• At 2007.09.29 15:00, Iain said:

    Hiya, I saw your youtube vids, what a funny thing to see in the middle of some tower blocks. xD

  • At 2007.10.01 20:33, iansky said:

    i dont see the pics

  • At 2007.10.01 22:54, sarah said:

    awwwwwwwwww you took the pics down =[

  • At 2007.10.09 17:55, Alex said:

    you are hot… and your very funny.. good job!

  • At 2007.10.25 21:43, Dwarf Redwood said:

    It’s illegal if you get caught
    unethical if you have a guilty conscience.

  • At 2007.10.27 16:47, Charlie Manner said:

    Actually I don’t think it’s illegal. It’s news gathering. He’s performing a lewd illegal act and you caught him. For the same reason Chris Hanson can broadcast peadophiles faces on Dateline NBC, you can put up the pics…I think…I watch Law & Order but I’m not sure.

    …..I’m sure this is gonna look real great. Me trying to track down pics of a maturbator. Okay! Psycho! But that’s okay…I’m 18. You on the other hand are 24 so all I can say to that is :wink: good reporting :wink: .

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind having a peeping Tom. I’m so paranoid about it in the bathroom though, whenever I go in I shut the windows. But in my room I’m more comfortable. The house next door is higher than mine but I’m not sure if they can see into my room. If they can, they could make a killin’ with me on internet porn. Not that I’m bragging…It could go either way. They do have those fetish sites…Wow, am I ever outta the gutter?

    Once when I was like 12 this old guy at a restuaraunt was hitting on me! I was so scared. He told me I had pretty eyes. You just get that sick feeling in your gut. Anyway, he looked drunk so I don’t know. And it’s so weird, old men still hit on me. :Just remembered: I saw this tight girl at the grocery store the other week. I get tingly thinking about her. She could have been the one. And I was like frozen.

    It was so weird. This Indian “guru” looking guy was in from of me and this girl was in the other line. Now I was glancing at her and she was kinda glancing at me (I think). And then she reached over to my side for some Coke and she opened the thing wrong (I think she was nervous too). And this “guru” guy was looking at me and then her and he smiled and the whole place was buzzing so he was like theonly one who I think might have known. It so hard walking away but she was jsu t tooooo :can’t think of word: YES.

    Wow, I sound like a psycho again going on and I don’t even know you. I’m just talkative so excuse me. Sorry I didn’t leave your usual comments like “you’re hot dude, you should get into porn” or “You’re hot” :laughs: Seriously, I’m gonna shut up now…well, not really, I’m just gonna stop typing. Okay

  • At 2007.10.27 20:02, Tim said:

    You are a treasure!

  • At 2007.11.01 16:21, Jake Williams said:

    dude you are so f-ing hot! i wouldnt mind watching you jack off! ok i sounded real creep right there, but iwish you would put hte pics back up, it is not illegal or unethical! it is HILARIOUS!

  • At 2007.11.04 14:07, CLINTON FLOYD said:

    I want you. You can find me ALL over the internet. I’m that guy that’s a cybering WHORE! I LOOOOVE to masturbate in open windows so I’m sure you’ll think I’m hot.


  • At 2007.11.12 08:43, Richard Roque said:

    Where are the pictures? I don’t see them here, can you send through my e-mail. Thanks cutie!

  • At 2007.11.13 01:35, Ray said:

    Can u send me the pics please.

    and your super HOT

  • At 2007.11.21 12:34, jason said:

    Hey can u email me those pics?

    Im not gay i just want to see them

  • At 2007.11.21 12:35, jason said:

    Hey can u email me those pics?

    i just want to see them
    and your hottt

  • At 2007.11.21 12:42, jason said:

    could you send me those pics of your neighbor masterbating

  • At 2007.11.21 12:43, jason said:

    Can you send me the pics of your masterbating neighbor By E-mail?


  • At 2007.11.21 12:44, jason said:

    sorry about that many comments I keep thinking it was deleted but it wasnt

  • At 2007.11.23 00:15, Blaine said:

    Hahah there are definitely no pictures.

  • At 2007.11.23 16:26, suzi said:

    I wanted to see the pictures :(
    if you could send it to my e-mail please it will be very kind of you :)
    thanks beautiful, have a lovely weekend <3

  • At 2007.11.23 16:27, suzi said:



  • At 2007.12.01 03:36, Goov said:

    Hey – there’s no legal right to privacy – if you can see it – it ain’t illegal!
    Incidentally – for Charlie, while the masturvating guy’s act may be considered lewd by some – it’s certainly not illegal.

  • At 2007.12.03 03:20, Emman said:

    Aww the pictures are gone can u email me

  • At 2007.12.03 11:57, sunny said:

    you r great & lucky that you caught the pics…
    do i have d honour to view the pics u caught..
    & u r very good looking..

  • At 2007.12.11 09:53, chin chan said:

    hey dave… i watched a few of your videos for the first time today… i can’t believe i saw your stuff just now all this time i’m bumming around and watching youtube all day… can i just say you are so hilarious? as in totally… lol anyway… i admire you having remorse over taking pics of that wacko jacking off… but please don’t be a tease and put those friggin pics back up, otherwise remove the blogs and videos related to that all together, oh and by the way… you are scorchin’!

  • At 2007.12.17 05:11, observent said:

    for someone who “isn’t gay” Jason, (comment number 12-16) really wants to see those pictures… i mean of course i am a little intrigued as well but damn… this guy is like a crack addict who needs their next fix… seriously he really should be honest with himself… dude you are such a homo… face it and move on… i think it is hilarious that in comment 12 he says “i am not gay…” abd in the very next comment number 13 he says that you are hott… which of course you are i mean he is right about that but thats besides the point, he’s “not gay” remember…lol just thought i’d point that out to you sir… oh and yes you are half naked in 99.9 percent of your posts… but hey… you wont hear me complain

  • At 2007.12.25 23:01, alex said:

    sorry to bug you like everybody else is but could you email me the pics please?


  • At 2008.01.01 23:18, Kuco said:

    sup dude. yeah, i’d LOVE to see those pics. I just started watching the his channel a few days ago and I made it to particular entry.


  • At 2008.01.06 10:23, arvid said:

    hey, I think its pretty funny all those guys wanting to see YOU and supposing you to be a slut, apparently :D
    anyway, I can understand your decision to take those pictures down… although, still, I wouldn’t have minded to take a look XD

  • At 2008.01.08 09:10, art said:

    hi three,

    just saw your video on the masturbating neighbor. very funny. Ummmnn do you think you could still email me the pics you took.


  • At 2008.01.11 02:55, trish said:

    can you send me the pics?

  • At 2008.01.14 17:55, Jack said:

    Heck, if everyone’s getting them, I want the pics too! Thanks for a fun blog.

  • At 2008.01.16 00:39, sarah said:

    NOOO!!! I’m too late to see the mastburating neighbor! DAMN!
    But…I subbed to you on youtube Very funny stuff.

  • At 2008.01.19 20:43, B-Rad said:

    can u send me the pics


  • At 2008.01.20 15:36, bart said:

    Can yoy please send those pics to me please. U r so hot

  • At 2008.01.21 01:54, Jen said:

    Dammit, I am too late for the Picture! Lol okay so maybe your right about it being unethical and maybe its little illegal but that’s’ really a mere technicality and I’m sure no one would care anyways.
    If they do I’m a law student and I’ll defend you in court and the only fee I’ll ask for is your hot self walking around me with out your shirt. Think about it Cutie

  • At 2008.01.21 22:06, Caitlin said:

    erm email? please?

  • At 2008.01.26 02:01, Charles said:


    I saw your vid in YouTube. And you’re a hottie ;-) . It’s too bad you’ve taken down the pic in your blog. Can you send it to me via email? Thanks.

  • At 2008.01.26 03:22, sarah said:


    i saw your vid… in youtube…. damn your looking good… felt so bad that you’ve already taken down the picss in your blog… is there any change that i can get it??? even in email…
    by the way here’s my email…
    hope you send it… thanks

  • At 2008.01.27 10:31, Björn said:


    can you send me the pics at my email..?
    i have see your video on youtube.com


    see you

  • At 2008.01.27 17:20, Mike said:


    Dammit how I wanted to see those pics. But I don’t think it’s unethical or even illegal if you send it over an e-mail. So much the less if you send it to the other side of the planet :-)

    But if you think it’s still unethical, you can send me a photo of your own (fully) naked body.

