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June 9, 2011
by Davey Wavey

UK Blog Buddy Meet-Up!

On Saturday, I leave for a short trip to London – and I’d love the opportunity to meet some of the delightful UK blog buddies!

So… you’re officially invited to a Davey Wavey meet-and-greet in London’s Kensington Gardens. We’ll be meeting on the west side of the Round Pond on Monday, June 13 at noon. We’ll probably hang out for about an hour.

It’s nothing fancy – but a really good opportunity to say hi.

I’ll also be bringing my camera… so consider yourself warned! :-P

I hope to see you there! XO


  1. Davey! I’m at work! :(

    Hopefully they’ll be another chance to meet you though!


  2. A £55 rail ticket, a 4 hour train journey, a map as I don’t know London that well – Just weighing up the pros and cons, I hope I can make it. If not I hope there will be another opportunity to meet you someday. Anyway I wish you all the best and I hope you have a great trip.

    A long time blog buddy,

    Nathan :)

  3. I hope I can make it! I’d love to come and say hi and give you a big hug :)

  4. Bring some Lucky Charms :P

  5. Kensington Gardens was one of my favorite spots in London. I hope you have a great time and a lot of fun.

  6. damn Im not arriving until the next day. I want to get a davey hug!

  7. I used to be a big fan of Davey. But lately, he just comes across as pretentious and self centered, Trips to Australia, Palm Springs, UK and very self centered ramblings as a motivational speaker for the gay community. Davey, you are coming across as a gay stereo type. White bleached teeth, shirtless gym toned videos, and not somebody I would ever look to for advice. Your rambling cutey pie ramblings have gotten weirder over time and I no longer think you are a very sincere or down to earth guy. If you were not so good looking and shirtless in all your videos, I doubt so many gay guys would watch your videos, which is sad, and convinces me, a proud and out gay male, how superficial so many of my fellow gay citizens truly are. You are in love with yourself, yeah yeah, we get it. But for all the wrong reasons. Go sell your work-out videos, stare in the mirror, and keep telling yourself how great you are. You are a fake.

  8. Hi there! I am coming back from a trip Ireland that day. Let me know if you are around Tuesday lunchtime in Covent Garden area or Tuesday evening! Have a safe flight over and bring an umbrella it’s going to be a wet weekend! :-(

  9. Oh god, I used to live right across the park entrance on the west side of the Round Pond till recently, but moved out of the country lol, so ironic!!!

  10. I’m filming just around the corner so will pop over to say “oh hello, pip bop cherio!” Hope the weather remains good for it.

  11. I’ll be there Davey!!

  12. Damn the exams!!! Necessary revision to be done but I’ll be there in spirit… Kind of :/

  13. You sound very bitter and jealous.

  14. Bitter and jealous? That is always the response a ‘fan’ gives when somebody says negative things about somebody they admire. Especially on a fan blog site. I used to really admire Davey, like I stated. My opinion has changed. In America we have a thing called freedom of speech. I no longer find Davey a very sincere or likeable person. And I wanted to state my opinion, JW. Have a nice day

  15. I might be to embarrassed to go :( Im a really shy person and can’t get conversations flowing :/

  16. Looks like there will be about 8-10 people there Meee so plenty of people to do the talking to give you time to settle down.

  17. Okay I will go… I already told my mum I’m meeting a friend at that time XD
    Have I just given my age away? ouch!
    But I’m very shy so start convos with me guyssss/galsss (if any)!!!

  18. Can’t wait to meet you! XO

  19. I wish I could come and meet you but getting to London and everything you know But hope you have a good time

  20. I’m coming Davey!

  21. Damn, I live in Manchester so I won’t be able to go as I’m so broke DX But all of you guys have fun!!

  22. Haven’t you noticed, that that’s how Davy is? I’m a Bi woman, and I watch Davey for his sense of humour and real opinions. You can’t call him fake for acting how he is, Davey is Davey, so get off your high horse

  23. LoL the one week I am on holiday and not in London!!! Maybe next time!! TOP TIP for LONODN.. Climb the Monument (by Monument Station) It’s 311 steps, you get a certificate at the end and it only cost £3.. You can see the whole of London for next to nothing, just breathtaking! and there is very rarely a queue. Have fun in London everyone who can make it. x x x

  24. ooo Is Scotty Dyanmo coming? :D

  25. Kai, not on a high horse. And posting you are a bi woman is supposed to mean what exactly? Distract that my opinion is most gay guys watch him and worship him for his looks more than they would if he wasn’t so hot? Like I said, I was a big fan of his but do not like the direction his talky blogs have taken the past few months. It isn’t allowed obviously to post anything negative on a blog of somebody I used to respect and admire? And I CAN call Davey fake for being Davey. Whether I am in the minority on this blog for expressing my opinion or not, that is my opinion and I stand by it.

  26. Oh no!! I was going to come up to say hi but I’m at work!! :( never mind, have a great time in London Davey ;) xx

  27. while in europe, come and visit Croatia!

  28. I really really really wish I could Davey but unfortunately I have school and exams and shizzle :/
    Maybe one day I’ll finally meet you :D
    Have a great time
    Love you loads
    daniel xxx

  29. I don’t think Davey is fake. I think that the core message is a healthy one and he has certainly posted some thought provoking material which has definitely made me question my responses to certain situations. However, I do think that the blog is quite different from its early days. What was once frothy, rough round the edges, off the cuff with an instant appeal is now slicker, heavy on the edit, polished within an inch of its life and often retreading old material. And now the blog is a business…. pants, tee’s, fitness videos etc are all there to be bought. And I guess Davy has to support the blog financially – so he does. No fault in that! And certainly not when it supports an overwhelmingly positive message. But it will be interesting to see how things can progress from here.

  30. Obviously, you get some kick out of people arguing with you. If you did view this a a free speech thing then you would have said your peace and been done with it. But no. You feel the need to banter sn about how your right. So like Kai said, get off your high horse, we know you don’t like Davy, but we happen to enjoy his blogs. Yes he may be too stereo typical (if that’s even posable) but that who he is. I’m sry he dosnt fit into your cookie-cutter. I think I speek for most of us in saying GTFO.

  31. I’d like to appoligise to Davy and all the blog buddys in London for the responses being poisoned by such a nonsequitur. I hope you all have fun Monday!!! Wish I could be there-

  32. Argh I don’t get paid until Tuesday!

  33. I can’t believe that I can’t come! Pleeeease come to Oxford :) <3

  34. I will NOT be able to sleep for excitment!!!!!!!!!!!! I may just cum in my pants when I see him, if I touch him I’ll faint!

  35. I started talking to a boy in the comments section on the ‘Davey Wavey in London’ video, and we’ve arranged to meet up and travel to London together tomorrow! Simply cannot wait, although, I’m going to be so nervous! Cannot wait to meet Davey. <3 x x x

  36. Well, given I’m just across the road I guess it would be foolish not to come and say hello….just wish my hair appointment was today not tomorrow… :-/

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