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May 13, 2009
by Davey Wavey

talky blog: The Davey Wavey Sex Video

Click below to enjoy:


  1. Coincidental (or maybe not so coincidental) timing of this video given that Scotty D was just in town. No?

  2. Everytime a saucey starlet sex video pops up an angel gets their wings.

  3. Dear Davey–

    You’re a twat. Had we “been to university” together I would say…

    “I went to university with this guy and he’s a twat.”

    • “been to university”? What’s with the inverteds?
      You’re not implying some double entendre are you? I.E. sex!?
      And twat means a woman’s genitals. Are you straight?
      Because maybe deep down you want Davey’s (male) twat.
      Maybe I read too much into it (tee hee hee). But this was a talky blog about sexual desire…

    • Hmmmm – if Davey is such a “twat”, as you so eloquently put it, then why are you here looking at his videos?

    • Amen sista simmon & bianca !
      who say twat anywaaaay???
      re re’s or also known as retarded individuals
      such as JT

      JT go masturbate to davey wavey’s twat already lol

  4. voyeurism and pain.

  5. what if you watch the porn together??? Also, just because you think about something or watch it, and it turns you on, doesn’t mean it would actually work for you in reality. A fantasy is just that… a fantasy. No matter how kinky or off the wall it gets, you have complete control over it.

    A housewife daydreaming or reading a steamy novel about the gardener ripping all her clothes off might be turned on, but she is in control. If he actually did it, she’d probably consider it a sex attack… a lot less hot.

    I don’t think that you can say watching/ reading porn or fantasizing in your mind is the same as cheating… not really… in-fact, you could argue it’s a good way to keep it all spicy!!! if it’s just the two of you! ;-)

  6. You are so dating Scotty Dynamo

    Come on, let’s admit it

  7. I have to disagree with you on your point about porn. I don’t think it is cheating because you are exercising control over the act. I don’t think that there is a person for anyone that can truly 100% satisfy so what’s the problem with just imagining it. I do agree however that carrying out the act would be not really the right thing to do.

  8. Hey Davey -

    I agree with LB.

    Fantasizing is not at all like cheating, but I might be biased because I do watch porn and fantasize about other men even when I am in a relationship with somebody. This is embarrassing, but I have a folder of pictures of hot men on my computer that has well over 4,000 pictures. I don’t consider it cheating though, because even though I think about it in my mind, I’m not actually doing it physically. I actually think it’s impossible to stop fantasizing.

    For example, one time a boyfriend of mine felt extremely guilty and he wouldn’t tell me why. After about two weeks of asking why he felt so guilty he finally admitted to me that he had a sex dream of a classmate of his named Tyler. I’d seen Tyler before and I had to admit, he was fucking hot. He had this amazing pale blue eyes, brown hair which he shaved short, and an amazing body. I had seen him play Tennis shirtless many times. Anyways, when my boyfriend said he had a sex dream about him my reply was, “I would so bang Tyler too.”

    I didn’t it consider it cheating. His subconscious recognized his attraction and he fantasized about Tyler without even meaning too. I also believe that lots of people in monogamous relationships do this too and I think if you were to ask, most would admit that they do fantasize about other people all the time, even while they’re having sex with their partner.

    LB also makes an excellent point. If you feel guilty fantasizing about somebody, why don’t you both fantasize about him together. It’s really actually harmless and it can lead to some kinky play, if you know what I mean. But yeah, those are my 2 cents.

    With Much Love,


  9. I can’t believe he broke out a “from university” again….I thought we got over that Davey. Come on now, you are from RHODY, your friend was FROM COLLEGE.

  10. The bed/couch thing at the end was awesome!


  11. Are there really naked pictures of the Craigslist killer? I haven’t seen any. And how does one justify watching porn as cheating? Does Brent Corrigan count? I’m confused…

  12. Loved the vid…was very cute. Just don’t agree with the watching porn issue. If watching porn is just like doing it then I had sex with like 10,000 guys when I was a teenager. Porn is just a distraction for the horned, it doesn’t make you a cheater. I’ve been married for a few years and it’s funny that people seem to think that married people automatically align their libido when they take vows and porn isn’t needed anymore…things happen, schedules don’t mesh, someone could be sick. Touchy subject I guess.

  13. so where did you see the criagslists killer naked? i wanna see him naked too.

  14. I have to disagree about the cheating comment — if you have a fantasy about killing someone who did you incredible wrong (a giant anvil falling from the sky after you pull the “acme” lever, for instance), that doesn’t mean you have the intent to carry out the action and it certainly doesn’t have the same impact as actually having killed them. Mind you, there are different aspects involved, but it’s still a difference between a fantasy and an act.

  15. Davey… I want to have your babies.
    Granted, I’m male and can’t get pregnant, but we can still try at least, no?

  16. Geez! Cut the girl chatter and squirt.

  17. Hey Davey, when you’re with your Canadian boyfriend do you shout “Oh Canadaaaaaaa!” at the appropriate .. um .. moment? – yes, old joke.

  18. I had my volumn up but still couldn’t hear most of what you said.

  19. Davey Wavey…Do you sit with Scotty Dynamo and wave your hands as you talk…maybe you should sit on your hands and see if you can still talk…Let us know!..Maybe he is attracted to your sexy waving hands..and not you..What say?….Love “your” David

    • did you ever think DW-might be Italiano-or something like that?some people express themselves that way-to make a point.just a thought.or maybe Scotty Dynamo-is Italian-he has that Mediterranean look to him.maybe he and his family express themselves that way-and DW-picked up on that as well.