    Please send it, bye

  • At 2008.02.05 04:49, gc_sucker said:

    i too caught the youtube video and like everyone else on this thread and probably a few more people who havent posted anything on here. then to do what pretty much everyone has done, and follow the trail to a disappointing end…
    i personally think its a bit of bullshit, its made uo to get more people to check out this blogspot and gain some sort of self righteous “internet fame”. if you dont agree think of it this way, why not take down the video where this guy repeatedly says “check out my blog spot, check it out to see the pictures” .. wake up people, there are no pictures!! but thats my opinion and im entitled to it

  • At 2008.02.06 16:47, Lincoln said:

    Man you should of left the pics up. All you need to do is blot/cover the guys face and it’s all good.

  • At 2008.02.09 12:01, Monkey1961 said:

    Would like to see the pics, are they archive, or could you send them?



  • At 2008.02.09 21:42, Chris said:

    where are the pics? can you send some to me

  • At 2008.02.09 21:43, Chris said:

    my e mail is cjs85@sbcglobal.net

  • At 2008.02.14 11:30, tod said:

    there are no real pics, are there?

  • At 2008.02.21 23:20, cessar said:

    I saw the videos at youtube

    I want to see the pictures! plizz

    my mail: cesar.gaione@gmail.com


  • At 2008.02.24 18:59, Jamie said:

    Damn, way too late. Come to Ireland and let me marry your smile!

  • At 2008.02.27 12:27, sam said:

    lol can u atleast post them 4 like a week or summin ?

  • At 2008.02.28 06:51, Ralf said:

    I’ll not be very original. I saw your Video, I think you’re very cute guy, and I would like to see those pics. If You could send me them….
    C U

  • At 2008.02.28 16:51, Sergio said:

    WOW! your GORGEOUS!!
    and i would love to see those pics!

  • At 2008.03.01 11:58, Jhay said:

    oh please send me a copy of those pictures too i want to see them. I was laughing my ass off when i was watching your video about it. Good job.

  • At 2008.03.02 13:09, john said:

    Can u send them to me too?!?!

  • At 2008.03.02 18:39, Daniel said:

    Hey Just saw ur blog, where are the pics gone? Please can you mail me Nad85ishome@hotmail.co.uk

  • At 2008.03.07 23:14, Jacob said:

    you should email me the pics jacobfischer2525@hotmail.com they sound like they look awesome!

  • At 2008.03.08 06:31, David Storms said:

    Want 2 Chat? powerkinshad@aim.com
    Send Me Your Msn Or Aim.

  • At 2008.03.08 22:47, Kevin said:

    aww can you email me them?

  • At 2008.03.11 15:52, Tyler Hytla said:

    i searched all like 20 pages to find these pictures.
    and what do i get? nothing.
    oh well;
    i love your youtube things

    very funny to watch :]
    see me on myspace:

  • At 2008.03.11 22:34, Jimmy said:

    oh man, just like everyone else i’m very curious about these pics hahaha. would love to see em so…
    jrodny88@yahoo.com if possible!

    at least u know now that ure not the only creepy one!

  • At 2008.03.13 02:38, Al said:

    Dude this is my secound time trying to see those picturessss im going CRAZY heheheh, but seriously i would like to see them! Thankss

    Your amazing and Funny!!!

    Keep those videos coming they’re fun to watch

  • At 2008.03.13 02:39, Al said:

    Sorry here is my email


    please send me the pictures!



  • At 2008.03.14 02:08, Joe said:

    haha oh man you are so hot!! you should so post those pictures put i really want to see them. If not i would appreciate it if you send them to my email which is vietboyroar@yahoo.com haha you are really hot though, god i cant get you off my mind now, haha im such a creep. stay sexy handsome<3 :)

  • At 2008.03.14 15:50, Raven said:

    Idon’t think it’s illegal. i’ve gon to harvard klaw and have not found anything illegal about that. so send me the pics please. I might be a lawyer, but i am still gay!. ;)

    ps. i think you are cute!

  • At 2008.03.16 07:51, Lola said:

    Can you send me the pics to my email please????

  • At 2008.03.16 07:51, Lola said:

    Can you send me the pics to my email please???? My email is md12345@gmail.com

  • At 2008.03.19 12:37, Samantha said:

    Lol,, yeah can u send me the pics i wanna see them??

    my msn is jell-o_therewego@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.03.22 05:35, Mulrey said:

    I have to ask… sorry…. but please do mail them to me… the story is hot as hell…. just like you and Will…. man… in fact… you are both smokin!

    If you also wanna send pics of yourself and Will whacking one out too feel free…. lol…. jk…. or am I? ;o)

  • At 2008.03.22 05:36, Mulrey said:

    Hmmm dunno if you see my email address … so here it is:


  • At 2008.03.27 21:18, C...bAstian said:

    Isaw yout videos and I think that your amazing…butttt why you down the picturesss???
    It’s no illegalll!!!! and also it isn’t unethetical!!!!

  • At 2008.03.31 05:09, James said:

    Please send the picture to me too!

    its 1 year late but still send!

  • At 2008.04.04 01:15, SammyQT said:

    I think thats hillarious!!! =) could you send me those too plz.


  • At 2008.04.04 13:38, oforu2000 said:

    man i have become a big fan of yours i would love to see those pictures please send me those

  • At 2008.04.05 05:24, hy said:

    please send me those pictures to benettoncat@net.hr

  • At 2008.04.08 04:30, Loik said:

    hi there!!!
    hey is there any way u can send me the pics of the guy?.. ^-^ pal.loik@yahoo.com

  • At 2008.04.09 03:05, Jess said:

    So are you actually sending the pics to the many people who are asking for them? if so, my email is iam4real206@yahoo.com


  • At 2008.04.11 22:51, Mikey said:

    lol sounds funny, just send the pics to locomikey665@yahoo.com lol, i know it’s weird, but it sounds to funny that you got pictures XD

  • At 2008.04.12 01:52, Dan said:

    So…kinda stupid question, but you really sending those pics to all these people? Count me in! dashel_aurant@yahoo.com

  • At 2008.04.18 00:53, ItaliaanJordaan said:

    Send me pics pleaseeee! :D


  • At 2008.04.21 01:00, Gena said:

    Saw your you-tube video, it sparked my curiosity, so I figured if you’re actually sending these pics to people I might as well ask too. If not, no prob. :P

  • At 2008.04.22 11:15, chris said:

    hey! whats up? nm here was just wonderin if u could send those pix 2 me. and u can add me on yahoo if u want well ttyl


  • At 2008.04.22 19:11, FAGATRON! said:

    Just like the rest:Send me the pics thx

  • At 2008.04.22 19:19, FAGATRON! said:

    yahoo mail BIGPAPA3169@yahoo.com

  • At 2008.04.23 00:49, Zeny said:

    Dude send those pics baybe!!

    and if you have some of you throw those in there too!!

    te amo!


  • At 2008.04.23 03:55, Nay-Nay said:

    Do you guys actually think that he is gonna send those pics to you? If so, you are wasting your time. The pics probably don’t even exist. And besides, half of the people asking for them didn’t even provide their email address…what kind of sense does that make?? I agree with what some of the other people have said. If there’s no pics, you should take down the videos that are telling people to go look at them. You should also do a video that apologizes to everyone who wasted their time coming here for no reason. I think that would be appreciated.

  • At 2008.04.24 17:10, Justin said:

    Hey there I know you taken the pics down. and i also know it has been like o year that you have done the blog but if you are at all sending them I would more then love to see them. Cause well lets just say I am a freak like that. U ROCK!

  • At 2008.04.25 11:47, Dragolfy said:

    Can I get the pics too pwease? :( glitchmasta-lover@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.04.29 23:33, Alex said:

    these pictures seem very interesting i really wanna see them…. same as the others…. please send them my way….. AlxR514@aol.com….. also u are so unbelievable hottt its like amazing!

  • At 2008.04.30 17:10, larry said:

    is it too late to get them e-mailed

  • At 2008.04.30 17:13, larry said:

    send to” bottleboyzz @yahoo.com” or it seems that everyone wants to see them maybe you should just put them back up….. and next time “the neighbor “masterbates get a video !

  • At 2008.04.30 20:01, Alex said:

    You fucking took the pics off!!! i wanted to see them so badly, perhaps u could send them to me!! I want to see them cause im a gay in new york!!

  • At 2008.05.03 22:43, Leslie said:

    heyy can u send me the pics of that guy masturbating? send it to me at the_girl_foru@hotmail.com thanks =]

  • At 2008.05.04 23:03, Ysabella Audrianna Nonyabiz said:

    How sweet.

