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April 25, 2011
by Davey Wavey

What Makes Me Different.

First things first, it would be impossible for me not mention the boatload of positive, uplifting notes and emails that I’ve received over the last few days from blog buddies like you. It was the exact opposite of Thursday’s experience, and I’ve very grateful for it. Reading your messages was very moving, and it gave me a great sense of purpose to know how my work has touched so many people. Thank you for giving me that gift. As cheesy as it sounds, I went to bed on Saturday night nestled in your love – and with a smile from ear to ear.

At any rate, it’s a new day! And I’m delighted to share that today is day 19 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge in which I’ve been participating. Today’s topic is describing “what makes you different from everyone else.”

Truth be told, I think our differences pale in comparison to our similarities. Each of us, in my opinion, are different expressions of the same light. We all want to love and be loved – and each of us is making the best decisions we know how to make. We are all brothers and sisters on this great planet.

But even brothers and sisters have differences, and of course, I’m no exception. Here’s how I think I’m probably different from most people in my demographic:

  1. I don’t drink alcohol, and have never tried it (except a few sips as a young child).
  2. The perspectives that I hold about life are pretty different.
  3. My life has been shared with 50 million people via YouTube. Not many people can say that!
  4. Each time I masturbate, an angel gets its wings. Okay, I made that one up.
  5. I go to bed (and wake up) very early – 9:30 PM and 5:30 AM respectively.
  6. I usually prefer silence to music, and am not very fond of clubs or partying.
  7. That I had the world’s biggest crush on Eddie Winslow from Family Matters.
  8. I dislike hearing people sniffle for some strange reason.
  9. I’ve never tried drugs.
  10. I enjoy dancing around my house in my underwear.

So what makes YOU different? Let me know a few things in the comments below.


  1. I think you’d be surprised by how many people secretly enjoy dancing around their house in underwear. :P

  2. I really thought u were gonna say ur abs and pecks…..but i like #4, and that is so tru…..i ca nliterally hear them yelling for joy, or is that just me…haha

  3. I love you, I wish I could be as optimistic and bright as you Davey! You are my role model, and, I believe, one of the greatest human beings on this earth!!! <3

    Ways that I believe I am different.
    1. I can not live without music, a life of silence would be my personal torture!
    2. I do not want to be skinny, being skinny just looks unhealthy and, I would be afraid that someone was going to break me!
    3. I am bisexual, but I prefer bigger girls over skinny girls.
    4. I love dancing in the rain, or just being in it.
    5. I love to sing, all the time. Ask anyone that know's me, they will say that I never stop.
    6. I like to randomly scream, don't know why, but I do.

    Love you Davey! <3

  4. Where do you get your material … everytime you masturbate and angel gets it’s wings … you kill me first with honesty and second with laughter … kudos … just a note … the day you did all the crumpled paper and it became a heart was by far my fav video you’ve done … i’ve shared it and others have the same reaction … unexpected ending but a wonderful ending … Rgds, Andrew

  5. Where do you get your material … everytime you masturbate an angel gets it’s wings … you kill me first with honesty and second with laughter … kudos … just a note … the day you did all the crumpled paper and it became a heart was by far my fav video you’ve done … i’ve shared it and others have the same reaction … unexpected ending but a wonderful ending … Rgds, Andrew (60 miles west of Toronto – Kitchener / Waterloo)

  6. Hey Davy :) ,

    Love the masturbation thing btw (same thing happens to me too – not making it up).

    Ways I’m different to people in my neighbourhood:

    1. I’m British.
    2. I cook and clean naked.
    3. I’ve been to every country in Europe before I’m 30 (I’m 27).

    Loveyou <3

  7. Well I guess the biggest way I’m different than other people is my commitment to non-violence I would rather someone beat the hell out of me than to raise a hand in aggression but besides that I have a fear of frozen crab legs because I think one well come back to life and kill me and i have never once read or watched any movie involving Harry potter

    All pretty unique I think

    So much love davey!!!!!!