    • Well helloooooo his name IS Davey WAVEY

  20. I totally agree with the sentiment of cheating in mind = cheating in body. On another note, so, naked pictures of Philip Markoff?

  21. By jerking off to porn you have made a decision in your own mind to pleasure yourself while viewing another’s body bits etc…..and that seems to me to be a kind of cheating. Well, that’s what I think anyway!

  22. We are all human, my instincts told me that I would love to see Davey in a sex video, and that is why I came to see that. I guess cheating in mind is a great way to vent and release the sexual energy you can not get from who you are with. I always, as an honest human being think about other guys, weather or not I am in a relationship, that does not mean I am cheating. Face it everyone is human and be real, what do you do when you are on line????? think, real hard you can do it. Ok well that is my response to the sex video I just watched,and Davey that was one of the classiest sex videos I have ever seen. keep up the great work Davey, Your best fan Louie

  23. I’ve had all kinds of relationships mono; open:menage aux trois; quatre; cinque; inclusive; exclusive; polygamy; polyandry; gay; straight; bi; sado/ masochist; bondage/ discipline; role playing; but I’m just now finding true love one on one, one man and one man. I think this is going to do the trick. I’m finally in love and we haven’t made love yet i think tomorrow night or next friday night.

  24. Hell, everyone is tooooo serious.
    Me? I just like the unshaven Davey….he’s my porn.

  25. Everyone is posting that watching porn isn’t cheating or asking what you say or do when you are with Scotty Dynamo in bed.

    (I’m really curious about Dynamo and you too, but I’m sure you’re never going to tell us…)

    The real subject here is the following:

    Are you trying to redirect all the porn searching people to your page again? Like when you uploaded the masturbating neighbour video? (For the people who don’t know, you couldn’t see the neighbour doing anything, it was just Davey talking about it.)

  26. Same old same old – ad nauseum.
    Have you no hobbies or sports or community interests Davey?
    … anything that would lift you a little above being boring?
    Come on – you’re a bright chap.

  27. wavey davey looks , creamie like milk, yum, just back from camping, to tired to even think about sex …..lol, at least today…

  28. Fantasizing over porn is not cheating, nor is masturbating alone, even though you’re in a “monogamous” relationship. Now, the fig leaf over the penises in the Vatican museum was the Church’s way of saying “even looking is a sin”. I hope we have finally gone beyond that foolishness.

    The enormous quantity of porn available in cyberspace is simply a reflection of the quantity of sexual frustration out there. Frankly, my husband and I often watch porn together and sometimes have sex while doing so, or just use it to masturbate on our own from time to time. Who makes the rules in your relationship? You, or someone not even in bed with you?

    As Morgan Freeman once said in a really bad movie, “Allah loves wondrous variety!” Or even better, “Dieu nous regarde, alors amusons le!” Roughly, “God is watching us, so we may as well keep him/her entertained.”

    Be well,

    ps. Loved that sofa kiss/stroke at the end!

  29. where can one find the naked pictures of markoff, davey?

  30. i have a fetish :S but it sucks

  31. Hey Davey,

    Over the last 5 years I’ve taken a few courses from the Body Electric School. It would be an understatement to say that these classes, literally, have been life changing. Here’s the website: http://www.bodyelectric.org/

    Check it out.


  32. I feel like such a pervert now. I heard something in the video about Philip Markoff aka “Craig’s List Killer” having naked pictures–and I totally went to look them up.
    And I do agree that the Craig’s List Killer is a hott bombshell–but uhm, I’m sure plenty of large inmates will think so too.

    Basically–THERE IS NO PICTURES–that I could find. Sorry bowt the disappointment.. some of us have fetishes for criminals. :P
    That’s a joke, I was just curious.


  33. There ARE nude pictures of Philip Markoff, as reported by NBC (search YouTube for the story), but none of them have surfaced. Markoff sent them to at least one man about a year ago, presumably to set up a date with and then rob, like he did the women. The man then notified authorities once he saw Markoff’s images on television. The only image floating around is the only one they were able to show on the news report: his bare chest. Davey is either joking, or completely full of it if he says he saw anything more.

    QueerClick is an awesome resource for news and info like this. They get things well before other sites, and they have reported nothing more than I said above.

    So yes, there are supposedly pictures, and no, they are not making the rounds on the internet. If they were, you’d be able to find them fairly easily by now.

  34. Well, here’s my theory.
    Sexuality consists of two aspects, one I call adoration the other I call affection.
    If you adore someone or something it means you give it divine attributes, center at only one characteristic of that person or object. It mostly manifests in sexual sense. It is of high importance to realize that there are no negative connotations to sex.
    For me, it’s just a matter of pleasure, and to me it’s all just a part of intimacy you already have by being friends (in full meaning, not people who you can’t call unknown or enemy).
    Affection is what comes through time spent with a person. Memory, situations and emotions shared, divided in two half, every part knows the same as the other. If you have that, the affection should be accompanied with adoration.
    The more that time passes it is harder for me to reject possibility of sleeping with my best friend (it’s a she and I am gay).
    I think that the whole role of sexuality in todays society is crooked and is isolated from the natural meaning. I would just point you to some information s, the position of sexuality before and after Christianity, just look at wikipedia.
    Before, eroticism is a part of culture, and after just a meaning that had to be put as bad. To feel as a part of community (early christianity) the community had to have strong rules, and had to oppose all the values that those time stood for, for christianity was the sanctuary of poor and miserable, who wanted to go out of the society.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_LGBT_history . Just read that, please.

  35. My clarinet and I have a objectophiliac relationship. Well, not really, but I do love it.

  36. BDSM all the way, baby!

  37. yuckz!!! porn

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