    I admire your sensitivity.


    Way too many people are asking for the pics , though…. lol.

  • At 2008.05.06 05:59, Rowena said:

    alot of people were asking for pictures of that naked masturbating neighbour dude.
    i dont think its their place t be asking you to send them the pictures.
    You took them down for a reason, because you felt uncomfortable with what you were doing, and thats fine.
    they obviously know how you felt about these pictures, and still the insensitive ask for more.
    so anyway, and you send me the pictures..
    haha im joking.
    good on you for taking down those pictures because that was what you wanted to do.

  • At 2008.05.06 06:09, art said:

    hey, can i see those pics of your masterbating neighbor?

  • At 2008.05.08 11:03, Roel said:

    you’re cute :)

  • At 2008.05.16 17:06, JR said:

    Awesome blog – interesting topics, although I like to see something when i take 30 minutes to find it and see there is nothing there. I may or may not come back to k eep updated on your mental inventions – however, the neibor photos were a big interest – I too had a “wakie” neibor. I beleive, if someone doesnt want to be seen, they dont pull it infront of an open window. – nuff said. *hi fives*.

    ~ JR

  • At 2008.05.18 05:04, Chris said:

    Your blog isn’t worth it. Your pretty idiotic face is to wear & tear – and no cream will make you really different. You’re as common as the next guy. You’ve giving a new meaning to the word ‘shallow’. Put on a shirt and it will be all too evident.

  • At 2008.05.25 04:13, David said:

    Well…I watched just about everyone of your videos (pretty good). Then I came across your video-blog about the masturbating neighbor…but, I didn’t get the chance to view the pics. I’m hoping I would sneak a peek or something similar. Thanks.

  • At 2008.05.25 14:17, jack said:

    u r so hot & sexy!!
    can u send me the picture of your masturbating neighbor?
    please & thank u

  • At 2008.05.26 16:05, MiKO said:

    Hey add my msn maybe you want see more of me but me a want see more of you

  • At 2008.06.01 13:32, shawn said:

    i don’t think that’s illegal. this is an open world. can u send them to me. if u don’t mind, can u send me a pic of u in fully naked. i’m sure i won’t send to others. i’m not bad as u thought..
    to : shawnng_93@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.06.03 23:47, geodude said:

    I think the pictures only exists on this talky fags mind. He’s a big liar!!!

  • At 2008.06.07 21:26, Keri Richardson said:

    Please Please Please send me those pics its not iilegal i checked sooooooooooo send me the pics at



  • At 2008.06.13 14:43, Tim said:

    Hey so I just checked out your video. Could you send me the pictures. Your story is so obscene Im just curious.
    Heres my email

  • At 2008.06.14 07:48, dave said:

    hey, im dying to see your neighbor’s pics… nice blog. I went crazy looking for the pics and i can’t find it. ;( Please send it through my e-mail. I’d be waiting. dave_sanc@yahoo.com thanks in advance.

  • At 2008.06.15 10:10, Joel said:

    You so have to put the pictures back up… Or you’ll just have to email every person who sees your video and comes looking for them.


  • At 2008.06.15 14:04, Tawni Lynn said:

    Damn i’m way to late to see the pics lol!
    well i just say your videos today and your really funny and hot!
    well send them to me if you can!
    p.s you have ALOT of fans lol!:)

  • At 2008.06.20 10:40, charlene said:

    saw your video. man u are damn famous through your gossip! if talking about your neighbour is all it takes to make one well-known, i think i want to try it out too. send me those pics of the guy would you? you made me really curious. charlenechia686@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.06.21 00:49, pavel said:

    can u just post even just one pic?

  • At 2008.06.21 03:32, blah` said:

    i can’t see any pictures. can u sent them to me? thanks

  • At 2008.06.25 01:22, Scott said:

    aww i was looking to see the pics and now they are gone!! :( can you hsow them to me please!

  • At 2008.06.26 10:57, colton said:

    He Was In His Own Home .. Its Not Illegal. And Putting Up A Picture Of A Pedophiles Face On A World News Channel And Posting Pictures Of Some Dude Beating His Dick In His Own Home Are 2 Different Things.

  • At 2008.06.30 20:09, jim bowman said:

    please send me pics. ty

  • At 2008.07.05 12:30, kenneth said:

    hey men i want to see that pic.. plz send me ok ..
    i want to look at it

  • At 2008.07.06 00:10, carlos said:

    send me the pics carlosange2001@yahoo.com
    i want to laugh hahaha

  • At 2008.07.06 00:23, Doink said:

    No you don’t….. You want to get your rocks off just like everyone else here.. Admit it! No need to use a cop out like “I want to laugh”

  • At 2008.07.09 12:30, Gue5762 said:

    You should really email me the pics. please?

  • At 2008.07.11 18:43, jamesw said:

    then why did you say in your video that you are going to post it.. liar!!!

  • At 2008.07.13 04:21, johnny said:

    dude, if he had his window open to the whole world like that to the public its no problem

    whats illegal is if he had the blinds closed and you had a camera hidden in his bedroom lol

  • At 2008.07.14 18:35, Mike said:

    I wanted to see the pics of the neighbor beating off, but I guess I was too late. Your neighbor isn’t the only one I wanted to see in the act, so to speak. I’m just an old pervert, but I do enjoy the nude male body!

  • At 2008.07.16 08:46, andrew said:

    it is not illegal or unethical i am a lawyer and if he was sitting there doing it it was his fault if someone is doing something where the public can see it is all right everyone takes pics if people do something in public take the media for exaple like i said i am a lawyer so plz put the pics back up for us all to see

  • At 2008.07.16 08:47, andrew said:

    or at least put up pictures of you

  • At 2008.07.16 12:06, albert said:

    are you still sending out the pics for people to see? if so please let send them to me

  • At 2008.07.16 16:33, Scott said:

    ya are you sending the pics to people, my email is Egypt08@aol.com

  • At 2008.07.17 07:51, andrew said:

    screw you no its not i am a lawyer

  • At 2008.07.28 02:04, the hunter who kill gay people said:

    im gonna kill you with a group of people so im srry for your fucking life to be put to in end but your head will be post on youtube so be ready when ever you cunt..

  • At 2008.07.28 14:28, Scott said:

    fuck you, you are a sick fuck, and i feel sry for you

  • At 2008.07.28 15:12, Cary said:

    Why would you even give this thing the time of day to tell it something it already knows? Can’t you see it’s displaying self-loathing behavior?

  • At 2008.07.28 18:38, Lindon said:

    Please send me some pics

  • At 2008.07.29 10:26, Pieter said:

    Hi, I am now so curious to those photo’s! the neighbour’s I mean…..

    any way you can forward them?

  • At 2008.07.30 12:48, Tyler said:

    ur a good boy davey wavey how would u like it if someone took pictures of you mastrubating? u really are a good person! =)

  • At 2008.07.30 20:10, giulliano said:

    Lol, i was wondering if you could send me the pics to0 my email.


  • At 2008.08.14 15:21, D said:

    damn there gone? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  • At 2008.08.18 17:19, John said:

    hey im so curious to see the pics send them to me at johnsayswhatever@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.08.18 17:43, Jimmy said:

    Look boys…..another one just wandered in off the street!

  • At 2008.08.18 19:03, Matt said:

    lol, it seems that thing will keep bringing in new people

  • At 2008.08.18 19:37, Rambo said:

    LOL ! This is a manhunt link !

  • At 2008.08.18 19:39, Rambo said:

    Has this been hiding here for a year… HMMMM

  • At 2008.08.19 16:10, tasha c said:

    can you email me the pics please

  • At 2008.08.24 23:11, Dani said:

    Hmm that got alot of requests. I wonder if any got through…

    Okay, a year late. Can I see em?


  • At 2008.08.25 09:03, kate said:

    i would like to see them to im 1 of ur youtube subribers, so please let me see, email them to me, im just a perv and want to see some guy beat 1 out :P
    kate xx

  • At 2008.08.30 11:42, chris said:

    can u send me the pic

  • At 2008.08.31 14:26, Geena said:

    i think that you should re-post the pictures for me :] or send them to my e-mail : BrealymyFall6194@aol.com


  • At 2008.08.31 14:27, Geena said:

    i think that you should re-post the pictures for me :] or send them to my e-mail : BreakmyFall6194@aol.com


  • At 2008.08.31 18:41, Libel said:

    Send it to me , plz!
    I am desesperate to find these little pics! But I am focus to see that! Can you help me ?
    Of corse you can, dude! I’ve seen your videos along all the internet, and I didn’t find these pics! Come on! :D
    Man, don’t do it to me! :D

  • At 2008.09.02 14:46, Chris. said:

    i was just re-watching your video about this and you wer like “go see the pictures of my blog” and i came here and there gone :/ can you send them to me ? :]

    and i love all of your vidoes [:
    and your really cute !

    do you have a myspace?

