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August 12, 2010
by Davey Wavey

Your Wishes Come True. [Video]

I am in love with today’s talky blog. Not to pat my own back, but I think it’s the most beautiful video that I’ve ever filmed – thanks in part to the beautiful and almost magical surroundings here in New Hampshire. I hope you can feel some of that magic:

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  1. davey

    you have touched my heart..my wishes and prayers go out to the gentleman that wishes to be cancer free, my one wish is peace of mind and financial comfort after coming out and a devestating divorce i wish this for both myself and my ex
    you truly have a wonderful gift and so glad to have found your site

  2. Marvelous, THANKS.

  3. Thank you Davey, you make my mornings.
    my wish, a place to move to…

  4. That was really lovely Davey. Lovely in its’ truest sense :D

  5. I wish that I can live in peace and harmony with my inner me, and that I can share it with others

  6. Beautiful Davey. I cried. Thank you.

  7. I fell recently and hurt my right arm and elbow and tore ligamnets and am leaving on a short vacation to Chicago and I hope that my arm will heal and not cause me too much pain while I visit family and friends! Loved the video I was in New Hampshire years ago and love the mountains it’s a beautiful state.

  8. Wow, what a touching way to start the day!

  9. I wish I still believed in wishes

  10. I absolutely loved it! You are a brilliant light. My wish is for a “judgment- free” world. The kind of judgment where no one gets to be wrong. We see the world not as it is, but as we ARE so everyone is “right” because we are each being/doing the best we can otherwise we’d be making a different choice. I wish for a world where our children can grow up “free to be you and me”.

  11. May they all come true.

    May all beings be happy, healthy and peaceful.

    Be well,

  12. A very beautiful and loving blog, Davey – thanks. The background music was wonderful – please tell me/us what it was.
    I wish for you, peace, happiness, love and continuing success in all you do.

  13. I would wish to be 32 years old again, but only if it were back in 1976 when I was 32 already! Being young today would be an huge “bummer”. It was better to be young “back then” than now!

  14. Davey,
    Almost all the words of beauty and the emotions of love have been said already, so I can only echo them. This video touched me deeply. Because of the spirit of the hope love you expressed, no one has and I hope that no one will tear of the beauty of the post and all these comments by starting an irrelevant rant.

    I think 3 things showed through in this post:
    1) You DO read at least some of the comments.
    2) Your spirituality was “validated” by your actions in a very tangible way.
    3) You showed the beauty and “power” of nature, especially the forest, calm us and to help us appreciate each other.
    So thank you for this most beautiful and tender video.

    BTW, I grew up in the city and have lived in 4 major metro areas. For years now I have lived in the Southern Appalachians and we have 30 acres of heavily wooded land right around our land. Just to amble through the woods, gives me pace and helps me center.

    Any way, take care Davey. And best wishes to all the blog buddies who have posted on this video. Seb

  15. My wish is for happier times in my life, to find someone to share what life i have left here on earth

  16. Amaizing video, so beautiful… almost make me cry (like another video yours).
    Well… I wish for a real friend, a best friend forever, like in my childhood.

  17. DAVEY! You chose my wish! To be cancer free … I’ve never felt so wonderful before in my life, thank you so much <3

  18. DAVEY! You chose my wish! To be cancer free … I’ve never felt so wonderful before in my life, thank you so much <3 I wish you would contact me …

  19. I wish Mom would get her memory back.


    althought, I will not wish and/or pray for those that want materialistic bs…

  21. Davy, you’ve a gift for warming people’s hearts. This post is spectacular. Thank you.

  22. Very touching. As I sat in my backyard and watched those papers fly, a butterfly flew across my line of sight. It was a good moment. You are a wonderful spirit.

  23. I wish for a world full of people who are not only equal, but who are treated equally.

    Thanks, Davey, for bringing light to my day as you do to all the people whom are touched by you, without you ever meeting them.

  24. Same I was crying it was by far the best tally blog ever!

  25. Ten minutes after seeing the talky blog I’m still smiling… what a lovely video to see right before going to bed!

  26. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  27. I was crying by 1:15, but upon reflection I realize the tears were happy ones. We need a better word because this one is overused, but you are a genuinely beautiful person. You are physically beautiful, but, more importantly, you have true and sincere beauty in your heart. Be blessed Davey. And my favorite wish was the one about wishing we didn’t need wishes. That one actually yielded some sad tears.

  28. Joe,

    I like to say it’s ‘beauty’. :)

  29. I wish that more people on this planet were like you, Davey. As beautiful as you are on the outside, the inner beauty of your soul far exceeds it.

    I wish for an end to bigotry and prejudice.

  30. wow!…

    this is a nice one!!!

    great job Davey…

  31. HI davey, I recently got ur blog and saw everything, i find u very talented and handsome. I hope I can fin somebody like you soon….hope I can have your pic with an autograph…love you! Im angel from san francisco, you can add me in fb if you want… kisses…XOXO

  32. I have been following for a while but have never commented. This video made me cry. Thank you.

  33. Agreed, it was a great talky blog, a tear jerker for sure. Thanks Davey for your inspiration!

  34. davey, thank u very much! :D you made me smile (and almost cry hehe)

  35. I wish the world could be a place where each child grows up happy and free, with enough food in his belly and enough love in his life…

  36. You made me cry again.

  37. My wish is inspired through a friend, she is 22 years and suffering cancer in last phase.

    - Fight for love and life, and dont forget to smile when in battle for it -

  38. This video was so touching.

    The music, the wishes people make, everything.. It was just.. perfect!

    Thanks for this amazing video Dave xo.

  39. I wish my boyfriend The man I’m in love with, would be more affectionate.

  40. Andrew, I don’t know your situation so I have no advice. But I know what it is to have a lover who is not affectionate. I think it sucks.

    It is possible to remain in a relationship where little affection is shown by one and the other needs that for love to flourish.

    All I can say is, been there done that, and say it’s not a good place to be.

  41. I wish that Eli and I will reunite very soon & get married (with no obstacles). I love U Eli.

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