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April 26, 2012
by Davey Wavey

Video: Converting Straight Boys…

I’ll admit to getting a bit weak in the knees (pun intended) for straight boys. And I know that I’m not alone.

Whatever the reasons for this obsession (I have a few theories), I think it looks a lot better in our imaginations (and on the computer screen) than it plays out in real life. Check out today’s video to see why…


  1. Couldn’t be more right! They have no clue what they’re doing especially when you fill them full of that much grog, it’s like having sex with a dead seal!

    Ps almost wet myself when he squirted himself in the face

  2. I think its the alluring fact that “we can’t have them” which makes them so much more attractive. It’s like their playing the hard to get game without knowing it. It pulls gay guys in just as straight guys would be pulled in if they couldn’t get a girl. That’s what I think at least.

    PS: I voted. Hope Haley wins!

  3. Part of the appeal has nothing to do with straight guys being straight. Simply put ‘that which we cannot have, we desire the most’. And then there is ‘hope’, the hope that you will be the one that is so special that he will change. It’s the same thing with Rom-Com’s. We always hope that the unlikely couple ends up together.

  4. Not into straight men, been there and it was VERY disappointing. Plus they have been the ones who trashed us, bashed us and denied us our basic rights so WHY would we ever care to be with them considering?????

  5. Right on, Davey! The Davey Wavey we all know and love is back again, with humor a-plenty. How about doing a re-run of the hilarious gay hanky blog?

  6. I once tried seducing a straight guy but suddenly knew that was NOT what he wanted so nothing happened. I still have a good friend.

    The straight guy having it on with a guy can be a fantasy, but some of the adult actors I have seen are SO denying. They talk about their girlfriends ( and I am NOT talk about”Girlfriends”) and then end up as a cream center to a male sandwich.

    Be true to who you are and what you enjoy and don’t worry what the world might think. Pleasure is pleasure whom ever who do it with. Wake up and smell the Espersso!
    I’d rather have a partner who really enjoyed what he or me was don’t without the “You know I am really straight” line. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

  7. Right on Davey! But let me just add: straight guys with nice asses…SO frustrating! Your girlfriend does not know what to do with that!

  8. @Sean:,@Stefhan:,@Evryone:
    I agree with S and S that a lot of the appeal is wanting what we can’t have.
    Also think that,unfortunately, it comes from wanting to be what we are not.Years ago in the Philadelphia Gay News,I read “that when you suck a straight cock,you delude yourself into believing that you absorb some of that straightness.”
    I’ve said it here before,so be prepared to be bored again: A lot of this attraction comes from residual guilt and self-hatred,even in the most liberated,well-adjusted gays.

  9. Personally I don’t see the attraction of straight guys. Once I find out for sure someone’s straight I might still find them attractive, but it’s a bit of a turn off.

    Also, having worked in the sex work industry as a crossdresser and having “straight” guys book me often so that they can experiment with a penis that’s dressed as a woman so that they don’t feel so gay. Teeth. Yeah. Straight guys are AWFUL at cocksucking, and gay sex in general.

  10. Davey you need to stick your stick in a wet hot pussy…We know you suck great dick but can you eat pussy?

  11. U look fat

  12. Seriously? I’ve never understood the fascination with straight guys. Not saying I haven’t tapped a bi-curious fella a time or two years ago but he was only as good as his a$$ was tight (which he was; just sayin’) — but in the case of straight guys, they’re clueless [usually] and most often VERY paranoid about doing anything that gives them the appearance of being gay or enjoying the sex “too much” (again, goes to appearing gay). They are usually too preoccupied with coming off as “straight” which is a turnoff.

    …so, nope; I’m no longer interested in the straight guys. Give me a tried and true queer any day of the week. A guy, like myself, who knows what he wants and knows as well how to give pleasure.

  13. Maybe the “fantasy” has more to do withgay guys wanting to be accepted equally and validated in the eyes of the world in much the same way as their straight cousins and nothing more.