  • At 2008.09.03 16:22, ENRIQUE said:


  • At 2008.09.06 01:40, kip said:

    why dont you stupid girls stfu noone cares that you think a guys hot your all so fuckin annoying jesus christ get a life and stop reading vogue you stupid girly girl.

    peace out wont respond to any comments your a skank anyways XD.

  • At 2008.09.07 01:56, Nancy said:

    Now there are the photos? Somewhat interested. email me please.

  • At 2008.09.07 12:26, Gall said:

    isnt it obvious… THERE ARE NO PICTURES! he has just gotton 147 more views on his blog…if there wer pics wudnt atleast 1 person have seen em and commented!!!!!!!!its a fukin cheap trick to boost his blog!

  • At 2008.09.10 06:41, matthew-jonathan said:

    hey, ok so i am watching all of ur vids like a marathon lol
    and i got to the one where you took pics of that boy masterbating and i want to see the picss lol please send them to me=)

  • At 2008.09.17 17:49, Josh said:

    He took the pics down because he thought it was unethical, is it any more ethical to email then instead? No. So why would he e-mail them if he wasn’t going to post them?

  • At 2008.09.26 17:34, tiffy said:

    i know im like mad late to this but i too am among the millions who saw the vid on myspace and would like to see the pics. me wanna see! me wanna see! tiffany.davis94@yahoo.com

  • At 2008.09.27 10:14, DJ said:

    i just found out about this this morning. Seeing these guys talking about it are making me curious. Could you send them to my email plz?

  • At 2008.09.28 09:32, dan said:

    Alright… I’ll give. Hehe. Please share? pretty please with a cherry on top…


  • At 2008.09.29 14:28, Mike said:

    Damn! im too late! please send me the picturesssss=)your youtube videos were veryyyy funny

  • At 2008.09.29 14:30, Mike said:


  • At 2008.10.03 16:47, gapi said:

    hi there, i love your vids. just found you on youtube today :) ) heh, i want pics too btw!! :D D i love how theres like 100 people asking to see them..

  • At 2008.10.03 22:38, Butch said:

    Can you send the pics please? If it’s not too much trouble? brnquevedo@yahoo.com

  • At 2008.10.06 10:55, hb0840 said:

    hey man would love to see those pictures

  • At 2008.10.06 21:01, Monkey said:

    You took them down. that’s false advertizing.

  • At 2008.10.07 01:54, Josh said:

    Ok this is insane. I am sure you will never send anyone the pics but if you do, you gotta send them to me!!!


  • At 2008.10.08 14:30, blue said:

    and if you’re a lawyer, you’re probably educated too. but you sure don’t act like an educated person

  • At 2008.10.09 09:47, josh said:

    hey .. you’re really hot man .. i just want you to ask if can you send me the pictures to my e mail adress.. please.. i really wanna watch them.. !!

  • At 2008.10.13 13:41, dsb said:

    its kind of interesting that nobody saw the alleged “masturbating neighbor” pics.

  • At 2008.10.16 01:48, asdf said:

    Hey dude, u seem to be a very smart man, getting attention in all this hype about catching ur neighbor red handed, i guess its all a marketing plan is it?

  • At 2008.10.17 15:05, Franco said:

    hey man … send me those pics please !!!
    Can you send the pics please? If it’s not too much trouble? tank you

  • At 2008.10.17 15:07, Franco said:

    o i’m sorry my e mail is franco_tioema@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.10.17 15:13, Franco said:

    oh i’m sorry my e mail is franco_tioema@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.10.17 15:17, Michelle said:

    Please send

  • At 2008.10.17 15:23, Franco said:

    my e mail is franco_tioema@hotmail.com

  • At 2008.10.19 19:58, madison said:

    oh my god i watched your youtube vid and that is so funny. that is as funny as the time i caught my dad watching porn on the family computer. you should send me those pictures

  • At 2008.10.20 22:52, cheated said:

    Dirty liar , stinky pooh act of privacy caught on your cam but not seen is surely an act of lying. I can masturbate for you if you wanna take some pic. Oh – I can take my own pic. Why dun I just post it to you?

  • At 2008.10.23 15:17, milo said:

    Weel it ispossible to publish the pics as long as you blur the face of the person in the pics! then there is no legal stuff to worry about.

  • At 2008.11.02 06:34, Brian said:

    email me those picks plz.

  • At 2008.11.02 19:35, Karma Chameleon said:

    OMGOSH your youtube post is too funny, your blog is super cool. would loved to have see the pics, hope you put them back up dude.

  • At 2008.11.04 12:05, Iggy said:

    Dude… you need to put the pictures back up!!! Its over a year later and people still want to see them… ugh

  • At 2008.11.07 16:23, Handy T said:

    Could anyone say these pictures ever existed 4 real?

  • At 2008.11.08 20:50, Dickface Donny said:


  • At 2008.11.12 17:29, Jono said:

    Bud you totally should have taken a video of the guy! Pictures are so ’90′s :P

    By the way your youtube clips are great. Hope ya come back to T.O.

  • At 2008.11.12 21:56, Lola said:

    please, i will die if i don’t see the pictures send them to me please i’m begging you. loli.sexy@gmail.com

  • At 2008.11.15 03:11, caven said:

    hi can send me the pictures too? thxs!

  • At 2008.11.18 23:06, Ben said:

    Send the pics to me!!! :P and you’re hot! I wished I have a body like yours. Your pecs are so defined..and I need to work on getting rid of underlying fats under my skin. Any suggestion?

  • At 2008.11.20 03:36, Mark said:

    i really want to see the pic can u send them to me
    p.s your really HOT… WOW the things i would do to u

  • At 2008.11.20 18:38, Dustin said:

    okay, so id definitely love to see these pics!! lol i love catchin people in the act email me sometime if you want too :)

  • At 2008.11.20 22:24, Sir said:

    Here, Here mate! As much as my cock might indicate otherwise, there is no excuse for such self-serving, misleading (and if not, then irresponsible) actions. No boy is ever THAT cute.
    Cheers mate.

  • At 2008.11.23 22:46, lenina said:

    hey where are the pics??

    pls send it to me

    lenin_ina@yahoo.com tnx!!

  • At 2008.11.24 05:16, jason said:

    I got turned on hearing about this and now i see there are no pictures…

  • At 2008.11.30 13:28, Brad said:

    Hey Davey Wavey,
    Just started watching your vids on youtube and man are you hott. I’m from Rhode Island too which is pretty cool. I’d love it if you could e-mail me those pics. I just saw the vid where you talked about em and I couldn’t wait to see them.
    itd be awesome if you could e-mail them to me.

  • At 2008.12.08 03:31, jay said:

    pls send me the pics hehe.. ur so funny… my email add is jay_mike79@yahoo.com

  • At 2008.12.08 07:47, DRPapichulo187 said:

    hey if u eva decide 2 put up da pix send em my way daking9141987@aol.com

  • At 2008.12.13 02:21, Derek said:

    Hello. I wish i can have those pics too. May i? PLease.
    email them to me if you dont mind

  • At 2008.12.14 19:44, marcus said:

    I came on here in the hope of finding a little gratuitous nudity and found lot’s of other guys after the same….. it’s sort of put me off the idea.

    Great blog, by the way, you come across as a really pleasant & cheerful guy.

  • At 2008.12.15 13:23, TDHA said:

    i would really like the pix as well >;P


  • At 2008.12.17 08:44, Rich said:

    So, I came across your you tube vid and couldn’t stop laughing. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and often masturbate in the patio when I think no one is looking. I don’t know why I do it, but I am sure that if I got caught I would be mortified, unless the guy looked like you and was gay, then I would probably just orgasm right on the spot. LOL Anyway, I would love to see the pics, for shits and giggles. You remind me of my friends, which makes your blog that much more entertaining to me. Keep on being fabulous and good job on the “bird” watching. :]

  • At 2008.12.17 08:50, Suzie said:

    Hay, im a little late i know, but plz if you dont can you send me the pics.