  8. I went on a zero gravity plane. It was a whole new experience unlike any other!

  9. 1. Iv’e experienced alot more than anyone I know about life, the good and bad.
    2. If someone yells at me i almost never yell back ( makes the other person feel bad).
    3. I am very spiritual, and I have experienced alot of miraculous events in my life.
    4. I have a very loving family that lets me know they care for me like no one has ever treated me in my life, I’m lucky for that
    4. I love to drive everywhere ( not lately due to stupid gas prices)
    5.I try not to inflict negative energy towards anyone for any reason.
    6. I love to garden
    7. music is my life

  10. 1. I’m physically a woman and mentally not.
    2. I’m happily divorced with no children.
    3. Mountains, rain, snow and cold weather brighten my day.
    4. I love to love and spreading it makes the world go round.
    5. Art and video games are my favorite pass times.

  11. I counted wrong lol

  12. 1. I write an award-winning kids and parenting blog but I’m under 30 and don’t ever want kids of my own.
    2.I didn’t get my driver’s license until two weeks before I left for college. I wasn’t going to get it but my mother told me I at least needed it as a form of identification.

  13. I have the voice of a young Julie Andrews.

  14. That is awesome! We have so much in common! That means we should get married right? Major jk! Hope you and your boyfriend live a happy and fulfilled life!

  15. Davey,
    I can relate to you on #’s 1, 2, 5, 6 & 9. I can also relate to one you may have forgotten about – I HATE SHIRTS (and try not to wear them whenever possible), lol.
    Have a GREAT week and the rest of a FANTASTIC day.

  16. I find it funny how we focus so intently on our differences despite the fact that our similarities are far more important and far more fundamental. I also find it funny how different I feel sometimes and, despite knowing differently, how isolated I feel at times even though I may be the centre of attention in a crown of people. But here’s what I feel makes me unique and special:

    1) I have an IQ around 156.

    2) I got bored and dropped out of University after 3 years.

    3) I sing opera and have studied music for 10 years.

    4) I lost 245lbs.

    5) After losing the weight I spent a year eating half a litre of ice cream and drinking 2L of regular Coke every day because my Dr. told me I was unhealthy at 155lbs. In that year I gained 15lbs only.

    6) I have sung the national anthems for Major League Baseball games.

    7) I have been a compulsive gambler and I gave it up cold turkey when I realized I was letting it run my life.

    8) When I was 10 my mom died.

    9) When I was 18 my house burned down.

    10) I wouldn’t change a damn thing. It all contributes to who I’ve become and I love who I’ve become!

  17. That emoticon should be 8 ) LMAO!

  18. Mad respect on no drinking and no drugs!!! I know alot of people are into drugs, I do drink from time to time but cant stand other things. I don’t really have a problem with people that do, except for my boyfriend hahaha. I bring the whip out on that kind of thing :P

  19. @ Dave Mosaic
    Wow! The fact you lost that much weight is AMAZING! Right now I weigh over 550 and am trying to lose it. I hope I can have the same kind of success you did. Also, I have to commend you on your effort to remain happy in the face of your adversities. Sometimes we can only achieve happiness because we want it and are willing to go after it. CHASE HAPPINESS!

  20. And on that note, it is time to go to bed so that another angel can get its wings…..maybe 2 angels!…..if I stay up REALLY late :)

  21. Eddie Winslow UGH! UGH1

  22. I have never had a drink.
    Never smoked.
    Don’t club.
    Can’t fall asleep without music.
    Always try to see the positive in everything even though it sometimes might be difficult.
    Have few friends because I feel the quality of a friendship is more important than quantity.
    I try to see everyones point if view even if at first I don’t agree.
    Watch the movie The Secret about once a month.
    I Believe that I can be anything I want to be.
    Don’t like drama

    I’m a 22 yr old gay male and these are what I think makes me different than most guys in my demographic.

  23. I totally do number 10! lol

  24. 1. I love to sing even though i know I am awful
    2. Horrible at lying haha. I can’t stop smiling when I do
    3. I believe smiling leads to laughing and laughing is the greatest medicine(as is adam lambert and lady gaga music)
    4. Music is amaizng but I have to be in the mood for it or I get pisssed haha
    5. I say awkward things to break the tension! Haha it usually doesnt work…
    6. Underwear is my favorite type of clothing
    7. I like chocolate
    8. Peanut butter and jellous is the most fabulous comment I’ve ever heard!

