing.I know how you feel Davey but just calm down,don’t lose your head.Are your neighbor criticizing you?
    If that never hapenned, it problaby your neighbor was impacted with the shape of your body.Lucky You!

  7. Hey Davey

    I’ve been watching (and some times reading) you for about 5 months now, and altho this blog is very YOU it also surprised me a little.
    You have a huge following on the net, boys watching you all the time from around the world (even Australia).
    And the one time you see this happening in really life you run away from it, is it because his is an older man? or because you can’t control it.

    let me ask you if you would have the same reaction if it was the naked guy and his Bf watching you or the younger guy folding his washing

    All that I’m trying to say is that Men and woman of all ages watch you

    I’m 24 today
    and i to wouldn’t mind seeing you shirtless in the window


  8. say it with me.. K A R M A !
    hehe. But seriously, just close the blinds if it bothers and/or offends you. Having “peeped” yourself; whether by accident or design, how’d you like to have your previous young neighbor report you? Afterall, YOU TOOK SNAPSHOTS. I’m not judging, just reminding. When you walk around naked or in your skivvies and leave the big windows open or uncovered and you live near multi-level buildings in a city..what do you think is going to occur? Most people are curious and will look. It’s the getting caught ‘looking’ that makes us aware of our misbehavior.
    I think human bodies and people are amazing things and we should be able to appreciate them in an open fashion w/out mounds of guilt and shame being heaped on us in the belief that we are participating in something that is ‘wrong’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want every man and woman naked on the subway or in the grocery store either.

  9. Davey – just chill, really

  10. It would be very good public relations for Davey to post something more about this entire topic. It might be humbling, but let’s see some maturiy when the oracle is in question!

  11. I have only one word–”mooning.” It needs to be revived.

  12. hmmm, Davey, I’m a little drunk at the moment, so maybe I’m being more honest than I otherwise would be. Anyway, I can’t believe you care if some random person sees you naked or even in underwear; you just admitted that this is your future self so why not let go and just be yourself despite what this guy does? It’s extremely hypocritical to freak out about it and it just seems bizarre from everything else I’ve ever heard you say or do.

  13. Well after some consideration, and after finding this video today all i have to say is for you to stay where you are. If you can find a cheaper place to stay more power to you. It all translates to more spare change in your pockets to do great things with it.

    Believe & Smile… Siempre Sonrie!!!

  14. Okay, the phrase is “the pot calling the kettle pink” when you’re calling someone on that kind of thing.

    I am a slowly recovering diverticulitis patient with three surgeries and many annoyances in between (75 days in 12 months in the Methodist Resort and Spa here and I’m about so over it-if it weren’t for the awesome care that I recieve, even though they cant figure everything out.

    I’ve followed your site on and off for a few years, and you seem so measured and calm most of the time. You even adopted a greyhound, the canine equivalent of a Siamese cat.

    Do you know much about yoga and that style of chinese rehab stuff? Looking for ideas from my favorite webbies.

  15. Davey,

    I am surprised at you… you post a picture of your naked butt on the internet, yet hide from another voyeur? Just be the exhibitionist that you are. The Universe demands it. We were all created for this but we chose to hide ourselves beneath mounds of textiles out of unnecessary guilt and shame.



  16. Hey davey. I just discovered your videos like a while ago and oh my, you’ve gotten OLD so quick! You look so stressed and tired. Better get some vaca my friend.

  17. You catch neighbor masturbating. Neighbor catches you naked. I guess it’s true when they say about what comes around goes around …

  18. LOL i love this video, i wish i was your neighbour now so i could look in on u lol.

    You should put on a show for the guy i wud :P ;)

  19. I’m a crazy voyeur too :P

  20. I would like to see you more often because I like you

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