    Love your videos!
    Great work

  • At 2008.12.18 18:49, amber said:

    please semd me the pics

  • At 2008.12.22 20:10, Matt said:

    Hey! I’d love to see these pics.

    If he’s anywhere near as hot as you, it’s totally worth it =]


  • At 2008.12.22 22:36, Mikey said:

    Thats too funny. I have been there, seen it, and then nobody believed me. LOL Seriously. I am not lying. We should swap stories in detail my friend. Great blogging site. Keep it up Davey. Hugs, Mikel

  • At 2008.12.23 20:25, georgie said:

    me neither >:0 THIS IS A SCAM! lol

  • At 2008.12.25 13:21, Chay said:

    Ahh!! I’m such a loser.. I know this blog is a year and a half old.. But I was still hoping to see!! Lol! :(

  • At 2008.12.26 11:38, Alexis said:

    yeah put the pics again please !!!!

  • At 2008.12.28 05:44, Spike said:

    I think that for the holidays you should at least post the pics up once again and then starting the new year take them down? It would be a gift to your loyal subscribers.

  • At 2008.12.30 17:19, me said:

    maybe you should put down your vid from utube too then, because i think it’s unethical to attract people to your site whith pics that don’t exist.

  • At 2009.01.09 19:08, me said:


    send me piks!

  • At 2009.01.12 04:22, Tommy said:

    Good grief… What a bunch of crap!

  • At 2009.01.13 17:14, mJ said:

    hahahaha shut the fuck up u dick xD

    that was the lamest insult ever, :’)) was it even meant to be insulting xD
    sounds to me that your TOO much jelous of girls :’)
    “and stop reading vouge you stupid girly girl”
    wtf has that got to do with anything LOL

  • At 2009.01.14 01:50, whatever. said:

    How about pics of YOU masturbating then?

  • At 2009.01.16 02:14, dean said:

    can u send the pix also please!

  • At 2009.01.19 04:33, John said:

    Would you be willing to e-mail me the pics?
    I’d love to see them.

  • At 2009.01.19 17:26, Jesse said:

    Anyways you can email me the pics?



  • At 2009.01.21 18:08, celina said:

    where r the pics ? u took them off

  • At 2009.01.23 21:26, derek said:

    Heya there cutie! I so hate i am just cuming across your tube’s…hmmm that sounds weird but n e who, i am glad i cam across them1 there pretty cool. unfortunately no pics of the neighbor! if u got them send them please if not o’well! lol and its not illegal, and the only way its lewd is if someone who doesnt want to see it , see’s him doin it. nor is it illegal for you to post them, unless he’s under age. and if he found out you posted them then it could be trouble, but how many of us do things that would get us in trouble lol. So any way, if you read or get this awesome work and keep it up! later ; )~

  • At 2009.01.26 02:15, Jessiah said:

    I may be way, way late on this but do you think you could email me the pictures? I just found you videos on youtube. Love them. Love you. Love your pecs. I’m really interested in your workout programs as well. I’m a diver and always love to try out new work out routines. I am also really interested in these pics. So if you get a chance and are cool with it my email is:


    P.S. I’m not 72, nor was I born then.

  • At 2009.01.26 23:02, Leonardo said:

    plz send me those pics of your neighbor, i really wanted to see those pics…my e-mail

    thanks a lot!!!

  • At 2009.01.27 06:43, argentino said:

    i want to see the pics jeje


  • At 2009.01.29 17:53, Q said:

    Dangit! I’m 2 late for the peek a boo pics!

  • At 2009.01.30 16:46, "Z" said:

    can you send me those pics please, my bf wants to see them since he loves to watch your youtube vids…
    but he doesn’t have an email so he wants to use mine…
    he’s considering this a late extra birthday gift.

    email: zacharys@hcc.hawaii.edu


  • At 2009.01.31 19:26, Daniel said:

    hey could u send me those pictures please i no its like a half of a year since u got them but still please? my e-mail is greatdares189@hotmail.com

  • At 2009.02.01 00:15, chris said:

    if you arent gonna show the pics take the damn vid off of youtube. waste of time.

  • At 2009.02.02 13:05, mychevylumanaeuro said:

    Dude, I feel so sorry for you. you’re getting alot of shit about this when all you did was follow your emotions. At first you put them up because you wanted to. Then you felt it was wrong to have done that and to make things right you took them down. I say way to go you did what you felt was right, and even though I came here too, no I’m not going to ask for them like everyone else. You are a great help to alot of people and are a realy great person nomater what anyone says. Just rember that.

  • At 2009.02.04 10:58, pork said:

    and in the end…you caught someone masturbating.
    imagine that!
    a guy masturbating!
    who’s ever seen such a thing?

  • At 2009.02.05 01:34, rommel barrientos said:

    can you pls. send me a copy of those pics. thanks a lot.

  • At 2009.02.07 06:31, Rosie & Lauren. said:

    im wayy disappointed, the pics aren’t here, *cries* and we thought it was gonna be funny, and we waz gonna laugh, awwww, *diappointed face* haha.

  • At 2009.02.11 10:51, B COMBS said:

    OMG, please send me the PICS! LOL

  • At 2009.02.14 04:20, Dave said:

    Hey davey wavey can yah send the pictures 2 my yahoo accnt its silentmusix@yahoo.com.ph ty ^^

  • At 2009.02.14 22:39, JDS said:

    LOL — ok THAT was a good one! Couldn’t have said it any better. I’m gay, I’m fit
    and I don’t usually judge, but Davey, you couldn’t BE any more of a stereotype..~!

  • At 2009.02.15 14:35, Brandon said:

    Well I think I just got punked :P lol

    Let me know if you ever post them again! I doubt you’d be sending them to EVERYONE, but if you ar, hit me up ;) lol

    I don’t think its illegal just as long as its not a minor :D

  • At 2009.02.16 03:57, Danny said:

    its wrong you dont ave his consent and u were spying. its kinda like a papparazzi

  • At 2009.02.18 10:51, mykel said:

    miss you jesse smith

  • At 2009.02.20 05:01, Jason said:

    aww that’s so sad they’re gone. i wanna see them!! lol

  • At 2009.02.20 06:08, Ross Mcdaniel said:

    taking the pic down is really ethical of you! mastrubating is a normal part of male life so theres nothing wrong and funny about it. but i think he should do it in a more private secure place! doint it like that will sure provoke anyone. i would have done the same if i was in your place. mind you i would have called the rest of the family to watch him hahahah

  • At 2009.02.20 12:58, Ulises said:

    I didn’t see the pictures (what a surprise), but I have a great time reading all this emails. It’s hilarious how many people beg for those pictures. Love it!

  • At 2009.02.20 13:00, Ulises said:

    P.S. Please!!!!!!!!! send me the pictures, please, please.

  • At 2009.02.21 13:45, Sammo said:

    ok then, could i have thouse pictures please send them to pcrater0990@yahoo.com

  • At 2009.02.21 14:57, kevin said:

    put these pics back up now or i will kill you!!!! i wanna see!!

  • At 2009.02.21 20:36, brandon hancock said:

    That’s ok Davey, you can just send me yours :)



  • At 2009.02.23 19:11, Anthony Carlson said:

    PLease don’t send me the pics. I will block you if you send them to me I will unsuscribe from your blog if you send them to me.
    What is yourfamily nationality you seem to have a touch of asian

  • At 2009.02.25 01:04, Adam said:

    How sad is it that I was totally disappointed that pictures you took over a year and a half ago aren’t posted anymore?

    I’d be even more lame if I asked you to send me the photos. So, um, could you send me the photos? lol.

  • At 2009.02.27 07:32, Shonathan said:

    Damn I’m 2 years late =[

  • At 2009.03.03 03:15, LeeSongMoon said:

    hey i saw your vids today and i want to see the pictures of your neighbor

    please send it to my email



  • At 2009.03.04 22:18, Jody said:

    I’m so pathetic for coming here and praying you still had the pics up.
    Props to you, though.

  • At 2009.03.07 20:53, Paul said:

    OH NO!!!!
    What Happen to the pics!!!
    Could you email them to me?

    Thanks and keep making videos!!

  • At 2009.03.08 04:20, J Lust said:

    I wish I saw the pics. Too bad they are down but if you happen to still hav ethem email ‘em.

  • At 2009.03.08 10:57, Trevor said:

    ya, i want them 2

  • At 2009.03.08 11:02, Trevor said:

    Lol, me 2 plz……..