  25. 1, I love to clean
    2, I don’t listen to rap
    3, I almost never say no
    4, I sing and dance arround in my underwear when I cook
    5, I’m an amazingly creative cook
    6, I can’t spell to save myself
    7, I want to train to be a paramedic and drop out of my electrical aprentiship because I feel I need to help people and I haven’t told my parents
    8, I love the rain

    9 , I prefer doing voluntary work compared to paid work, because it means something to me and the people you’re doing it for, the moment you get paid it’s all about the money

  26. …. I actually sleep BETTER with a partner that snores! :) XOXO -Stu

  27. 1. I’m a gay Christian guy and intend to make that work. And I believe God is on my side in doing that.
    2. I wasted too many years of my life denying/avoiding that I was gay.
    3. How many times I jerk off is limited by what my body can do, not by how much time I have. (growing old sucks) I’m with you on the angel wings.
    4. I’ve never tried drugs either.
    5. I’m only out in Russia
    6. I get to work from home in my underwear or less.
    Love you for being a great guy and everything you’re doing to make the world a better place. The blogtv last night was awesome.

  28. 1. I look at all sources of wisdom from the ancients and some of young men too;
    2. I am a cougar in a relationship, my partner is 23 and I am 51;
    3. I have five black cats, two black females and a grey male who need a home;
    3. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I hate ice skating and hockey;
    4. I started my current life in 2006 with surgery in 2009 to bring out the real me;
    5. I am straight;
    6. I started drawing in the fall of 2009 and am now selling my drawings. I could never draw very good before then;
    7. I am getting married to my current partner in September in a traditional pagan tradition;
    8. I have followed Break the Illusion since I started my transition;
    9. I can read runes;
    10. I am a witch.

  29. I think I have a pretty rare mix of rather pedestrian things. I’m:
    1. A bisexual male
    2. ADHD-PI and introverted
    3. Vegetarian
    4. Atheist
    5. I split my time in half between a) athletic training and organizing sporting events b) creative writing and conceptual arts projects.
    6. Despite all those athletics I absolutely hate watching sports, reading sports news or talking about sports.

    In reality, most people are a lot more interesting than we think.

  30. 1. I’m physically a woman and mentally not.

    Ah, the similarities. I was born mostly female (with a condition that increases my testosterone quite a bit, giving me a male build in most areas), and I’m currently a pre-transition transman.

  31. In no particular order of what I hold important:

    1. I was born mostly female with a genetic condition that increases my testosterone levels, giving me a male build.

    2. When I was 8, I realised that everything about me was wrong, and that I should have been born male.

    3. I’m a bisexual transguy.

    4. I’m an athiest, but I like to contemplate the possible existence of an intelligent universe (not a deity)

    5. In the past, I’ve hated people, but I’ve learnt recently that hate does absolutely nothing, and therefor I don’t hate people any more.

    6. I dislike being around people most of the time – I love silence and the feeling that there is no one near me for miles and miles.

    7. I want to become an astronaut.

    8. I want to die in space (honestly not morbid. It just seems like a beautiful and peaceful way to die after a long and full life)

    9. This blog has inspired me to actually make changes in my life.

    10. I love the rain, snow, clouds and thunderstorms.

    11. I love physics, especially quantum and astrophysics.

  32. Can’t figure out how the F to add a comment,so :Here Goes:Re What Makes me different:D.W.,I’m sorely disappointed to read that your #4 isn’t true.
    For me,sadly,and equally sadly for too many others:I spent many years avoiding/denying my gay orientation.In my case,it took acouple of near-death experiences and the early stages of recovery from alcoholism to make me accept myself. Maybe not different,but such a waste.

  33. To find and accept yourself is not a waste, it is a freedom to be you.Keep up the recovery my partner is one year sobriety on May 1 it changed his life.

