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January 17, 2013
by Davey Wavey

What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas.

As it turns out, gay men have a lot to say about vaginas. If you love this, share it on your Facebook timeline.




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  1. I LOVED this video :D All my friends – mainly gay guys – shriek at the thought or mention of vaginas. It’s nice to see other gay guys who are a little more reasonable about them. Thanks for a great video!!

  2. Pathetic, sexist and stupid. Davey, really? Suppose you’ll give us; “what young gay guys think of older gay guys in Palm Springs.” Actually that might be a good . . .

  3. Hello Davey/David,

    I just viewed your lastest vlog and it leaves me unsure of this illusion your trying to break/educate us on.

    It feel as tho you are just catering towards getting the views, likes and subscriber. I just feel you could educate us more on the message you want to get across because this lastest vlog seem to be cheap and just going after the views.

    I know that most gay men don’t like to consider that the vagina is apart of there life, and it is.

    Maybe you could have discussed the fact that we think we are meant to play the role that nature outline for our reproductive organs and that this play on our minds. Birds and the bees and where do gays fit into that picture ?

    I feel that you could balances out the education and entertainment. You’ll still get the views, like and subscribers.

    Also I enjoy watching Davey Wavey, tho I find myself seeking more David. I like the fun entertaining Davey but I would like to see more David maybe you could balances the two out in your vlogs.


    P.S I just find myself wanting you to do the best that you can and this was not one of your best, even tho you got all these views. It was entertaining but that’s it and all it will be. I want to see you achieve more than this.

  4. Loved it :) the guy with the wig is really funny, I could just imagine him saying ‘girl’ over and over…

  5. Who is the hottie in the red shirt? He is super cute!

  6. Thanks so much for this, I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately, and thus really made my day :) I especially liked the drag queen – I could imagine her saying ‘girl’ over and over…

  7. Strange–I’ve landed in WDland because this video on vaginas is getting wider play in the hipster stream net media of vulture, Jezebel, etc. some are getting quite upset about it, and using it as a springboard for discussing whether views expressed denigrate women, etc., but honestly?
    I just saw such a sparkle of gentle humor in the video that I was drawn to see what else you’ve been doing. I’ve taken a couple of hours and I’ve found: it’s incredibly easy to figure out which videos might appeal to me more based on their subject matter, you’re funny, your friend Matthew seems like a dreamy person I wish I knew, and you seem entirely, refreshingly guileless about the whole enterprise.
    I think you can be objectively proud of your physical fitness, and putting it on you tube seems a natural extension of that–but it’s just funny for me to be someone who came in the “back way”, as it were–came for the message and stayed for the same. I’m a straight girl who could care less about your pecs. On the other hand, your smile reaches your eyes, and that’s lovely.
    Good on you.

  8. OMG, amazing how people can’t understand this was meant to be joke. It wasn’t a serious video. And if anything, Davey acknowledges the importance of vaginas in the end!

    Please, people, get over yourselves!

  9. Wet and tasty?

  10. Afterall they are men . they are supposed to think about Vaginas and what makes a diffrence that they are gay.. No worries

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