  14. I have actually been with a straight guy, and several “straight” guys (though I was the first guy either of the “straight” guy’s had sex with.) I wasn’t disappointed. Then again I am a bottom so they don’t really need to know how to suck a dick, or about their anal hygiene.

  15. @Greg in D.C.:
    Some cough,some kindness,please Greg! Even dead seals must have their embarrassing secrets.

  16. if you want to seduce a str8 guy-workout at the gym regularly-and become his spotter.good way to worship his muscle or muscles.

  17. Great video Davey. I’ve posted about this on my blog — http://edout.blogspot.ca/2011/09/straight-friend.html Perhaps the real problem is the math. I sometimes just don’t want to accept that maybe 1 in 10 guys might be gay and that 9 of 10 “shouldn’t” be interested in me.

  18. If you go on Craig’s List, and peruse through the ads, you will find many men looking for, and labeling themselves as ‘straight’. A term that is even more prevalent on Craig’s List is ‘MASC’, and that term is all over the place. That, my fellow queers, is the answer. Online, you rarely find guys pursuing, or advertising themselves, as ‘FEM’ guys. It’s not that we want guys who are heterosexual or ones that we know we cannot have. We are attracted to Men, and historically, Men are ‘masculine’ beings who carry themselves in ‘masculine’ manners.

    As for myself, the last thing I want is a ‘queen’. I want a man who doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a stereotypical gay man.

  19. @+J.:
    Oi,yerself,+J.:Mind yer platypus duck.

  20. As a short straight man, I am taking your advise Davey and becoming gay. Where is the sign-up sheet?

  21. There’s a whole lotta truth to the comments about the “desiring what one cannot have” (Sean says it quite succintly) and there is even much to be said about residual self-hatred and/or wanting some kind/form of “acceptance” but there is also something VERY GOOD to be said about men who’ve been trained by women in bed. As a top I love how “straight” bottoms can really be the bitches I need them to be. But yeah, many of them haven’t figured out the anal hygiene situation.

    And to Alexis, well, I’ve had some really terrible blowjobs from gay guys (probably as many if not more than with straight/bi guys) AND, more importantly, you miss a key point here. For some people the gender issue is very much a part of the arousal. Sure, some guys think a crossdresser might mean “less gay” but for very many of us, and we are often silent/silenced under/by the sexual identity conversation, it’s the male/female gender stuff that is a major part, if not at the core of, our needs. But we don’t get to talk about it much because, well, everyone’s supposed to just be straight or gay and if one likes men it has to be about “masculinity”…

    as for emay’s comment, “As for myself, the last thing I want is a ‘queen’.” GOSH if I could find a good ol’ super femme queen who’d give it up like a moaning delicious bitch I might not have to bang straight guys all the time!!!

    • @V Jones:
      I hope,but very much doubt,that others are as impressed by you as you seem to be with yourself,V Jones.Personally,I think you give testosterone a bad name.

  22. It’s funny you’d feel that way as one of your posts was one with which I agreed; I wouldn’t deny residual guilt and even sometimes self-hatred in relations with straight men (I’ve certainly tangled with ones I knew were not good for me and were about my issues), but I was merely trying to add a certain level of bisexual/queer understanding to a very binary conversation…offering a different perspective from a person who’s probably banged more straight men than most other folks. Just trying to say, “hey, wait, there’s another element here that often gets overlooked in the specifically ‘gay’ conversation.”

    There was no threat, blatant or implied, to your allegedy “masculinity” and the fact that you’re threatened by the manner in which I articulate myself says everything about you and nothing about me. I was neither bragging nor grandstanding; I was sharing personal experience, as it seems everyone else on this thread has been doing. Apologies that I write like an adult who types and not Koko the Gorilla with her iphone.

    As per giving testosterone a bad name, well, I have two things to say, girlfriend–the first is, fine, I’ll take that happily. Partially because it’s a lame insult and partially, well, the same Internet that allows you to say ignorant shit like that is the same one that protects you from really seeing the insult to testosterone that I’d deliver right to your nuts.

