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December 18, 2010
by Davey Wavey

The Westboro Baptist Church.

Before heading out for another exciting day in New York City, I came across an e-mail from a blog buddy named Ace that who outraged over the Westboro Baptist Church. For those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the WBC, they are a religious organization focused on spreading the message that “God Hates Fags.” In fact, that’s the very URL of their official website.

I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about the Westboro Baptist Church, nor do I think it makes sense to debate them or counter their arguments. Ultimately, that which you resist persists – and fighting against a message of hate will only ensure it grows louder.

At the end of the day, the only path we can actively shape is our own. We can hope to inspire change in others – like the leaders of the WBC – by setting an example with our own lives. They may pursue hate, but I choose to focus on love and peace. That is their path. This is mine.


  1. Well, it all comes down to the issue of free speech. Remember, free speech is a double edge sword. In order for you to have the freedom to speak your mind and say what you want to say, either verbally, in writing, publicly or privately, you must allow others the same right, even when they use speech you find hateful and intolerant. Once you start limiting the speech of others simply because you find it personally offensive, you limit your own right to speak freely what you want to say. Free speech means we must be tolerant of what others have to say even if it is hateful and vulgar or else no one has free speech and Big Brother in in control of you.

  2. Fratello … Sono bloccato in aeroporto … essere a casa domani. Inghilterra fa schifo … io odio questo aeroporto puzza di merda! gli inglesi sono brutte … mai visto così tante persone brutte! ;)

    Ti voglio bene :)

  3. I understood most of what he said. AS an opera singer I have a basic grasp of Italian.

  4. I say state your opinion. This is an open forum. I don’t always agree with you but I appreciate your views. If others are pissed off from reading your opinions that’s their issue to deal with. Something inside of them is being pissed off. It’s not what you write. If we have an upset it’s our own. Nobody else gives it to us.


  5. I’m not sure they even preach love. They pervert the Bible’s message, that’s for certain.

  6. I appreciate your view and I can see where you’re coming from, although I disagree. If I preach tolerance I feel I have to preach it for all people regardless of their ideologies. I don’t like their views and their message but I respect their right to believe them and teach them. If I silence those who believe counter to what I do, how am I any better than Hitler or Mao?

  7. Phil, let’s face it, violence is not strictly the domain of the religious. Throughout the course of human history and likely prehistory violence has been a constant them regardless of the excuse. Religion is merely an excuse for violence just like land, power, family and tribal allegiance. Humans have always been prone to violence because we’ve lacked the reason to be and let others be.

  8. Tommie,

    These poeple have no more interest in scripture than Jim Jones did. It’s not even worth trying to use it against them.

  9. To Kenjo911: By claiming that the WBC represents the Christian right or that in any way it is “proof” of such.. places you on the exact same level as they. You have Zero evidence to back up such an ignorant claim and by posing it as truth makes me wonder what else you are spinning to your 11 year old.. Do you teach him that playing with the facts is always justifiable as long as Mindless Hate is the motivation? My guess is you also are in favor of the Islamist placing their “victory Mosque” at ground Zero..

  10. DW, imagine the WBC became a Global movement.. growing to a membership of millions of true believers and followers.. who cranked it up to the next level.. to a point where nation after nation arrested Gay men and women.. on a regular basis..

    in order to stone them to death or hang them till death..

    Would you then still then be in favor of the Islamist placing their “Victory Mosque” at Ground Zero..

    Or would it not matter to you simply because of the technicality that these people called themselves Muslims..

    rather than the Westboro Baptist Church?

  11. they are hatefull.
    they came and protested at my school last week.

  12. I love the way you made it out “this is mine”.Path of Love and Peace.Cool :)

  13. This post was perfect BC it was short and concise. You said what needed to be said without giving them too much attention. In fact, you pretty much blew them off. Love it!

  14. I sing with a gay men’s chorus and we just recently took a trip to Tyler, TX. We had to move to a new church to perform because the first one rescinded it’s offer after some members complained.

    I was really hoping to see WBC at our performance protesting! I so wanna get my picture taken with them! But they were not there. Boo.

  15. Realize that their hate stems from fear and their own insecurities in life. Do you share any commonalities with them?

  16. You know Davey, you are so right. My blood pressure rises every time I see these people on the news. I just want them to know that they are wrong, but of course, with some people, you can’t help them with that. The only way to teach them is through living a life of love and peace, as you say, and hope that it influences them. :)

  17. i always point out to people like this that the bible has over 250 admonishments for straights and only 18 for gays…it’s not that God doesn’t like gays…it’s just that He thinks straights need more supervision.

  18. They came to my school to protest the gay&bi club. I was enraged at the fact these people came from out of state to come to club with 25 gay and bi kids.

  19. You are absolutely wrong. The Phelps are demanding ALL gay Americans be executed. THAT is the reason for the funeral demonstrations in the first place. You either don’t know much about the Phelps, or are sympathetic to them. Get your facts straight.

  20. Google: ADDICTED TO HATE to find out about the real Phelps. He was disbarred for unethical treatment of his clients, beat one of his sons until he went into shock, had drug problems, had legal judgments against him for not paying his bills, and on and on and on.

    Phelps has never sued for libel.

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