  • At 2009.03.10 19:26, hey said:

    why would you lie to people about pics that are not here.

  • At 2009.03.10 19:28, jennifer garcia said:

    why would you say that you have pics here of that guy masterbating when you do not. wow i am hurt and shocked.

  • At 2009.03.10 20:06, Jes said:

    I think you should put them back up..nothing is ever illegal in my opinion just naughty..
    naughty=good. send em to me xD

    PS i just started watching your videos and reading your blog you are very talented. keep getting the word out that it isnt wrong to be gay because some people like me can’t and that is wrong.


  • At 2009.03.13 12:45, Tarzanboy85 said:

    Actually the internet falls into a different set of laws……guess why all the porn sites and pics floating around….nothing is illegal on the internet.

  • At 2009.03.14 16:03, JK said:

    Its not illeagl PLZ put them back up i really wanna see PLZ it sounds really funny nd i searched 4 them on this blog for hours PLZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 2009.03.15 17:55, James said:

    send them to my e-mail. omg.. i sound like such an animal. haha send em anyway

  • At 2009.03.17 04:48, David said:

    hi! i want to see them! send them to me at ice_sky_dragon@yahoo.com

    are they of you?

  • At 2009.03.18 03:41, Brittany said:

    ok, 1. you are so freaking fine<3! 2. I love your point of view on all of your blogs 3. if you were not gay or taken I would ask you to marry me :-D

  • At 2009.03.18 03:42, Brittany said:


  • At 2009.03.19 22:35, Markus said:

    pictures are down, thats just crap =P should email me them ;D

  • At 2009.03.20 18:46, Davida said:

    I saw your YouTube video about the pictures so my sister and I came to laugh at them. But sadly, we found that you had taken them down :(

    Is there any way you can send a copy of the pictures to my email? dave_lefty@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much! :)

  • At 2009.03.20 19:01, Tyler said:

    i dont see now fawkin pics

  • At 2009.03.28 13:36, mark said:

    i can’t see the pics..

    can you send them to me?

  • At 2009.03.28 13:57, mark said:

    please send eme the pic please,please,please

    this is my email lohatan@gmail.com

  • At 2009.03.29 10:23, caspar said:

    hey davey!!

    i realli wud lyk to c those pics…jus wanna c f hes realli as hott as u say he is…or mayb he cudnt b as hot as u!! lol!! newys…u cn snd me pics to mi email wich s:


    hopin to c dem!!..

    C x

  • At 2009.03.31 18:48, Brian said:

    I would love to see the pics and you look awesome also.

  • At 2009.04.06 22:15, Shounen said:

    hello, just like everyone here, I would like do see those pics… lol…

    send me plz…


  • At 2009.04.07 04:13, alon said:

    hi. pls send me the pics of the buddy youve been caught masturbating. algerae_03@yahoo.com

  • At 2009.04.07 18:59, Chris said:

    hahaha thats pretty funny, i’ve seen all your videos on this subject and i ,for one , find this pretty funny

  • At 2009.04.08 19:35, CJDA3 said:

    Hey I just wanted to see those pictures! That is so funny!
    my email is sandres@woh.rr.com

    That’s all! Love your blogging!

  • At 2009.04.18 02:36, Shiokerz400 said:

    i saw your youtube account… i know i am two years late but is it possible for me to get the pics? :P sry… :$


    love ya loads! and the vids too.. :)

  • At 2009.04.20 10:19, Amber said:

    why are all extremly hot guys gay? this guy is hot but hes gay!

  • At 2009.04.20 10:21, Amber said:

    did you like go to film school ? you are really good with a camera haha the forskin video made me laugh sooooo much i am a girl im straight but i love gay guys they are soooo funnny xxx love you x

  • At 2009.04.21 20:12, Greg said:

    can u send me the pics…please..oh..please..

    your cool!!!…xoxo

  • At 2009.04.25 21:26, David said:

    Please e-mail me the pics
    Love your vids and blogs

  • At 2009.04.27 10:33, priceless said:

    THAT is PRICELESS !!!!

  • At 2009.04.30 23:57, Likez said:

    I know lots of people say this, but I wanna see them too D=


    why hasn’t someone just like, zipped them into a folder and uploaded them? =P

  • At 2009.05.02 22:24, Tim Shan said:

    can i see the pics of ur neighbour plz plz?? i kno im late but i just saw ur video and wanted to see them. Plzzzz=)

  • At 2009.05.11 19:48, henry said:

    Could you send me those pics of ur neighbor?

  • At 2009.05.14 21:26, lukas said:

    can u put them back up or send them 2 me?

  • At 2009.05.19 18:47, Fred said:

    Can you send them to my email? Pweese hehehe would love a laugh too.

  • At 2009.05.23 18:40, Kathy said:

    omg! i looked back for 2 yeats in your blog to look at these pics please email or something im so curious now D: kathyvann@hotmail.com

  • At 2010.04.09 13:15, RainbowBubbles said:

    i also looked back like 2 years to see this, i thought it would be hilarious, but please do email them to me?

  • At 2009.05.23 21:32, James said:

    send them to me at irockyourmama@yahoo.com

  • At 2009.06.01 14:54, Adrian said:

    send me one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…. i spend 3 hours to search this topic..!!! jempol_kakiku@hotmail.com thanks..!!

  • At 2009.06.01 15:04, Adrian said:

    send me one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…. i spend 3 hours to search this topic..!!! adrianf.soekotjo@yahoo.com thanks..!!

  • At 2009.06.08 07:00, Alex said:

    Please Send them to me at shsamcreator@hotmail.com

  • At 2009.06.08 07:04, Alex said:

    I Changed it to djky@hotmail.com

  • At 2009.06.21 13:33, Frank said:


  • At 2009.06.21 13:42, Frank said:

    I just paged through like a hundred pages looking for the masterbating neighbor photos. Sadly, it seems I missed them. I would really appreciate it if you wolld email them to me or tell me where I can find them. There has to be a way!

    On another note, you ask what you will be like in 20 years: You will be much dirtier. I spent my entire life doing the right thing and being moral. Stating that gay is just like straight and I have all the values. Well all those values are overrated! I think about all the ones that got away!!! I was at the parade in Baltimore for St. Parick’s Day this past March and there was this guy staring at these really young girls who were marching. I guess the girls were in their teen years. Maybe 15 or 16. He glanced my way and saw that I saw him staring at the young girls. He quickly looked away. I went up to him and said, “You might as well look—-you’re not going to be a dirty old man forever!”

    That being said, please tell me how I can see thos masteruating photos! I really enjoyed your blog and plan on continuing to read.

    You should put a search button for your site. It would have saved me like an hour. Well, off to Baltimorre’s Gay Pride! Happy Pride to you! Congratulations on your homosexuality!!!

  • At 2009.06.24 02:24, jj16 said:

    You’re sooo hot!
    You should send me the pictures via email…

  • At 2009.06.25 13:53, Someone said:

    Can anyone send them to me, please?

  • At 2009.06.25 13:54, Someone said:


  • At 2009.06.25 23:47, tin said:

    hey tintintin1978@yahoo.com.sg

    send me the pics :p

    erm why not send me your naked pics/videos too? your gd looking

  • At 2009.07.02 10:15, tiffany said:

    hey can you send me a picture of your ****?

  • At 2009.07.03 15:11, kelsey said:

    please e-mail the pictures to me!

  • At 2009.07.09 21:34, Jarren said:

    Omg i just saw your video and i really wanna see those picture.
    Can you email them to me?

  • At 2009.07.15 19:08, Dan said:

    Haha, it is illegal because it’s on private property.

    If he was in public, and assuming he is of age, then it would be perfectly fine.

  • At 2010.06.16 03:51, jae said:

    ahh dude i just found you on youtube, and came for these pics which i thought was way to naughty for the public, and low and behold they are down lol… are they posted anywhere else?

  • At 2009.07.22 16:29, Jordan said:

    Hey can u email me those pix of your neighbor as well?
    Thanx Davey and keep the great and interesting vlogs coming!

  • At 2009.07.26 03:01, Martiny said:

    Saw the vid send photos of guy masterbating. plz

  • At 2009.07.28 09:31, Vanilla said:


    Could u pls send the pics 2 my email??? I would totally wana see it. Btw, UR VIDEOS & UR BLOG ROCKS!!!!! I LOVE IT! LOL! I hope u send them to me. Ciao! :D

  • At 2009.07.28 12:00, titanus said:

    oh yes that would be nice…

  • At 2009.08.02 13:36, Emily said:

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  • At 2009.08.06 11:52, Jack said:

    OMFG Guys, he aint put the pictures up so he aint likley to send em 2 you is he. Grrr … get a life and go and watch some porn or something – or if your really sad – spy on your neighbour masturbating. Stop hasling davey for god sake!