    And yeah, honey, I called you girlfriend because your posts are the definition of “catty queen.” Don’t try and take to the street if you can’t handle street, bitch…

    • @V Jones:
      Well,V Jones,
      While it’s tempting to reply at length to your quasi-literate remarks,it was you who don’t get the point:I felt no threat to my masculinity,but,as I would hope some others here also feel,was offended by your bragging macho attitude.THAT cliche’ed “jock”,bullying attitude you demonstrated is the
      INSULT to MASCULINITY.I would suggest you do some soul-searching & get help:Your guilt and anger are painfully obvious,however I, personally,am not cowed by physical threats whether delivered in person,or digitally.

  23. Can’t help but to reply once again. It’s obvious you read my posts in a particular voice (and we’re all guilty of that)…I can understand why you’d say what you did about the insult to testosterone if you had assumed I was writing from the perspective of a more typical hetero-douche guy. There’s where I made assumptions, thinking we all knew we were all gay/bi/queer in some loosely relatable way. Perhaps I should have prefaced my first post with “I am a big giant queer who runs with trannies and bisexuals and crossdressers and kinksters”…

    What appeared as jock/bullying/macho was actually a working-class queer who got street on your assumptive ass because I’ve had to fight every day of my life and sadly I’ve had to throw threats at the haters “in the family” and I am NOT ABOVE THAT. Nor do I care that you aren’t threatened. When you attempt to silence someone s/he is dehumanized and when one is dehumanized, well, there’ll be a threat to the safety of the threatener. And the qualifiers in both your responses, “I hope,but very much doubt,that others are as impressed by you” and “as I would hope some others here also feel” proves you operate as the typical bully, using the threat of the pack against the one whose viewpoint is a threat to yours. Sad.)

    Regardless of the difficulties of virtual communication, you were still responding on some level to the gendered aspects of my post as much as what you perceived as my straight dude entitlement bullshit. And that’s always going to be a problem—those who think that any kind of sexual expression between men that isn’t about masculinity and testosterone is somehow about denial, self-hatred, and/or guilt.

    • @V Jones:
      You still don’t get it.Perhaps neither do I.
      I do enjoy this communications/mis-communications for a lot of reasons:I’m probably,as my Mother used to say,a glutton for punishment.I never could resists an argument,or ,too often,a fight.For some strange reason,I like you.I feel anger with,sympathy for,and empathy with you.I believe that with perseverance,communication is possible.Finally,that angry sparring partners often become friends.
      I never assumed that you were straight[or closeted],but was offended by your tough-talking machismo & bragging.I also never intended to try to silence you,V Jones,nor did I cal for others to gang up on you.I DID write that I imagined others shared my disgust with you bragging and stated physical threats.However,to pul out that handy quote from Voltaire:I detest what you say,but would defend to the death your right t say it.
      I,myself,am not of the streets,but have been in poverty for many extended periods.My background ranges from briefly upper middle to sometimes struggling middle class,with aristocratic[but long un-monied] roots.
      Certainly know anger,have anger management problems.I know the difference between expressing anger verbally and acting on it physically.However,I don’t always contain that separation,and am currently under probation for assaulting a biker who almost ran me down.
      Very sorry to hear about your being bullied,V,and do think you need help with both your anger and your sense of self-worth.
      Good luck to you,V Jones!

  24. Hello Davey Wavey, i am a straight male. Have a fiance and a child on the way but i did just want to say a couple things. One. You are awesome for being so confident in who you are. and Two, i love watching your videos. Gay steroetypes are over rated and i believe in equality in all

    • @Zain:,@Whoever:
      Very nice comments, Zain,very positive .
      As a gay guy who is,once again in love wit a straight guy, I’d like to add what you probably already know, as do many others:Gay,straight,or anywhere in the broad spectrum in-between is not contagious,nor something one decides. While Lady Gaga gets on my nerves, she definitely got it right with “Born this way”. Whether we like,or accept it,or not, most[all?] people can’t change__Take it from one who’s tried.
      I’d like to add,that while I know intellectually that falling in love with a straight guy is hopeless,both the heart and the hormones have their reasons.

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