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May 19, 2011
by Davey Wavey

Who’s Your Daddy? [Video]

Sure, 18 year olds are totally cute. But older guys are totally sexy, too. I think it’s time we practice a little socialism and spread the wealth of love and attention. And so I decided to make a video about it:


  1. You ain’t nuthin’ till you have your first grey pube! (LOL – that what I have got to say about that!)

  2. Hey, Davey. I’m from Rio de Janeiro and I’m finding very fun to watch your videos. They’re really well done and honnest, which is quite hard to find in Internet (well, you being the cutest thing helps too!).

    I decided to comment in this post because I too am very fond of older guys – although I prefer Matt Damon instead of Mark W.

    Well, that’s it! I just wanted to complement you for doing such a nice job in your videos.

    On, and sorry if my English sucks!

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