    Love and Peace


  • At 2009.08.10 16:36, Wendy said:

    I am sure this will never be read by you Davey. But I want you to know that your intelligence seems to surpass your age and your insights are dead on. Continue to hold your head high and know that you are a very special individual. How you look or what your sexual preference is does not define who you are as a man but what is inside, your character is what makes YOU! I am very happy that you have a mother who supports you, I am sure that it has made all the difference in the world. Continue to take a stand–Continue to make a difference.

  • At 2009.08.11 20:16, josh said:

    if you could send me the pics to my e-mail that would be cool thx:)

  • At 2010.07.03 20:44, renee said:

    It drives me crazy why is it that gay guys are soooo hot looking .

  • At 2010.11.08 11:07, Noah said:

    I agree. Except about straight boys usually ;p
    I guess it’s true; you always want what you can’t have.

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    Chris crocker?
    ring a bell?

  • At 2009.08.12 08:45, Ellie said:

    Hay could you send me those pics? Love your vids on youtube!!!!! Btw you are xtremly sexy looking!!! Darn your gayness!!!!If only you were straight!!


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  • At 2009.08.21 16:50, StevenX said:

    Quit lifting that camera, your pecs are cartoonishly large for the rest of you already…

  • At 2009.08.21 18:39, Jpwlms said:

    Did anyone download the pix before they were removed? What could you see? Was he hot?

  • At 2009.08.29 14:32, Ailzo said:

    Can you send me those pic s.. That s fun.. and also i heard a long time a go, a intersting story about something , like that.

    By the way, You are a funny and very intersting person…

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    i would love to see those pics!

  • At 2009.09.07 15:50, Mel said:

    Jeeez everyone is like send me the picturesss its a little pervy if you ask me but Davey Wavey you are so cute I will let it go :) haha xoxo

  • At 2009.09.10 02:18, JOel said:

    yo what it do boy send me the pics saw the video anddddd im waiting for the pics to go along with it heheh

  • At 2009.09.14 18:48, Jack said:

    u sed ur not gay yet ask 2 c a guy jacking off 5 times???

    i think you neeed to open the closet door hunni.

    Love and Peace


  • At 2009.09.15 03:12, Zax said:

    Where are those pics?

  • At 2009.09.15 05:06, Zax said:

    Hello! Where are those pics? I’d like to see them!

  • At 2009.09.21 10:44, John Mark said:

    Hey Davey, can I ask for the infamous pics? I want to see it for myself. I have been browsing your blog and I can’t see any pic of what you’re telling us.

    By the way, you are so cute.


  • At 2009.09.21 10:45, John Mark said:

    Hey Davey, can I ask for the infamous pics? I want to see it for myself. I have been browsing your blog and I can’t see any pic of what you’re telling us.

    By the way, you are so cute and yummy!


  • At 2009.09.23 22:53, Jayme said:

    wow. i think its so funny that people keep asking for these pics and are so disappointed that they aren’t here.

    shouldn’t we all be on davey’s site for enlightenment and joy? not nudity and sex?

  • At 2009.10.02 17:02, james m said:

    agreed. isnt it funny how the most popular post is the one that is only two sentences. i feel bad for the guy in the pic though, im glad davey took the picture down.

  • At 2009.10.18 13:13, kris said:

    can you please send the pics to my email. i mean, if it wouldn’t too much to ask for..
    thank you…
    here it is.



  • At 2009.10.23 08:59, mark said:

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  • At 2009.10.23 08:59, mark said:

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    Yea i would love 2 c urs 2

  • At 2009.11.08 18:41, jacques-england said:

    i never seen the pictures and dont think i ever will, but i dont think you would put anything xxx up …. if it was a picture of a you know what (wink wink) then yer people under 18 are on this site.. but if it was you with a white hand and a red face then i think we are good to go here xoxo

  • At 2009.11.09 16:47, jacques-england said:

    p.s its a bit wierd that everyone wants to see the pics lol … you guys do know you can get porn on your laptop right .. and its free hello :D xx

  • At 2009.11.11 01:44, mdp said:

    My guilty characteristic is curiosity and I probably won’t feel better until I see these pics.

    email them!!


  • At 2009.11.21 22:45, Nate said:

    hey – I just realized after a long time looking that you took the pics down. If you’re emailing them that would be great. Phillynathan@yahoo.com


  • At 2009.11.22 10:00, Eric said:


    you teased my curiosity…
    can i see those pics ?


  • At 2009.11.22 23:04, Brian said:

    I would like to see the pics as well brian_4162@yahoo.com

  • At 2009.11.29 09:07, Travis said:

    Hey, you had me intrigued with the pix… where did they go?

  • At 2009.12.05 02:55, David C. said:

    To Charlie: I can’t help but to laugh at your post. You are sound so cute. hahaa. If we knew eachoter I don’t think I would ever be bored.

    And to Davey: I was dissapointed at first b/c of the pics…but as I think about it more, I don’t think it would really make that much of a difference in my life if I had saw them. Also, it seems to me that you did what you felt was right…and anyone who can’t respect that obviously doesn’t respect you as a person. Thank you for being you…your videos keep me thinking as they bring a smile to my face, peace in my heart, and sometimes even a twitch in dick. ;) Peace.

  • At 2009.12.13 00:08, Mindy said:

    send the pic to me thanks in my email

  • At 2009.12.13 00:10, Mindy said:

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  • At 2009.12.30 07:49, ciara said:

    you should totally put those pics online…r u gay not being mean or any thing but r u? could u send me the pics it sounds like its hilarious got to go

  • At 2010.01.01 22:33, trent said:

    That is hilarious!!! can you email me the pics?

  • At 2010.01.05 00:41, Andy said:

    if you’re emailing them, which i understand you might not be, can you send them to tenroh80@yahoo.com ? hope you’re having fun in au!

  • At 2010.01.05 01:48, fallic1 said:

    you sound bitter!! have you dated davey b4? or do u just know him if so tell us what he is really like!!

  • At 2010.01.05 06:33, Paul said:

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  • At 2010.01.05 06:34, Paul said:

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  • At 2010.02.03 19:57, Matt said:

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  • At 2010.02.19 15:29, giovanny said:

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  • At 2010.02.23 18:40, George said:

    Can you send me the pics, please!
    Im really curious XP

  • At 2010.02.28 00:37, Carlo said:

    hey Davey, i loved all your posts in the web.. can you mail to me the pics? i was really curious about your neighbor! please..

  • At 2010.03.07 14:43, Jack said:

    I was so looking forward to seeing the pics of your neighbor. My neighbors do it with their blinds closed.

  • At 2010.03.07 22:43, matt said:

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  • At 2010.03.07 22:45, Matt said:

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    P.S. I’m not gonna lie, but you’re hottt

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    Hey, i missed them also, can you please email them to me. My email is jd11725@optonline.net

  • At 2010.04.27 21:55, candace said:

    u have the most gorgeous smile i have ever seen!! :)
    that’s hillarious that u got caught doing exactly what u laughed at this guy for…
    easy to forget your window’s open huh?? haha..
    keep loving life!!

  • At 2010.04.28 17:21, kevin said:

    HEY can u please send me these pix? Mayb some nude pix and vids of u too!

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    can you send me those pics? please and thanks. <3

  • At 2010.06.03 02:09, Roger said:

    I just saw the YouTube videoabout tour neighbor and I really want to see the pics can you please email them to me (don’t worry I subscribed to your YouTube channel)

  • At 2010.06.10 12:58, Anthony said:

    I saw my neighbor doing the same thing and it’s not plesent to see but it’s like a car crash… you just CAN’T look away… and YES i AM a Flaming Homo :) and PROUD OF IT

    Love you Davey :P

  • At 2011.03.17 17:13, Corey said:

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  • At 2010.06.19 22:08, Anonymous said:

    You took the pics down?

  • At 2010.06.21 16:53, Dustin Davis said:

    Yes it is illegal, you are only allowed to photograph people WITHOUT permission if they are in public

  • At 2010.06.27 12:01, Anonymous said:

    can you send the pics to my email please i so want to see them

  • At 2010.06.27 12:02, kjfinn said:

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    can you please send me the pics to my email? shh no one needs to know!