  34. No wonder all the angels in heaven have wings…must have kept you very busy. Actuall;y, there was never any mention in the Bible that angels had wings. It is the desire of humans that they have those fluffy things.
    I want my ashes mixed with GLITTER and tossed over the Golden Gate Bridge.I want to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico as I am a painter in the style of Georgia O Keefe.
    I hate heat and humidity.
    I have a quest for knowledge and the more I know, the more I realize I dont know and time is so limited for humans.
    I hate horror movies.
    I do not like the leather scene.
    I am happy….and that makes my world shimmer.

  35. What Makes Me Different?

    That I have a wonderful and handsome boyfriend for the past 15 years.

    That I have two wonderful, sweet doggies.

    That we all have our health — some days better than others.

    That we don’t owe money to anybody.

    That I am hooked up to Davey Wavey in body and mind.

  36. I agree with you, that we are more alike that different, but that having bee said here is where I differ;
    1. I have had the same best friend for more than three decades and he is straight.
    2. I have been to 38 States of the US and 42 countries around the world.
    3. My partner and I have been together happily and faithfully for 15 years.
    4. My Dad was my first hero.
    5. My Mom is my greatest defender.
    6. My partner’s Dad calls me son.
    7. I have never smoked, or done an illegal drug.
    8. I love to dance, and do it well.
    9. I listen to music daily, from classical to jazz.
    10. I love my garden where I get fresh herbs and vegetables throughout the Summer and early Fall.
    11. I compost, ride my bike (up to 20 miles per/day in the Spring, Summer and Fall.
    12. I came out after “Stonewall” and before”AIDS” and lived through the early days, when we knew….nothing.
    13. I have stood in front of “The Pyramids”, been on the Amazon River, and stood on a glacier in Alaska (2x)
    14. I have the best life partner in the world according to…everyone who has met him.
    15. I love to cook and I am really good at it.
    16. I am equally comfortable naked or in a tux.
    17. I have met 5 (of my 6) favorite celebrities
    18. I have sung the national anthem at the Statue of Liberty.
    19. I sleep better next to my partner.
    20. My life is never boring.

  37. Judd,

    Keep at it. Do whatever it takes. I was living in a body that reflected the frustration I felt for my life and the resentment I held for myself. Today I live in a body that reflects who I really am and the fundamental happiness and love I feel in my heart and soul.

    I’d be happy to talk to you further about it if you’re interested. Let me know:


  38. Kenn,

    I also have had my straight best friend for more than 3 decades. I was there the day he was born. We call ourselves platonic soul-mates.

  39. I think you are very particular in your daily rote in. if you want looking to find some trusted people then visit the given link.

  40. thats a unique experience-where did you do that?

  41. whats different with me?having a few drinks after work is no big deal-dealing with my sister-in-law daily is rewarding-sometimes challenging.i can use a computer but too many wizmo-gizmoes confuse me.i just learned how to operate a digital camera-oh happy day.masturbate?take it or leave it.sometimes stay up too late due to radio-too much info-too many opinions-clubs and partying-nothing fulfilling for me.i dont find anyone my age that is progressive-i constantly want change and constant evolution.in short-i want a revolution in a world where people are not intelligent to start one.Lenin and Marx-they are my true heroes.

  42. I have the biggest crush on u, I masturbate of how hott u r (hope that doesn’t creep u out Davey), I alwas swim nude and sleep nude, I watch all ur vids and blogs everyday, I love 2 dance in my house with shirt off and naked under my slacks and I love to have company :)

  43. I agree with you, that we are more alike, than we are different, As I read some of the responses I see more and more how that is true (and I am at least a generation older than you), but here are some of the things that make me different;

    1. I have been on every continent except Antarctica. (before I was 28).
    2. I have never tried drugs.
    3. My longest, continuous, happy and personally successful relationship (with someone that I am not related by marriage or biology) has been my best friend of 35 years (who is straight and married).
    4. I am happily involved and in love with the same man for 15 years.
    5. My mother and I always end our conversations (almost daily) with “I love you”.
    6. My partner and I host Thanksgiving dinner every year with both families in our home. (mine Southern born, African-American, his Mid-west Slovac descendents, and our gay friends….and everyone has a great time.

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