  • At 2010.07.01 05:58, Dave Kelowna Bc said:

    haha to funny i finally hunted the right blog down to see the pics but you took em down… probably for the best lol you wouldnt want to get in trouble… I think the video is halarious made me giggle as if i was the one who witnessed it :)

  • At 2010.07.01 08:54, Doug said:

    Hey. I guess I’m three years to late to see these. :o ( I love how people are still having a conversation about them over on YouTube, over a thousand messages later! Anyway, just in case you’re actually sending the pics to the people requesting them: photo.campbell@gmail.com :o )


  • At 2010.07.01 12:35, Morgan. said:

    hey i know you will never read this davey, but if you’re actually sending the pics to the people requesting them m_dawg1997@yahoo.com

  • At 2010.07.04 17:35, David said:

    aha umm i guess im 3 years late but could you send me those pics? well if your sending them to people requesting them?
    please and thankyou :D

  • At 2011.06.14 14:03, kaleo said:

    me to please!!! i need to see them

  • At 2010.07.07 01:12, Ryan said:

    You should definitely put those pics back up or at least send them to my email…..please? :P

  • At 2010.07.07 19:00, wutsup said:

    it’s not illegal/unethical if u cover the guy’s face ;) )

  • At 2010.07.07 19:01, wutsup said:

    oh btw if u cant put them up send them to me


  • At 2010.07.07 19:01, wutsup said:

    oh my bad i forgot to say pls, so please :D

  • At 2010.07.08 00:43, Andrew said:

    Woops im a dumbass didn’t read the post

  • At 2010.07.08 00:41, Andrew said:

    The computer won’t show the pics could you post them again in a new post

  • At 2010.07.08 14:13, Daniel Loftin said:

    Oh, you TEASE!! Can’t you just send them to me as an attachment? I promise not to tell anybody. It”ll be just our secret. Our dirty little secret.
    Peace and love baby,


  • At 2010.07.14 04:26, Ken said:

    lol… so its almost like you’ve become a porn distributer. But without the actual distrabution. I’ll admit I was curious to see em, but if they are not here, I’m not gonna ask for em.n You’ve seen one dude masturbating, you’ve seen them all right? Haha, have a good one.

  • At 2010.07.22 10:48, Mason said:

    can you send me the pics too, i really would love to see them

  • At 2010.07.28 17:59, Graeme said:

    Damn, I was hoeing to see the pics of your hot neighbor.
    Will you send to me ??
    Thanks hunky spunky American hottie.

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  • At 2010.08.04 04:04, jeff said:

    saw your vid on youtube. please email me the pics. love to see ‘em. ;)

  • At 2010.08.07 07:07, Charlie Romero said:

    There are no pics still lol three years later im bearly finding out about your site and you and there is no pictures but so much interesting things on your blog and some comments people post is true your cute i hope after three years its still true lol<3

  • At 2010.08.13 11:31, Dean said:

    Hey… I kinda wana see those pics lol

  • At 2010.08.13 12:20, T said:

    I’ve avoided this post for a while now but it keeps popping up in the recent comments so here are my thoughts.

    Davey has it right. It is highly unethical to post let alone take those pictures. It is one thing for a person to post their own pics on the net but for someone watching you to do it without permission, its wrong.

    If you are that anxious for that kind of pic the net is full of free porn. Utilize that.

  • At 2010.08.16 10:44, Justin said:

    Damn, i just stumbled upon your YouTube video regarding the masturbating neighbor.. Curiosity set in, searched for a good 5 mins only to find the pics have been removed hahahahaha sounds a bit strange but oh well what can I say?I am a highly curious person by nature! Well, you take care of yourself Davey.. Keep up the entertaining work! You just received another fan!

  • At 2010.08.18 00:48, nicolas said:

    hey do you think you could put those pics back? or can you plz send them to me plz? nicolaslozanon@hotmail.com

  • At 2010.08.19 21:13, kat said:

    heey, i saw your video on youtube, and i find it really funny xD
    could i see them please? because i can’t find them ^^

  • At 2010.08.25 10:52, Jovany said:

    I don’t believe it’s illegal, because you didn’t set the camera up in his apartment without his permission, so you didn’t invade his privacy. So I would love to see the pictures, lol.

  • At 2010.08.25 23:57, Jack Raab said:

    Davey, it’s pretty obvious by now that we won’t see the pics so maybe it’s time to tell everyone.

  • At 2010.08.31 11:36, Reymel said:

    Curiosity kills me.. :)
    btw i like your eyes and lips. How i wish i had them. Hahaha

  • At 2010.09.02 19:15, jacob said:

    i want the pics send to Jake.Jackson8@yahoo.com =]

  • At 2010.09.05 12:41, jayjay said:

    hey! I just saw your video on youtube about the guy masterbating! I know! It has been years since you made this video! Send those pictures to mee! ahh“~~!@!@wfdshgvdhug

  • At 2010.09.08 04:11, edd said:

    i wanna c d pic pls..
    im a newbie hr..
    nice to meet u

  • At 2010.09.10 12:33, bas said:

    seriously, why did you even take them down?! x

  • At 2010.09.12 23:22, bob sanders said:

    Send Them! :D that guy probably gunna die

  • At 2010.09.15 03:39, Sy said:

    haha can i see those pics too?


  • At 2010.09.15 06:43, Laylah said:

    I wanna see the pics o.o I came this far and found nothing… DARN YOU NATURAL CURIOSITY!


  • At 2010.09.17 20:03, trey said:

    ok i wanna see. show and tell! iluvmesomehotties@yahoo.com

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    wow thats freaky u dont see that much here in the philippines can i see the pics :D


  • At 2010.10.16 02:27, Dunstan Long said:

    Hey would you mind emailing those pics to me?? You’ve made me really curious..


  • At 2010.10.19 22:05, JJ said:

    Well, can you email them to me?! supajo4@gmail.com

  • At 2010.10.20 07:14, john martin said:

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  • At 2010.10.26 14:58, Paul Thompson said:

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  • At 2010.10.26 21:07, Chase said:

    robert.grier@temple.edu if you are sending them!

  • At 2010.10.27 04:29, Travis said:

    Wait are you emailing them to people ? if so, i want them haha. travimac@gmail.com
    P.S. Your sooo hot

  • At 2010.10.27 11:04, ayesha said:

    Hi…saw ur utube video, reli wna see this guyyy, wers the pics…i am intrigued heheh x

  • At 2010.10.31 14:02, heidy said:

    Hi there, i have been watching your videos on youtube for the past few days now. just awhile ago, i have stubmled upon a video of you posted last july 31,2010 regarding your masturbating neighbor in toronto. i was hoping to see the photos of your neighbor here. but then again i guess you removed it hmm

    can you email it to me at

    heidycute[AT]ymail[DOT]com? thanks! :D

  • At 2010.11.02 11:28, Tyler said:

    Hi, Davey Wavey! I’ve just discovered your blog and I’ve been watching your videos obsessively since yesterday. This morning I ran across the video that corresponds to this blog entry, and, as you can imagine, I’m dying of curiosity. It’s probably really annoying because every single person here did the same thing, but I really would like to see the photos you took. If it’s not too much trouble and it’s not too late, I would sure appreciate an email with the photos attached. Thanks, Davey! You’re awesome. Your wisdom and advice go a long way in my life and I look forward to reading and watching more of your blogs! Take care!


  • At 2010.11.05 01:47, Joe said:

    Hey… i love your blog and i was going back through the posts and saw this… can u send me the pics plz!?!?!


  • At 2010.11.07 04:09, Jessica said:

    hey will you send me those photos.


  • At 2010.11.07 18:33, jake said:

    will u send those pics here baby?

  • At 2010.11.07 18:34, jake said:

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  • At 2010.11.08 03:09, jack said:

    Would be awesome to see the pics… Could you send them to jack.sparrow1987@hotmail.com.

  • At 2010.11.08 04:12, effy said:

    I just watched the video. You are so dang cute!
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    Keep making videos!! They make my day a WHOLE lot more manageable.

    Hugs and Smooches,

    Tyty :)

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    first video that ive seen is about the questions that people should never ask to a gay person, i like it alot, that was so useful and i wanna pose it on my wall, i always recieved stupid questions about how did i know that i am a gay, i usually answer them i didnt choose it, it just that this is how i feel!…
    anyways can send me the picture of your neighboor masturbating thats HOT.. thanks liked u:)

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